Celine 16 Bag Size Guide 2023

The Celine 16 has quickly become one of the most popular bags Celine makes. Today we will be exploring the Celine 16 bag size guide! The Celine 16 bag comes in 3 sizes, the Mini 16, the Small 16, the Classique 16. The Mini 16 size being the smallest and the Classique 16 size being the biggest.

Different Celine 16 sizes
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Celine 16 Design

Celine 16 size guide
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The Celine 16 was the first major hit for creative director Hedi Slimane. The Celine 16 bag is known for its chic design. The outside of the Celine 16 bag features a single round top handle, removable shoulder strap, secure fold over top, a twist lock opening on closure on the front of the bag, and dangling key lock. The inside of the Celine 16 bag features different zipper compartments to organize your belongings. I adore how structured this bag!

Celine Mini 16

Celine 16 mini size styled
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The smallest Celine 16 bag size is the Celine Mini 16. This is the newest Celine 16 bag to the lineup and has been extremely popular ever since its release. I adore mini bags and this is perfect for someone who is looking for a structured mini bag that carries only your essentials and is perfect for an evening out! The Celine 16 mini can definitely be worn to a formal event as well.

Measurements: 7 X 6 X 3 IN (17.5 X 14 X 7 CM) 
What fits inside: Phone, Keys, Credit card holder, 1 lipstick 
Removable cross-body strap included 
: $3,700
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Celine Small 16

Celine 16 Small size
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The Celine 16 size small is technically the medium size (in between the Celine mini 16 and the Classique 16) however, given how small this bag is, I think it’s safe to label this bag small. This bag is perfect for someone who is wanting a small bag but not a mini size. I find the Celine 16 small bag to be the perfect multipurpose daytime and evening bag!

Measurements: 9 X 7 X 4 IN (23 X 19 X 10 CM)
What fits inside: Phone, Keys, small wallet, a small makeup bag
Removable cross-body strap included 
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Celine Classique 16

Lady Gaga carrying the Celine 16 Classique size
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The biggest Celine 16 bag size is the Celine Classique 16, which is also the original size. When this bag was first released, it only was available in this size. I first saw the Celine Classique on Lady Gaga for launch day and it was then that I feel in love with the bag and knew it would be a classic! The Celine Classique 16 size is perfect for someone who is looking for an everyday bag that can carry several items. This bag also comes with a crossbody strap, which is nice because as you start to fill up the bag it can become heavy.

Measurements: 13 X 9 X 5 IN (32 X 23.5 X 13 CM)
What fits inside: Phone, Keys, full size wallet, ipad, makeup bag 
Removable cross-body strap included 
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Which Celine 16 size is the most popular?

Celine 16 size guide details
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The most popular size is the Celine Small 16. This is the size you’ll see all over social media and according to the Celine sales associate I spoke with this is the best-selling size. The Celine small 16 bag size is my favorite because it can hold all your essentials and more, is the perfect day to night transition bag, and is not too big and not too small.

Where to buy the Celine 16?

I definitely recommend purchasing the Celine 16 bag, it even made my list of top Celine bags worth purchasing! There are several places that you are able to purchase this bag, you can purchase it directly from the Celine retail store in person or online, and you can purchase a vintage Celine 16 bag. If you purchase a vintage Celine 16 bag, you’ll be able to get it at a disconnected price. I recommend shopping for vintage Celine bags at The RealReal and Fashionphile for great Celine deals!

Final thoughts on the Celine 16 Bag size guide

Overall, I think it’s extremely important to purchase the size bag you think you will wear the most. I highly recommend that you go to a Celine store, try on the different sizes to determine what size you like the best and what looks good on you!  For me, my favorite size is the Celine mini 16. I find the bag so cute and petite, perfect for a night out. I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments, what is your favorite Celine 16 bag size?

Sincerely Petite in Paris,

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