Is the Chanel 22 bag worth the price?

It’s almost impossible to jump on social media without seeing the Chanel 22 bag. This has been one of the most gifted Chanel bags of the year, from celebrities such as Lilly Rose Depp (Johnny Depp's daughter), to mega influencers. Love it or hate it, the new Chanel 22 bag is making big waves! But is the Chanel 22 bag worth the price?

White Chanel 22 Bag, is the Chanel 22 bag worth it
Medium White Chanel 22 Bag Review © willamazing

Description and History

Closeup of the Black Chanel 22 bag
Close-up of the Black Medium Chanel 22 bag © Magfashionavenue

The Chanel 22 is known for its drawstring tote hobo shoulder bag design, which features both a snap and drawstring closure, and roomy interior, making it easy to carry several items in one bag. Plus, the Chanel 22 features the timeless Chanel quilted look.

The Chanel 22 was first seen coming down the runway in the Spring 2022 Ready-To-Wear show. Ever since then, it’s been the talk of the town. Today, we will be going over, if I think the Chanel 22 bag is a timeless Chanel, the Price of the Chanel 22, What people on Instagram are saying about the bag, and if it’s worth the price. 

Is the Chanel 22 a Timeless Chanel bag?

Is the New Chanel 22 bag worth the price
Chanel 22 bag Left, Chanel Flap Bag Right © vi_lovelux

It’s hard to know if any bag will become a timeless bag, considering trends go in ebbs and flows. For example, right now, super mini bags are in trend, but a few years ago, big bags were all the rage.

In my opinion, I don’t think the Chanel 22 bag is a timeless Chanel bag that will stay a classic timeless piece for years to come. I think the Chanel 22 is a trendy “in the moment” type of bag. However, if you already have the timeless pieces and you are looking for a Trendy bag, that has ample amount of space, then the Chanel 22 bag is perfect for you

Before you jump on the Chanel 22 bandwagon, I definitely recommend you check out the Chanel Heart bag for a unique design, this bag is so fun and adorable.

Chanel 22 Dimensions / Sizes, Colors, and Price

Different Chanel 22 dimensions and sizes
Different Chanel 22 bags sizes, Colors, and price ©

The Chanel 22 Bag was released in 3 different styles, the Chanel 22 backpack, the Chanel 22, and the Chanel 22 Small. You are able to find this bag is a few different colors including, Navy Blue, Purple, 2 shades of pink, camel, white and black.  My guess, is there will be more colors released. Shop Preloved Chanel 22 Bags.

SizesDimensions Inches
(L x H x W)
Chanel 22 Small13.5″ × 14.4″ × 3.1″$5,100
Chanel 2214.8″ × 16.4″ × 3.1″$5,300
Chanel 22 Backpack19.9″ × 15.6″ × 3.5″$5,300

Is the Chanel 22 Bag worth the price?

Black Chanel 22 bag outfit
Is the Chanel 22 bag medium worth it? © salinachai

Starting $5,100, you may be wondering if The Chanel 22 bag is worth the price. For me, this is a hard question to answer, because I’m a firm believer in investing in timeless handbags, or adding timeless bags to my collection. However, If you are looking for a designer bag that is trendy, then the Chanel 22 is worth the price. If you are like me, and want to invest in timeless bags, then the Chanel 22 is not worth the price.  

If this is your first Chanel bag that you are splurging on, I recommend you purchase a timeless Chanel bag. I’ve written an entire article about the most popular timeless Chanel bags that retail 80% of their value.  

As I always tell people, if you love the Chanel 22 bag, even if it’s your first Chanel bag then you should definitely invest in it. The worst thing you can do is buy a bag and not wear it. I’m a big proponent in investing in handbags that you will actually wear and style. After all, that’s exactly what a handbag is for, to be worn! Shop preloved Chanel 22 bags.

What Are People saying about the Chanel 22 Bag on Instagram?

Pink Chanel 22 bag styled
Pink Chanel 22 bag Size Medium © dr.purselover

Curious on what my followers thought, I asked the Instagram crowd their thoughts on the new Chanel 22 bag, and the results are mixed! Some people loved the bag and swear by it, while others referred to it as an overpriced trash bag. Only time will tell if this bag will be around for the long haul. I'd love to hear your thoughts, Do you think the Chanel 22 bag is worth the price, or do you think the Chanel 22 is not worth the price? Shop Preloved Chanel 22 Bags Directly online.

Where to buy the Chanel 22 bag online?

Chanel 22 backpack white
White Chanel 22 Backpack © chanelfancolumn

As you know, you are not able to purchase Chanel bags online directly on the Chanel website. With that being said, If you are wanting to purchase a Chanel 22 bag, then I definitely recommend you turn to the preloved market. I’m already starting to see a few pop up on the preloved market now. My guess is that as time goes on more and more will become available on the preloved sites discounted.

Recap on is the Chanel 22 bag Worth the Price

Medium Chanel 22 bag in white
White Chanel 22 bag size Medium styled © chanelfansaddict

In short, is the Chanel 22 bag worth the price? I think the Chanel 22 is a trendy bag, and if you are looking for a trendy bag to style for this season, then this bag is perfect for you. If you are looking for a classic, timeless Chanel bag, then I recommend Classic Chanel Flap bag. As I mentioned before, you should always invest in bags that you love and you will actually wear. I’d love to hear your thoughts, do you think the Chanel 22 bag is worth the price?

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