Chanel Heart Shaped Bag Details

I thought now would be the perfect time to release an article about the new Chanel Heart Shaped Bag. I’ve noticed over the last few years that more and more designers are releasing designer Heart handbags, that can be worn year round. 

New Chanel Heart Shape Bag from the Runway
Chanel Heart Shape Bag Runway © Chanel

I’ve always loved the idea of accessorizing with a heart, so when I saw the Chanel Heart bag come down the runway in Spring / Summer 2022 collection, my jaw dropped and I knew I had to add it to my wish list. However, this isn’t the first time Chanel has released a heart handbag.

History of Chanel First Heart Bag

Vintage Chanel Heart Shaped Bag 1995 Beige
Beige Vintage Chanel Heart Bag 1995 circa © Meenavogue

Chanel released their first heart shaped handbag back in 1995. Designed by Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel in 1995, this heart shaped vanity case featuring quilted leather and a large iconic Chanel Logo. This bag features one single chain linked top handle, and one pocket, making this an iconic 90s creation. The past few years, this vintage 90s bag recently gain popularity again thanks to Kylie Jenner wearing it. To get your hands on one of these vintage '95 Chanel bags, you will have to turn to the Chanel vintage market.

Chanel’s New Heart Handbag

Chanel Heart Shaped Bag
Pink Heart Chanel Bag © Chanel Runway Show

As many of you know, I’m a huge fan of Classic Chanel bags, I always get so excited to watch the Chanel Fashion shows. Well, when the Spring / Summer '22 collection came down the runway, I was beyond excited when I saw this adorable Chanel heart shaped bag. It was so cute and small. 

I love how Chanel integrated its classic flap design within the heart shaped bag. Not only does it have the small Chanel logo on the front, which opens up to feature a small pocket, it has a zip at the top giving this Chanel Heart Bag 2 pockets and places to store items. 

The Chanel Heart Handbag comes in pinks, purples and black. It also comes in Small and large size. Personally, I find this bag so adorable and cannot get enough of the Chanel heart shaped bag that was releases as part of the Spring / Summer 2022 collection. Today in order to purchase a Chanel Heart bag from this collection you will have to purchase a vintage one.

What is the Price of Chanel’s New Heart Handbag

White Chanel Heart Handbag
Pricing of Chanel Heart Bag © Milnyparlon

You may be wondering what exactly is the price of the New Chanel Heart Handbag? The retail pricing for the small / Mini Chanel Heart bag is $3400, for the Larger size the Chanel Heart bag is priced at $5500.

SizePrice USD

The Vintage Chanel Heart bag from 1995 sells on the preloved market for between $10k – $60k  

Is the Chanel Heart Handbag Worth the Price?

Purple chanel heart shaped bag
Purple Mini Chanel Heart Bag © Milynyparlon

Ahh, the question of the day, are designer heart bags worth investing in? Well if you are an avid handbag collector, have all the classics, and you love fun and unique handbags then yes definitely, the Chanel Heart handbag is worth the price. If you don’t have the classics, I’d recommend investing in a timeless designer handbag or classic Chanel Bag before splurging on a trendy piece. What do you think? Do you think the Chanel Heart Handbag is worth the price?

Or you could always go for an alternative, a more affordable Heart Handbag by Kate Spade.

Where to buy the New Chanel Heart Handbag and Vintage Bag?

Vintage Chanel Heart Shaped Bag Black
Vintage Chanel Heart shape Bag © AmoreToyoko

If you are looking to get your hands on the New Chanel Heart Handbag there are multiple ways you can go about it. The first way is through your Sales Associate. There are new models of the Chanel heart bag currently available for sale directly in the store.

Pink Chanel Heart Bag
Pink Chanel Heart Bag © Harolds

The second way is through a preloved website. My favorite preloved website to buy Chanel Bags are TheRealReal, Rebag, and FarFetch. I found a few of the ‘95 Vintage Chanel Heart Handbags and I even found one super rare one from Farfetch priced at $54k

Recap on the New Chanel Heart Handbag 

Chanel Heart Shaped Bag Small Black
Black Chanel Heart Bag © Chanel Runway '22

In short, the Chanel Heart Handbag was released as part of the Spring / Summer 2022 collection and today in 2023 they have a different Chanel heart bag style. This adorable Chanel Heart Handbag comes in different sizes and colors. It features the classic Chanel Quilted pattern and a flap opening and a pocket at the top. The retail pricing for The Chanel Heart bag for the small bag is $3,400 and the larger size is $5,500. The vintage pricing starts at $3000.

Are you lusting over the NEW Chanel Heart Shaped Bag as much as I am, or do you prefer the classic Chanel?

Sincerely Petite in Paris,

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