European Brands that Carry Petite Sizes

Being petite and living in Paris, I always get asked which European brands carry petite sizes. The answer isn’t as straightforward as one might think. In the US, there are brands that have a dedicated petite section. In Europe, only a handful of brands will have a petite section or clothes dedicated to petites. It’s not common in Europe to have clothes for petites only. However, that did not stop me from shopping at some of my favorite European brands. Today, I’m going to outline a few tricks that will help determine which European brands will fit a petite frame. I am also excited to share with you five of my favorite petite friendly brands in Europe. 

Petite brands in Europe
Shopping at Place Vendome in Paris

When I’m looking for a petite friendly brand, I always try to answer a few questions, the first being will I need endless alterations if I shop here. The second thing I ask myself is does this piece fit my body proportionality. My first tip when trying to determine if a place will carry petite friendly clothes, is when you are looking online, check their sizing. The question you should be asking yourself is, “does the brand carry a range of sizes”. If the answer is yes, then you’ll probably be able to find pieces that fit. If the answer is no, I would say you’re most likely not going to find anything that fits. The second tip and trick I always use to determine if a brand will carry petite friendly items, is to read the reviews. From the reviews, you’ll be able to find valuable information regarding the item that you’re looking to purchase!

My experience shopping for petite friendly clothes in Europe has been it’s easier than I initially thought it would be. Before I moved to Paris, I was trying to shop online and scope out petite friendly European brands, and I was worried when I wasn’t able to find many. When I moved to Paris years ago, I decided to start trying on different European brands. Below, I’ve listed my top five petite friendly European brands.  

where to shop in paris
Diane wearing Mark and Spencer Petite Jeans, A white NA-KD fashion sweater, and a Levi Jacket

Mark and Spencer Petites

The first place I’m going to discuss is easy because they actually carry a petite section, it’s called Mark and Spencer Petites. Over the years I’ve found countless staple items here including jeans, a trench coat, tops, and many other items. The best part is all the pieces I found at Mark and Spencer Petites don’t require alterations! Mark and Spencer Petites is easily my favorite place to buy jeans. They even have a good range of clothing that can accommodate different age groups! 

NAKD Fashion
Diane wearing a NAKD fashion Skirt & Top & Sequoia Paris Bag

NA-KD Fashion for a Petite Figure

If you’ve been following me over the years, you probably already know this fact, but one of my absolute favorite places to shop online is NAKD fashion. Unless you are visiting Amsterdam, or Sweden, you’ll only be able to order pieces online. What I love about NAKD fashion is they carry sizes ranging from XXS to XXL. I’ve ordered many pieces from NAKD fashion over the years, and I can confidently say they are one of the best websites to order petite friendly items in Europe.

Before you place your order at NAKD fashion, I recommend you look at the model size and then compare your own size. This will help you assess which pieces will fit. Save 30% off NAKD fashion using “petiteinparis30″ during checkout!!

European brands that carry petite sizes
Samsoe & Samsoe dress & Sequoia Paris Bag

Samsoe & Samsoe has a wide array of sizing 

Another European brand that carries petite sizes that I shop at all the time is Samsoe & Samsoe! Samsoe & Samsoe is a Scandinavian brand that launched in 1993, and has grown into a big international fashion brand that focuses on contemporary fashion. As a petite, what I love about Samsoe & Samsoe is that none of the pieces I’ve purchased over the years have needed alterations. I always feel confident purchasing from their website, knowing that there is a high probability that it will fit. Some of the Samsoe & Samsoe classic dresses will even carry a size XXS.  

European brands that carry petite sizes
Diane wears a BA&SH dress in size XS & Sequoia Paris Bag

BA&SH shopping for a petite figure

My fourth favorite European brand that carries petite friendly sizes is BA&SH. When shopping at BA&SH, their pieces do a good job of incorporating a little bit of romance, effortless chic, and a hint of rock and roll style. BA&SH is one company that I’m confident in wearing an XS in. I’ve yet to try their pants or jeans, but I have purchased jumpsuits, dresses, and tops from them over the years. As a petite, you can feel confident shopping at BA&SH. 

European brands that fit petites
Diane Wearing Maje Shorts, NAKD Fashion top, and the Chloe Nile Bag

Maje carries clothing that fits petites 

My fifth favorite petite friendly European brand is Maje. Maje is extremely popular among Parisians women. With Maje, I always need to try on clothes first before I buy them because some of their pieces are extremely petite friendly while others are not. I’ve had really good luck with their shorts and dresses. If you are trying to decide If a piece will fit you, I recommend looking at their standard measurements they provide. 

petite and so what clothing
Diane wearing Petite and So What skirt, Na-KD top, Jimmy Choo Shoes and Celine Bag

Petite and So What 

Newly added to the petite friendly European brands is a new brand I discovered called Petite and so What. My friend, Julie, launched the brand a little over a year ago. Petite and so what clothing is designed by a petite for petites. I ordered 2 pieces from the website (so far) and they both fit perfectly! I'm so happy to have a shop in Europe that carries petite sizes! I highly recommend shopping at petite and so what for the perfect Parisian petite clothing.

Odilon – Small is Beautiful ♥️

petite clothing brands in Paris
Diane wearing Oiden blouse cache coeur ouh la la pink flowers

Update as of 2022 – Sadly Oiden it's doors due to Covid

Oiden – Small is beautiful is another petite brand that has popped up in Paris! To be honest, I'm loving that there are more and more fashion brands dedicated to petite women! What I love about Oiden is that the designer is also petite. She discovered there was a need in Paris for more petite fashion brands and decided to leave her job in the corporate world and start her own fashion line. Oiden – Small is beautiful clothing is high quality and made to last! I definitely recommend shopping here!

My sizing for reference is: height 4'11 / 150 CM, waist 24, and typically a shoe size of 5 – 5.5

These are my six favorite petite friendly European brands, many of these brands can be found both online and in stores around Europe! I would love to hear what petite friendly brands you’ve shopped at in Europe! If you are looking to channel your inner Parisian, I’ve written an article that outlines the top 10 places Parisians love to shop here

Sincerely Petite in Paris,


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  1. Margie Sanders flower says:

    Wonderful post you looked stunning in everything and loved all the handbags as a small person my self I find shopping for little clothes a challenge so that makes me wish I lived in Paris too lol I am 4 10.5 96 lb. and I too wear 5 or 5.5. In shoes and I do live in high heels—-well thank you for the information on all your beautiful clothes and a wonderful Post!