Top 10 Places Parisians Shop

Top 10 places parisians shop in Paris

One question I get asked frequently is where do Parisian Shop in Paris or where to go shopping in Paris? Many people travel to Paris looking for unique Parisian clothing they won’t be able to find in their home country, or maybe you live in Paris and are looking for new brands to shop at. I’ve outlines the top ten places Parisians shop in Paris. If you are looking for that Parisian Chic look, then this article is perfect for you!

how to shop like a local in paris
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Maje was established by a local Parisian Designer Judith Milgrom. Maje brand is able to create that effortless Parisian look. Their clothes are modern, glamorous and the epitome of chic. When you shop at Maje expect to discover high quality, sophisticated, minimalist clothing. Maje is also a petite friendly store, meaning even though they don’t have a “petite section” many of their smaller sizes will fit petites as well. Maje is your ultimate parisans clothing brand!

10 places to shop in Paris
Maje: Where do Parisians Shop

Shop · Maje Newest Collection Here

Petite in Paris bubble numbersSandro –  If you’re looking for timeless, effortlessly chic pieces, go to Sandro. Expect to be wowed with staple pieces to add to your Parisian wardrobe. They are known for their high quality pieces, you will be able to enjoy for years to come! Sandro was the first Parisian brand I discovered when I moved to Paris 3 years ago, and I continue to shop there and find season after season their clothing is still exciting! Sandro is definitely a place you will find tons of locals shopping at! 

top 10 places to shop in Paris
Sandro: Top 10 Places Parisians SHop

Shop · Sandro’s Newest Collection Here

Petite in Paris bubble number IRO – Brothers Laurent and Arik Bitton combines their love for music and fashion to create an edgy Parisian brand called IRO. If you’re looking for skinny jeans, gorgeous leather jackets, and draped dresses you’ve come to the right place. IRO’s leather jackets are made with the high quality leather, flattering, and edgy all at the same time. IRO high quality leather jacket are a little on the expensive side but they withstand the test of time. I bought my first IRO leather jacket years ago and it still looks brand new and fits perfectly. I highly recommend if you splurge on a leather jacket this season you look at IRO.  This Parisian brand is the epitome of Parisian Chic. 

10 places to shop in Paris
IRO: Top 10 Places Parisians Shop

Shop · IRO Newest Collection Here

Petite in Paris bubble numberThe Kooples – This is the perfect shop for you couples out there. Features both men and women’s Parisian chic clothing. The Kooples are nspired by rock music, this brand became popular from word of mouth. Expect to find skulls, blazers, and chains all of which are emblems of their brand. But it doesn’t stop there, The Kooples are known for changing up the clothes all the time adding in a fun quirky twist to the classic Parisian chic look. A perfect place to shop in Paris if you are looking to shop for men and womens clothing at the same time! 

where do Parisians shop
The Kooples: Parisians Clothing

Shop · The Kooples Newest Collection Here

Petite in Paris bubble numberPablo – “If you are talking to anyone about the brand PABLO and will most likely get the adjectives bubbly and contagious. Bubbly and contagious are exactly what the Pablo girl embodies. At Pablo you are expected to find women’s wear inspired by men’s wardrobes, tweeds, wools, and patchwork. Pablo is known for mixing in fun material, having structured fits, and always focuses on the fun details. Many Parisian ladies will be walking around wearing Pablo clothing! 

top places parisians shop
Pablo: Top 10 Places Parisians Shop

Shop · Pablo’s Newest Collection Here

Petite in Paris bubble numberComptoir Des Cotonniers – A very popular French brand launched in 1995 has quickly become an international sensation. Expect to find high quality yet affordable luxury products. Comptoir Des Cotonniers holds timeless, elegant pieces that define what a Parisian Chic woman living in the modern city looks like. You always see local Parisians shopping at Comptoir De Cotonniers in Paris

Comptoir des Cotonniers

Shop · Comptoir Des Cotonniers Newest Collection Here

Petite in Paris bubble numberKenzo – If you’re looking to take more of a risk with your fashion, then Kenzo is perfect for you. Seen on many of your favorite celebrities, KENZO always goes for the wow effect by mixing in prints, textures, and gorgeous fabric to give you that showstopping piece.

where do Parisians shop
Kenzo: 10 Places Parisians Shop

Shop · Kenzo Newest Collection Here 

Petite in Paris bubble numberClaudie Pierlot – Curious about what a Parisian preppy looks like then head over to Claudie Pierlot to discover what they are wearing. I can guarantee you can expect tons of stripes, classic trench coats, and many clothes that make you feel carefree. The perfect shop for anyone looking to add more pep in their life.  

where to shop in Paris
Claudie Pierlot: 10 Places Parisians Shop

Shop · Claudie Pierlot Newest Collection Here

Petite in Paris bubble numberZadig & Voltaire – Whenever I think of Zadig & Voltaire, all I think about is the episode of gossip girl where Blair and Serena go shopping in Paris. If you’re looking for unique pieces that you can only find in Paris, definitely head to Zadig and Voltaire . You will be surrounded by countless ultra chic pieces that are perfect for any occasion. Zadig and Voltaire will have a little higher price point, but it is the epitome of Parisian Chic! 

Gossip girls where they shopped in Paris
Zadig & Voltaire: 10 Places Parisians Shop

Shop · Zadig and Voltaire Newest Collection Here

Petite in Paris bubble numberIKKS – If you are channeling your inner rock and roll style IKKS is perfect for you. A modern twist on a punk rock style that has been around for years, continues to shine through Parisians everywhere. Expect to find studs, leathers, and risky fabrics. Known for their cool looks you are sure to find something at IKKS that works for you and your wardrobe. Channel your inner Parisian with IKKS

Top 10 Parisian places to shop

Shop · IKKS Newest Collection Here

You are guaranteed to achieve that Parisian chic look by shopping at one of these stores. These are the top 10 places that Parisians love to shop! If you’re traveling to Paris in search of the perfect outfit to bring home or even if you live in Paris and wanting to dress more chic, these places are perfect for you! I would love to hear where you love shopping in Paris in the comments below!

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