Hermès Chypre Sandals Review

Hermès Chypre sandals are taking the world by storm. If you are considering purchasing them, you may be wondering are the Hermes Chypre sandals worth the price? The short answer is Yes, the Hermes Chypre sandals are worth it! This is because of their trendy chic design, they are comfortable to wear, easy to style, and are well-made.

Different Hermes Chypre sandals styles
Multiple Hermès Chypre Sandals styles © luxuryconciergeuk

Why the Hermès Chypre Sandals are worth it

Black Hermes Chypre Sandals styled
Leather Chypre sandals © personalbhrldn

Rumor has it that these sandals are as hard to purchase as a Birkin or Kelly bag. I was lucky enough to purchase a pair at the new Hermès store in Manhattan. After wearing them for a few months, there are 3 main reasons why these sandals are worth the price.  

The first reason, is these sandals have a chic design that make them extremely easy to style. The Hermès Chypre sandals come in 2 main styles, an all leather edition and one with wool skin / fur. These sandals feature the iconic H leather strap and an additional adjustable strap. If you are looking for a casual chic sandal, then the Hermes Chypre sandals are perfect for you.  

The second reason these sandals are worth it is they are extremely comfortable. The rubber soles make these one of the most comfortable sandals Hermès makes.  Because of the rubber sole and adjustable strap, you can easily wear these sandals for periods of time, including long walks. 

The third reason the Hermès Chypre sandals are worth the price is the craftsmanship is impeccable. These sandals are extremely well-made and use high quality leather, wool skin, and rubber for the soles. These materials combined with the incredible craftsmanship makes for a high quality sandal that will last for years to come.


Brown and Blue Hermes Chypre fur sandals
Brown and Blue Hermes Sandals © shopwithyulia

The sizing depends on which style you purchase. If you purchase the all leather Hermès Chypre sandal, then I recommend ordering a half size up, as these sandals run a bit small. If you are purchasing the Hermès Chypre sandals with the woolskin (fur) than those run true to size. 

Are they comfortable?

Yes, the both the all leather and the woolskin (fur) Hermès Chypre sandals are comfortable. Over time, they actually become more comfortable. 

Are Chypre Fur Sandals more popular or leather?
© ceruleanblonde

Which is more popular: leather or wool skin fur?

Both the leather and wool skin fur style are extremely popular. Initially, the wool skin (fur style) was more popular, and then over time the leather Chypre increased in popularity. Today, both styles are popular. The wool skin model often sells out quicker than the leather model. If you are looking for an extremely casual sandal, then I recommend the Chypre wool skin fur style. If you are looking for a more of an everyday sandal that can transition from day to night, then I recommend the Hermès Chypre leather style.

White Fur Hermes Chypre sandals
© helendriscoll_

Can they get wet?

It is not recommended that the Hermès Chypre sandals get wet. If they get wet, it could destroy the leather or the fur on the sandals. It's not the end of the world if you are caught in the rain, but I wouldn’t actively take them in an environment where they are prone to getting wet.


The all leather Hermès Chypre sandals starts at $710 in the US. The ones with goatskin and woolskin (fur) combination start at $970. These sandals are slightly more expensive than the Hermès Oran sandals.

Black Leather Hermes Chypre sandals
© lisagermaneau

What color do you recommend buying?

If this is your first pair of Hermès sandals, then I definitely recommend sticking to a neutral color. I tend to find that the gold color, which is brown, white, black are great choices and easy to style. If you are wanting to be more daring than go with a bold color.

Where to buy the Hermès Chypre Sandals?

Hermes Sandals and Hermes Pillow and Hermes bag
© may_you_wish

The good news is that they sell the Hermès Chypre sandals on the Hermès website. Similar to the Hermès bags they sell on their website, as soon as a new patch of Chypre’s sandals are released, they sell out quickly. If you are trying to purchase these sandals on the Hermès website, then you must be quick. 

If there is a Hermès in your area, they also sell the sandals in the store. This is a great way to build a relationship with your Sales Associate if you are looking to purchase a Hermès bag in store.

brown and Fur Hermes Chypre sandals
© leylahajrovic

Final Thoughts

Overall, If you are thinking about purchasing Hermès sandals, then I definitely recommend the Hermès Chypre sandals! They are comfortable, well-made, and easy to style. Given their popularity, I definitely think the Chypre sandals will be part of the permanent Hermès lineup. I’d love to hear in the comments what your thoughts are about the Hermès Chypre Sandals.

Sincerely Petite in Paris,


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  1. Margot Kiser says:

    How do the Cyphre sandals fit? True to size or…?

    1. Diane Marz says:

      Hello Margot,

      Great question – the sizing depends on which style you are purchasing

      If you purchase the all leather Hermès Chypre sandal, then I recommend ordering a half size up, as these sandals run a bit small

      If you are purchasing the Hermès Chypre sandals with the woolskin (fur) than these run true to size.

      Hope that helps,


      1. Margot Kiser says:

        Hi Diane,
        Thanks so much for your reply! Now I’m stuck on color. Good you note that the neutral colors are easiest to pair – black, beige, brown and white.
        Of these neutral colors which is the most sought after?
        I’m also in love with the stars / stitching in black and camel. Are these more difficult to pair since they’re a little more casual looking than, say, plain black? I love the gorgeous edgy-looking black studded ones too. I would think they’re a little harder to pair but they can be dressed up or down?
        I have the putty beige. Which color should be my next purchase? I’m thinking plain black but in love with black stars and black studs.