How to buy a Hermes Bag in Store in 2022

Welcome to How to Buy a Hermes Bag in Store ultimate Guide! When I first set out to share with you how to buy a Hermes Birkin Bag in Paris a few years ago, I had no idea the rabbit hole of Hermes Secrets and Rumors I would uncover over the years.

How to buy a Hermes Bag in Store
How to buy a Hermes Bag in Store © sosopertj

A few things have changed over the last couple of years, and I thought now would be the best time for an update! Today, I’m so excited to share with you an updated guide on how to buy a Hermes Kelly Bag, Birkin Bag or Constance bag in store 2022.

I’m going to share with you an update on how the Hermes system works, and provide you with the best tips and tricks on getting your hands on a coveted Hermes Birkin Bag, Hermes Kelly bag or a Hermes Constance bag… Also known as a quota bag. Without further ado, let’s jump right into my first tip / trick!

Be Well Informed on the Hermes Brand

How to buy a Kelly Bag in Store
At the Hermes Boutique, 2 Kelly Bags © rattilovesseoul

I always tell people when it comes to buying a Hermes Kelly, Birkin, Constance the more knowledge and understanding of the brand the better. This is your time to show off your knowledge of the Hermes brand. I’m not saying go in there and act like it’s a school presentation, I’m saying go into Hermes confident because you know about the product and brand.

Hermes Associates love to see people who are knowledgeable and care about the brand. Most of the people who work at the brand are highly passionate about Hermes and if you’re passionate about the brand as well that is a great common ground to be passionate about. This is one of the easiest tips for buying a Hermes bag in store.

Build a Relationship with your Sales Associate

Unboxing a Hermes Birkin Bag
Unboxing a Hermes 30 bag© rattilovesseoul

One of the main things I tell people, is if you’re close to a Hermes store and you want to purchase a popular Hermes bag, build a relationship with your Sales Associate. Get to know them, talk to them about their life, your life, hobbies, anything really… but build a relationship with them. 

Once you have a relationship built, you will feel more comfortable and confident to ask for a Birkin, Kelly, Constance or your Dream Hermes bag. Keep in mind that Sales Associates don’t get paid commission on quota bags, they only get paid on other items in the store. This is typically why some people have reported that you have to have a buying history to purchase a Hermes Kelly, Birkin, or Constance. However, I want to make sure you know that I was able to purchase a Special Order Hermes Birkin bag without a buying history.

The Hermes System Communicates Internationally Now

How to buy a Birkin Bag
Hermes Birkin Size 30 in Gold © bagsionista

Did you know that there was a time when the Hermes systems didn't communicate internationally? Yes, that was a thing. However, in 2022, the Hermes systems now communicate internationally when it comes to buying quota bags. So instead of you being able to buy your 2 quota bags in Europe and your 2 quota bags in the US, you are now only able to buy the allotted quota bags, which actually changed to 1 (see section below) worldwide. Shop Preloved Hermes Bags

The quota bags have been changed to 1 a year! Make sure you are buying the exact bag you want

What is a Hermes Quota Bag
Multiple Hermes Bags © rattilovesseoul

The Hermes quota bags include The Birkin, The Kelly, and the Constance bag. It has come to my attention that the amount of quota bags, or in this case bag, you can purchase in a year, is now 1. Yes, you read that, currently you are only able to purchase one quota bag a year at Hermes. As I mentioned above, the Hermes bags that are quota bags are the highly coveted Hermes bags.

With only being able to purchase 1 quota bag a year, make sure that you purchase the exact bag you want. Sometimes Sales Associates (SA) will offer you colors, sizes, stitching you don’t want. It’s okay to say no, let me repeat, it’s okay to tell your Sales Associate no and that you are waiting for your dream bag. When it comes to buying a Hermes bag in store, especially at such a high price tag, you want to make sure you get exactly what you want.

Figure out what makes you unique and why they should offer you a bag 

how to buy a Hermes Constance Bag
Hermes Constance Unboxing © rattilovesseoul

The last tip on how to buy a Hermes bag in store, is having a unique story. I found the people that have the best chance of scoring a bag are the ones who come in with a story of why they want a bag. Is this for a birthday, anniversary, holiday, etc. Anyone that has a convincing story about why they need a Kelly Bag, Birkin Bag or Constance bag typically has a better chance of scoring their dream bag. 

The final piece of advice I will leave you with comes from one of my readers who was so passionate about purchasing a Kelly bag on a recent trip. He was telling anyone who listened that he wanted to purchase a bag for his wife for their 10-year anniversary. He told the hotel manager when he checked in, he told the restaurant worker at an upscale restaurant, and even told a worker at a show they saw.

But all that talking paid off because someone he was talking to, mentioned to him that he had a connection at the Hermes store, and it was that connection that got him a foot in the door and an appointment in the leather goods department. Ultimately, he ended up getting his wife her dream Kelly bag. Some might call this dumb luck, but I call this consistency and not giving up. At the end of the day, you never know who is connected to who and who will be wiling to help you out. Shop Preloved Hermes Kelly Bags.

Recap on how to buy a Hermes Bag in Store 2022

Buying a Hermes Bag in Store
Hermes Small Box © rattilovesseoul

In short, when it comes to buying a Hermes bag in 2022 there are a few things that you need to know in order to be offered one of the most coveted bags on the market.

  • The first thing, is you need to be knowledgeable and passionate about the Hermes bag.
  • Number 2 make sure you build a relationship with your Sales Associate, remember they are people too.
  • Number 3, the systems communicate internationally now, so goodbye to the days of trying to game the system to purchase more than your quota bags.
  • Which leads me right into Number 4, the quota bag for popular Hermes bags, such as the Kelly, Birkin, and Constance has changed to 1 bag a year, so make sure you get exactly what you want.
  • Finally, the last piece of advice I have for you to purchase a Hermes Bag in 2022, is figure out what is unique and special about you that makes a Hermes Sales Associate want to offer you a bag.

I hope all these tips and tricks help and you get offered your Dream Hermes Bag!

Sincerely Petite in Paris,


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  1. May Mills says:

    The SA at Hermes said that all 10 bags on display can not be sold. Is that a thing or did he not want to sell me a bag?? He said they are display only.

    1. Diane Marz says:

      Hello May,

      Thank you for your message. Yes, that’s correct, the bags you see on display unfortunately can’t be sold. They also have bags that you can try on to figure out what size you won’t, and those can’t be sold either.

      Hope that helps answers your question

      Kind Regards,