Is the Oversized Gucci Belt in Style in 2023?

Before you buy an oversized Gucci logo belt, you may be wondering are these belts still in style or still popular? The short answer is, No, the oversized Gucci belt is no longer in style. The reason the Gucci logo belt isn’t popular anymore is because it was a trendy piece, everyone had it, and too many dupes were being sold.

Is the Gucci belt in style
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Everyone had it

Is the gucci belt still popular
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The oversized Gucci belt took the world by storm in 2018, and everywhere I turned models, Instagrammers, people walking down the street were rocking the gold interlocking oversized Gucci belt. When everyone has a belt and you see it over and over again all day, it becomes so common. Once the Gucci belt became too common, it started to lose it appeal. 

Because it felt like everyone had the oversized Gucci belt, I fell out of style quicker than normal fashion trends. The oversized Gucci belt quick rise to extreme popularity becomes its biggest detriment due to over saturation.

Trendy piece not timeless 

Is the overstill gucci belt still cool
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When I splurge on an expensive item, I always weigh the pros and cons on if I believe it will be a trendy or timeless piece. I remember in 2018 loving the oversized Gucci belt, but when I walked into the Gucci store to try it on, I knew it would be a trendy piece based upon the size. 

The oversized Gucci belt is an extremely large fashion piece that is eye catching when you wear it. I didn’t want an oversized Gucci belt to be the focal point of my outfit every time I wore it. I wanted a belt that would compliment my outfit.

So many Gucci belt dupes became available 

Can I still wear my gucci belt
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Another reason why I believe the oversized Gucci belt has fallen out of style so quickly is because of the amount of dupes that were made available. Everywhere I turned in NYC and in Paris, someone was selling a Gucci dupe, and because of this it made it too accessible to everyone. There is no way to authentic if you are wearing a real Gucci belt or a Fake Gucci belt because the dupes have gotten so good due to its popularity. 

Alternatives to the Gucci Logo Belt

Alternatives to the gucci logo belt
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When it comes to buying an alternative to the Gucci Logo belt, you have several options. My personal favorites include the timeless Hermes Gamma belt, the small Celine Triomphe belt, small Ferragamo Gancino Leather Belt, and the Valentino Skinny V-Logo Leather Belt

It is important to note, fashion is all about what you feel confident in wearing, and if you love your oversized Gucci belt then continue to wear it!

Final thoughts on if the Gucci Belt in style

Can I wear my gucci belt
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Am I saying throw it away? Absolutely not, fashion has a way of repeating itself and in a few years or even several years you’ll see this belt pop up again. I do think if you are dying to purchase a Gucci logo belt to opt in for the small version. I’d love to hear your thoughts about the Gucci oversized belt in the comments, do you still think it’s in style or are you over it? 

Sincerely Petite in Paris,

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