Is The Hermes Garden Party 36 Bag Worth the Price?

The Hermes Garden Party size 36 bag is the latest bag in my growing Hermes bag collection. After months of use, today I’m going to share with you my honest opinion and if I think the Hermes Garden Party bag is worth the price. Plus, I’ve included other helpful information about the Hermes bag to help you make a decision.

Hermes Garden Party 36 in pink leather

Is the Hermes Garden Party 36 bag worth the price?

How to style the Hermes Garden Party bag

Yes, the Hermes Garden Party 36 is worth the price! The Hermes Garden bag uses high quality leather, is easy to style, is able to hold so many items, and is one of the more affordable Hermes bags. This handbag is constructed by one artisan from start to finish, making the craftsmanship impeccable! 

What I adore about this tote is how simple yet elegant it is. If you are looking for an everyday tote bag that is concerned a quiet luxury bag, then the Hermes Garden party is perfect for you. I’ve been gravitating towards this tote bag more and more and even used on my latest holiday to Florida!

Hermes Garden Party Design

Hermes Garden Party Size 36 in Pink

What I love about the Hermes Garden Party bag is the simple design. The Hermes Garden party is known for its tote shape, having one big opening with a single snap closure, a sturdy base, and iconic stripe detailing coming down from the handles. 

The Hermes Garden Party design features no visible logo, categorizing it as a quiet luxury bag.

What Material is used to make the Garden Party Bag?

Hermes Garden Party in Canvas and Leather comparison
Leather Left and Canvas Material Right

The Garden Party Bag comes in 2 different types of fabrics. The first is an all leather bag which is the one I have, and the second option is in a canvas material. Both options are fantastic, I decided to opt in for the all leather option because leather tends to hold up better over time than canvas.

Size of the Hermes Garden Party 36

The Hermes Garden Party size 36 is the medium-sized bag and measurements are in the table below.

Height10″25.40 CM
Width14.5″36.83 CM
Depth7″17.78 CM
Handle Drop6″15.24 CM

It’s always a good idea to take a measuring tape out to measure the dimensions before you purchase a bag so you know how big it is. I opted for the size 36 because it’s the most popular and common size.

What Can the Hermes Garden Party Size 36 bag hold?

Hermes Garden Party size 36

The Hermes Garden Size 36 can hold an ambulance of items. Pretty much anything and everything you want to carry. Easily, I can fit my computer, an ipad, my phone, a small water bottle, a snack, wallet, a notebook, and a small makeup bag. There is no shortage of room in this bag.

Can the Hermes Garden Party Size 36 fit over your shoulder?

Technically, the Hermes Garden bag in a size 36 can be carried on your shoulder but it’s extremely snug. Unlike other popular tote bags, the 6 inch shoulder strap drop doesn’t leave you much breathing room and is typically carried using your hand or on the nook of your arm. 

Some of the older vintage models do include a cross-body strap.

What is the retail price?

The Garden Party Bag varies in price depending on size, material used and location purchased. 

The 36 Hermes Garden party bag in all leather is priced at $3,800 in the US and around €3,100 Euros in Europe. The Hermes garden bag is $700 cheaper in Europe vs the US and even more so once you process your vat tax refund.

Where to buy the Hermes Garden Party Bag?

Hermes Pink Garden Party Bag Review

There are 2 different ways to purchase the Hermes Garden Party bag. The first way is you can purchase the Garden party bag directly from the Hermes website. Hermes sells select bags on their website, but you have to be quick because these bags sell out super quick! 

You can also buy Vintage Hermes Garden Party bags. I always recommend to people to check out the vintage market when it comes to the Hermes Garden Party bag. The vintage market is filled with incredible values when it comes to this bag and I’ve even found a few under $1000. My favorite places to purchase a Vintage Hermes Garden Party is from What goes Around Comes Around, TheRealReal, and at local vintage stores in your area.

Final Thoughts

Overall, if you are looking for an affordable Hermes Tote bag, then the Hermes garden party bag is perfect for you. I love using this tote bag as a carry on travel bag with my Delsey suitcase. I opted in for a bold pink color, but I also considered a more neutral color. Both the all leather and the canvas material are extremely nice. I’d love to hear in the comments, do you own a Hermes Garden Party bag?

Sincerely Petite in Paris,


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