5 Luxury Card Holders Worth Splurging On

With smaller bags being in trend and popular, you may have noticed that your traditional wallet doesn’t fit into your bag. The solution, is a luxury cardholder for your bag. A luxury cardholder holds your essential credit cards, driver license and a bit of cash, but nothing else. Today, the 5 most popular luxury card holders worth splurging on include the Chanel, Celine, Louis Vuitton, Hermes, and Fendi.

Small Luxury Card holders that are worth purchasing
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Classic Chanel Card Holder

Best Chanel card holders to buy
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The Chanel card holder I see most people gravitate towards and is the most popular is the classic card holder in caviar leather. When you go to Chanel or even shop at Chanel online this card holder is often sold out which is why many people purchase vintage Chanel card holders. This compact 3 card slots and 1 flap pocket card holder incorporates the classic Chanel aesthetic with the caviar leather, gold Chanel logo hardware, and a touch of burgundy where you can store cash.

Priced at $500, the Chanel card holder is perfect for someone who love the Chanel brand and is looking for a simple yet timeless design. Shop vintage Chanel card holders

Celine Logo Card Holder

Celine Triomphe card holder brown and black
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Celine makes several different card holders. The one that I gravitate towards and find the most chic is the credit holder that features the iconic Celine Triomphe logo that was made popular thanks to Triomphe bag. By using this card holder you must be very minimalist in what you carry because it only has 2 credit card slots and 1 flap pocket for cash. 

Price at $375, the Celine Logo card holder is perfect for someone who is looking to carry minimal cards with their card holder, wants an iconic classic design, and features high quality leather.

Louis Vuitton Romy Card Holder

Are luxury card holders worth the price. LV Card holder in yellow
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The most popular Louis Vuitton card holder is the Romy Card Holder. If you are looking for a versatile card holder that features credit card slots, flap pocket, and even a zipper slot for coins, then the Romy card holder is perfect for you! Priced at $415, this compact card holder is easy to throw into your small bag and go. I love how Louis Vuitton incorporated its recognizable logo in canvas and leather, giving this a unique design that is easy to match and style. Shop Louis Vuitton card holders

Hermes Leather Card Holder

Is the Hermes Card holder worth it
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Hermes makes some of the most chic, simple card holders. This is a definitely the Rolls-Royce of luxury card holders due to the fact that each card holder has high quality craftsmanship and is made by hand by an extremely talented artisan, it features high quality leather, and has a simple understated design.

The Hermes card holder is priced between $500-$1000 depending on how many slots and what type of leather you want. Hermes does sell these card holders on their website but similar to the bags you have to be quick because they sell out extremely fast. Especially the single color designs, sometimes I will see the tricolor sit on the website for a few days.

Fendi FF Diamonds Card Case 

fendi ff diamond card holder
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If you are looking for a fun, pop of color luxury card holder than the Fendi Diamonds Card Cast is perfect for you! (For those of you who want a traditional black color fear not because it comes in black too). This two-tone leather card case features diagonal FF logo, 6 card slots, and a center compartment. 

Priced at $290, the Fendi diamonds card card which is made in Italy, is chic, fun, and makes for a great card holder!

Final thoughts

Multiple Luxury Card holders that are worth splurging on
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If you are a minimalist and love carrying as little as possible, then a luxury card holder is perfect for you! I love using my card holders when I go out because of how easy it is! What is your favorite luxury card holder?

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