Chanel Caviar vs Lambskin Leather: Which is Better?

Chanel Caviar vs Lambskin Leather: which is better?! When it comes to choosing which type of leather for your Chanel bag, there is always a debate. Should you purchase a Classic Chanel bag in Lambskin or purchase a classic Chanel bag in Caviar Leather?

Chanel Lambskin vs Caviar Leather
Chanel Lambskin vs Caviar Leather © thecapricorn_style

Well you are in luck because today we are going to take a deep dive into this topic, discuss which leather retains its value more, and which leather you should purchase for your bag. Without further ado, let’s go ahead and jump into what is the difference between Chanel Caviar and Lambskin Leather. Welcome to the ultimate showdown between Chanel’s Lambskin and Caviar Leather.

What is Chanel Caviar Leather

Chanel Caviar closeup
Black Chanel Caviar Closeup with Gold hardware © vivi.loves.lux

Chanel Caviar Leather is more Popular than the Chanel Lambskin Leather. In fact, oftentimes, the Classic Chanel bag in Caviar Leather will sell out in stores, especially in neutral colors. The Chanel Caviar Leather is my personal favorite, and there are a 4 main reasons why people tend to gravitate towards the Chanel Caviar leather. 

  1. The Chanel Caviar leather features a stamped and textured leather with a pebble 
  2. Caviar Leather is extremely durable and doesn’t scratch easily
  3. The Caviar Leather does an extremely well job of protecting the bag 
  4. Chanel Caviar bags tend to have a more casual look.

In Short, the Chanel Caviar leather is extremely durable due to its pebbled finished, you don’t have to worry about bumping your bag into a wall, key scratches, scratches in general, or even the corners wearing down. In addition, the leather does a great job holding up over time. If you are looking for an extremely durable bag, then the Chanel Caviar Leather bag is perfect for you.

What is Chanel Lambskin Leather

Chanel Lambskin black bag closeup
Chanel Black Lambskin Bag © siradong

To be honest, I love the look and feel of the Chanel Lambskin bags. To me, it screams luxury, elegance, and class. However, the Chanel Lambskin bags are so delicate and have to be taken care of. The Chanel lambskin bag is prone to scratches and scuffs.  There are 4 main reasons people purchase a Chanel Lambskin Leather Bag.

  1. Lambskin Leather absorbs dye extremely well, giving the bag a more vibrant shiny finish
  2. The Chanel Lambskin bag is the perfect evening out, date bag, or formal event handbag
  3. Chanel Lambskin quilts appear puffier than the Caviar bag
  4. Lambskin leather is extremely soft and gives off a luxurious feel

The Chanel Lambskin leather bag is perfect for an evening out, a date, or a formal event. Lambskin leather is extremely soft, reflects a more vibrant color and a shinny finish. It is important to note that the Chanel lambskin leather is more prone to scratches, scuffs and overtime the corners tend to get worn down quicker than the Chanel Caviar Leather. If you are looking for an elegant evening bag, that feels soft and luxurious, then the Chanel Lambskin bag is perfect for you!

Chanel Lambskin Bags
Brown Lambskin Chanel Bags with Gold Hardware © siradong

Difference between Chanel Lambskin and Caviar Leather 

Did you know that the pricing of the Classic Chanel Lambskin bag and the Caviar Leather bag are priced the exact same? With that being said, let's do a quick recap of the main differences between the Chanel Lambskin and Caviar Leather bags.

  1. Caviar Bags are more durable and feature a pebbled leather
  2. Lambskin Bags have softer Leather
  3. Lambskin Bags are more prone to scratches, worn corners
  4. Caviar bags provide a more casual look
  5. Lambskin bags provide a more formal look

Which Leather retains its value more?

Closeup of Chanel Caviar Bag
Chanel Caviar Bag close-up © all_things_chanelsg

In short, the Chanel Caviar Leather retains its value more than Lambskin Leather. The reason being, is that Caviar Leather is a more durable leather and can last for years while showing little to no damage on the bag, where lambskin you can easily see wear over time and is more prone to scratches. 

As someone who loves investing in timeless pieces that will last a lifetime. I always look at which bag has the higher resale value, or which bag holds its value more. This is why when you look at the preloved market for Classic Chanel flap bags, you will see that the Chanel Caviar Leather bags are more expensive and harder to come by than the Chanel Lambskin bags.

Which Leather should you purchase for your Chanel Bag?

Chanel Caviar Top Chanel Lambskin Bottom
Top Chanel Caviar Bottom Chanel Lambskin © vintagersg

In my opinion, the Chanel bag you purchase should come down to your lifestyle. If you are one of those people who loves to throw a designer bag on and go, and sometimes you’re not as delicate with the bag, then I highly recommend the Chanel Caviar Leather. If you are someone who only takes their designer pieces out on special occasions and does a really good job taking care of a bag, then the Chanel Lambskin would be for you.

For me, the Chanel Caviar Leather makes the most sense. I love wearing my designer bags and I want a durable leather that can withstand the test of time no matter how many times I use it, won’t show scratch marks easily, and has a higher resale value.

Recap on the Difference Between Chanel Caviar vs Lambskin Leather

Chanel Caviar Beige bag
Beige Caviar Chanel Bag © mettiforssell

In conclusion, The main difference between the Chanel Caviar Leather bag and the Chanel Lambskin Leather bag is durability. The Chanel Caviar bag is more durable and will hold up extremely well overtime, while the Chanel Lambskin bag is a softer leather. The Chanel lambskin bag is great for an evening bag, and has a shinny, vibrant finish. The Chanel Caviar Leather bag is perfect for that everyday use. What type of Chanel Leather is your favorite? Do you love Chanel Lambskin or Caviar Leather? Shop Preloved Chanel Caviar Bags. Shop Preloved Chanel Lambskin Bags.

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  1. Maua huny says:

    I love my Chanel caviar bag purchases 11years is still looking good amazing ❤️

    1. Diane Marz says:

      That’s incredible! Chanel bags made 11 years ago had such great quality!