5 Popular Maxi handbags

I’ve said this before, and I'll say it again, big bags are back… but this time, they are coming in bigger than ever in the size of maxi bags. At this point, I feel like we’ve gone from one extreme super small bags, to giant handbags. Let’s take a look at the 5 most popular Maxi handbags!

YSL Maxi Bag icare, Popular Maxi handbags
Saint Laurent Icare shopper styled © nurbilenyavuzer

Saint Laurent Quilted Icare Shopper Bag

YSL Icare bag styled
Saint Laurent Icare bag styled © susanna_succo

The YSL quilted Icare Shopper bag hit the scene earlier this year, and the reviews were mixed. Some people jumped on board immediately to this trend, while others waited to see if this was a fade or here to stay. As time has gone on, the YSL shopper bag has remained an earlier adopter in this new giant bag trend, and continues 

This massive shopper bag features the iconic YSL logo in gold, with quilted lambskin exterior. As time has passed, it’s clear that the YSL Maxi bag is here to stay. In fact, this handbag has been worn by celebrities including Angelina Jolie, to famous influencers. Shop the YSL Icare Shopper bag directly from the YSL Website.

Size: Length: 14.5 inches, Height: 16.75 inches, width 3.5 inches, Drop 9 Inches.

Chanel Flap Maxi Bag

Beige Chanel Maxi Bag styled
Chanel Maxi Flap Bag © starbags_eu

Over the last few years, Chanel bags have really skyrocketed in popularity. With that being said, If you are looking to invest in a large designer bag that has been around for years, then the Chanel flap Maxi or Jumbo size bag is perfect for you. Both the Chanel Maxi and the Jumbo Bag hit the scene in the early 90s. While this size Chanel hasn’t always been popular, I’m seeing more and more people wearing the Chanel jumbo and maxi bags. 

What I love about the Chanel Flap Maxi bag, is right now there is a small window of opportunity to purchase this bag on a preloved website for a huge discounted rate. The secondhand market, is flooded with inventory right now due to the last few years of small bags being popular. 

Size: Length: 11.75 inches, Height 7.75 inches, Width 3.5 inches, Drop 13 inches. Shop Preloved Chanel Maxi Flap bags on the Preloved Market starting at $3,200.

Balenciaga Large Crush Chain Shoulder Bag

Balenciaga Crush Bag Styled Large size
Balenciaga Large Crush bag styled © juneiperb0i

New to the market is the Balenciaga Large Crush bag. I’m not even sure this bag is practical with how big is it, but every time I hop on Instagram another influencer or celebrity is carrying it, so Balenciaga is definitely making a big push for it.

This large hourglass bag is over a foot wide, not to mention the height is 9 inches – I can’t even imagine how much this weights. The Large Balenciaga crush bag features crinkled leather, classic Balenciaga medallion, and 3 different compartments. In my opinion, this bag is probably not one of the most practical, but it’s definitely a statement piece that would be great for an event where you need a showstopper bag.

Size: Length: 13.25 inches, Height: 9 inches, Width: 6 inches. Shop the Balenciaga Large Crush bag directly on the Balenciaga website!

Hermes Birkin 35 or Birkin 40

Hermes Birkin Bag Size 35 Red
Red Hermes Birkin Bag size 35 styled © lemanm

The Birkin will always have a special place in my heart, as it was the first luxury bag I purchased in Paris. If you are looking to splurge on a designer giant handbag then Hermes Birkin in the size 35 or 40 is perfect for you. What I love about this bag, is the timeless tote shape, how it holds its value for years to come, and how easy it to style. This iconic bag, is known for it’s two top handles and tote shape. 

Walking the streets of NYC and Paris, I’ve seen more and more people carrying this oversized tote bag, and I see no signs of it slowing down. After talking with my Sales Associate earlier this week, she informed me that the demand for the Birkin 35 has skyrocketed over the year, particularly in the past couple months. 

Both the Birkin 35 and the Birkin 40 are selling at steep discounts right now on the preloved websites. While these preloved shops are focused on mini bags, maxi bags are selling. Shop Hermes Birkin 35 and Birkin 40 on the preloved market!

Birkin 3514”L x 10”H x 7”D
Birkin 4016”L x 12”H x 8”D

Prada Re-Edition Maxi Cleo Bag

Prada Maxi Cleo Bag outfit
Prada Maxi Cleo Bag © eraldo

Originally released in Europe back in October, and rumor has it, it is slowly making itself to the US market is the Prada Re-Edition Maxi Cleo bag! Styled after the popular Cleo Bag, this shoulder bag is made with brushed calfskin leather and features the iconic triangle Prada emblem. 

This bag has an impressive width of 15.5 inches, a height of 12 inches, and a 3-inch depth.  While the Width and height are massive, this should give you plenty of space to carry everything you need, and more! Even though this bag is big, it’s not as heavy as one would imagine, but with that being said, I never tried on the bag with anything inside of it. 

Size: width of 15.5 inches, a height of 12 inches, and a 3-inch depth. I still found a Prada Maxi Cleo bag online for sale at MyThresa.

Recap on 5 Popular Maxi handbags

As I predicted at the end of 2021, and the beginning of 2022, maxi bags / big bags are making a comeback! And In my opinion, think they are here to stay. Dare I say it's the end of the mini bag era? 

I’d love to hear from you in the comments, what do you think of the Maxi handbags? Are you loving it or not so much?!

Sincerely Petite in Paris,


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