Are Big Bags coming back in Style?

With small bags being all the rage, you may  be wondering, is now the time to clean out your closet and get rid of those big bags?? The answer is No, and it’s actually not the time to sell these bags on the second hand preloved market! It’s the opposite, it’s time to BUY! 

Are Big Bags making a comeback?
Diane carrying a big bag © PetiteinParis

Why might you ask… Well it’s simple, big bags are selling at huge discounts right now, and when I say huge I mean huge. While everyone is running towards small handbags since it’s the newest craze, I’ve been eyeing some large handbags on the preloved market waiting for them to go on even bigger sale. 

This is the year, 2022 is the return of the big designer handbags. So before you buy any designer bag, big or small, definitely read this article!

Are big bags currently in style?

YSL lou lou styled Are big bags in style
YSL LouLou Large Bag Styled© luxfashion

As I mentioned before, small bags are all the rage now. So in terms of what is currently in style, no big bags are currently not in style, HOWEVER, I have been seeing more and more people wearing bigger bags. I always tell everyone to forget the trend of the moment. If you like a big bag or a tote bag, then wear your tote bag. 

Wear what makes you feel confident. I have a mixture of small bags and big tote bags and I love them equally. During the Spring and Summer months, I gravitated towards my small bags, but I haven’t forgotten about the big bags I own! 

As the saying goes, when the pendulum swings towards small bags, don’t forget it will once again swing towards big bags. With fashion, everything goes in cycles, you see it with clothes, with jewelry, and definitely with handbags.

Will big bags be popular again? 

Large White Ferragamo Gancini Hobo Bag styled
Large White Ferragamo Gancini Hobo Bag styled© vernizparis

Of course big bags will be popular again..when you might be wondering? I love reading digital fashion magazines, watching fashion week, and observing street style, and I wouldn’t rule out big bags just yet.

This Winter and Early Spring trends, I’m seeing more big bags than ever! Yes, Big bags will be popular again. 

In fact, I believe we are at the beginning stages of the big bag comeback. I predict this time next year we will see people carrying more and more bigger sized bags. Not saying I don’t adore the micro and mini bags, I think they are so cute, but some of them I can barely fit my iphone in. 

In short, My prediction is in 2022, this is the year of the Big bag comeback! I’ve already started to see Big handbags  being worn by celebrities, influencers and being advertised by handbag brands. Some of the most popular big bags right now are Balencia’s,

Should I sell my big handbag on the preloved market?

Designer closest for your designer bags
Designer Closest© laclosestdesigns

Before you go digging through your closest, throwing out, getting rid of, or selling your big bags on the preloved market, pump the brakes because they are coming back in style.

I even received a Burberry newsletter with a giant bag advertised.

Plus, if you try to sell them on the preloved market now, you won’t get as much money because they are selling at a discount. Hence, why now is a good time to buy bigger bags.

Now is the time to BUY a Big Designer bags on a second hand market

Birkin 35 Styled
Leather pants and White Knitted Sweater

A few years ago, when I was trying to decide what size Birkin bag to get, I was reading endless blogs and forums. I remember, I was reading a popular blog forum and no joke everyone wanted a Birkin 35. It was a Birkin 35 this or Birkin 35 that. 

Today, The Birkin 35 are heavily discounted on the preloved market because everyone has their eye on the Birkin 25, aka the smallest Birkin.

Okay, hear me out: these preloved markets are all about supply and demand. Right now there is a strong demand for small bags and because of this big bags are selling at a super steep discount.

This won’t always be the case. You may or may not remember, but about 5 years ago, small bags were selling at a discount because everyone wanted a big bag.

I remember Louis Vuitton couldn’t keep the Neverfull in stock, nor could Hermes keep the 35 Birkin in stock. Now the second hand market is flooded with them, and the best part is they are selling at a massive discount!

Which Big Handbags Brands are Popular? 

Jumbo Chanel Classic Flap bag
Jumbo Chanel Classic Flap Bag© Streetstylefashion

There are so many brands that are bringing big bags back and making them trendy again. From both high-end designers to more affordable designers, many brands are slowly reimagining and putting their own spin on the big bag trend.

Bottega was one of the first brands to jump on the big bag trend. In fact, A few months ago, there was a photo taken of Kendall Jenner actually wearing a bigBottega bag.

I'm also seeing a lot of the Balenciaga city bag, Chanel Shopping bag / Chanel Jumbo Classic Flap, Longchamp bags, and more!

Where to buy Big Bags?

Giant Dior Bag
Dior Vibe Medium Bowling Bag© Luxuryfashion

My favorite thing about handbags, is there are so many great places to buy big bags. Since this is a relatively new trend, it shouldn't be impossible to get your hands on a bag now. Unlike the small / mini handbags there is still a little of time before the big bags go mainstream and sell out everywhere.

My favorite place to buy Big Purses are: Nordstrom, Net-A-Porter, Far Fetch and FWRD

Recap On Are Big Bags making a comeback?!

To summarize my thoughts on handbags, wear what you love! If you love small bags, then wear that, if you love big bags, then wear that! Small bags and Big bags always go in and out of style. 

Just like yellow gold vs white gold. 

However, if you are in the market for a handbag and you aren’t sure what size to get, then I’m here to tell you a big bag is an option! The best place to buy big designer bags on a MASSIVE discount is the second hand market!! They are selling for less than every before! 

I strongly believe that big bags are starting to make a big comeback, we already started seeing the trend at the end of 2021, and in 2022 I’ve seeing it more and more. Now is the time to buy a big bag in a discount, however this won’t always be the case.

What do you think? Do you like big bags, or do you prefer small / micro size?

Sincerely Petite in Paris,


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