Is My Stylish French Subscription Box worth the price? 2022 Review

My stylish French Subscription Box
My Stylish French Box

I’ve always loved subscription boxes and have become addicted to the surprise aspect that accompanies receiving a new subscription box in the mail. When I first learned about My Stylish French Subscription box I was instantly hooked. knew I had to give it a try. After doing research, seeing past boxes on their instagram I knew I wanted to order my stylish French box and see what the hype was all about.

my stylish french subscription box in Paris
French Subscription Box

At $265 a box, my Stylish French Subscription boxes is one of the most expensive French subscription boxes on the market, but is it worth the price? The short answer is yes, My Stylish French Box is worth the price and here is why! 

With the holidays right around the corner, definitely keep My Stylish French Subscription box in mind! It would make for a great holiday gift for yourself or someone else!

History of My Stylish French Subscription Box

Before I jump into why My Stylish French box is worth the price, I want to give you a quick history lesson on the brand and the unique story behind it. Researching the brand, and the history of the company is one of the first things I do before making a large purchase. I love to know the history of brands and why they are passionate about their company.  

Sharon Santoni is the founder of a popular blog and novelist that targets French home living. I read on the website that,“Sharon Santoni wanted to create an easier way for her audience and friends abroad to enjoy beautiful and authentic French gifts.”

Another thing I love about the company is that the actual founder of the brand is on the blog responding and commenting back to blog posts. It’s so rare today to see a founder who has a team getting involved and directly answering questions and engaging with her customers. 

Why my Stylish French Box is worth the price:

my stylish french subscription box in Paris
French Candy

Although My Stylish French subscription box is one of the more expensive boxes on the market in my opinion it’s worth the price. No other subscription box can you find a perfectly curated box with all made in French unique items. The quality of the goods in each box is remarkable, and have been used, tested and loved by the people curating each subscription box. Another thing I love about the subscription box is that the products fit together and have a theme associated with the box.

In addition to the high quality products, the attention to detail is uncanny. As I mentioned above, one of my favorite things about subscription boxes is the element of surprise that comes with each box. In my opinion, I think the older I get the less surprises I get and receiving the subscription box brings back all the found memories I have of being surprised by a gift that I genuinely love. 

How is my stylish French box subscription different than other boxes?

The main difference I see between my Stylish French Box Subscription and other French Subscription boxes is the quality of products that the My Stylish French Box provides. Every product that goes into My Stylish French box is handpicked by Sharon and her team and have been tested or used before it goes into the box. 

After reviewing a bunch of previous boxes, I discovered they use many brands that I personally love in France, which was a huge plus for me because I trust their judgement. Some of the products that are included in the box you can only buy when you are in France. 

First reaction of the My Stylish French Subscription box

french subscription box
My Stylish French Subscription Box Review

When I first received my stylish subscription box in the mail I was blown away by the detail that went into it. First thing I noticed was the high quality white box. After I saw the high quality box, I was eager to jump in and unwrap the surprise inside!

I was impressed by how carefully each product was wrapped in the box ensuring that it wouldn’t break or come damaged. Then came the surprise and excitement to see what was in my French subscription box, and let me be the first to tell you I wasn’t disappointed! I loved all the products that were included in my box and was surprised by how each product was unique and fit together perfectly almost telling a story. This was one of the main reasons I feel that My Stylish French subscription box is worth the price. 

My Stylish French subscription box is the perfect French gift for the Parisian lover. The reason this subscription box is the perfect gift is because everything that is in the box is made in France. It’s hard to find actual high quality products that are made in France and this box comes full of surprises every month. 

Should I buy an Individual box or subscription boxes?

With many subscription boxes you have the option to buy either an individual box or a subscription box. This is no different than with My Stylish French boxes. 

Last year pricing, for an individual box you will pay $265 for the box and the subscription if you choose to do 3 months you will save $10 on each box which equates to $255 a box, and your last option if you do 4 boxes in the year you will save $20 on each box which equates to $245 a box. With that being said the more you boxes for the more you save. 

As of Jan 2022, there has been a price increase on the My Stylish French Boxes: For an individual Box, it is priced at $305. If you do a 3-month subscription you will save $20 on each box which equates to $285 a box. If you do an annual subscription, which is 4 boxes a year, you will pay $275 a box.

If you are unsure or on the fence then I recommend you sign up for an individual box.  If you enjoy the box, which in my opinion I think you will, then you can always order the subscription package!

Can you buy previous boxes from my stylish French box that have already been released?

Once the subscription boxes have been released, you will see a blog post appear about what was in the box. Many times the boxes sell out and you won’t be able to get your hands on one. My recommendation is to order in advance to secure your spot and your box. 

Are discount codes or coupon codes available & do they ship world wide?

At $265 a box you may be wondering if my stylish French subscription box has a discount code or coupon code available? I love discounts as much as the next person, and you know I always update you when there is a new coupon code. As of right now, there is no coupon available for my stylish French subscription box. However, as soon as a new one becomes available I will update you asap and post it in this section. 

The great news is that they ship worldwide and shipping is included in the price! 

Are all the products in My Stylish French subscription box actually French?

Many times you will see products or services that are French or have French images on their website because let’s face it people love Paris! (I do as well, so I totally get the appeal). You may be questioning if all the products in my stylish French subscription box are actually French. And the answer is yes, 100% French products!!

Recap on why My Stylish French Subscription box is worth the price

To summarize the reason why my stylish French box is worth the price is the element of surprise, the high quality products that are included, they are all made in France, the team putting together the boxes is really specialized in finding and curating extremely thoughtful boxes, and finally once the unraveling of the box has happened you can pop on their blog and get a short description / background on the box you received. 

Learn more about My Stylish French Subscription Box here

Sincerely Petite in Paris,


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