The Most Popular Polene bags in 2024

Polene bags have been making big waves around the world and gaining market share in the affordable luxury handbag space. The 3 best Polene Paris bags are: Numéro Neuf Mini, Numéro Un Nano, and the Numéro Sept Mini. I can’t wait to share my experience with each one of these bags with you. I discovered Polene while living in Paris when I came across this shop years ago. Polene bags captivated me with their simple, timeless designs at an affordable price point.

The Best Polene Paris Bags
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Numéro Neuf Mini

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The Numero Neuf Mini is my favorite bag from Polene Paris, because of its wavy design and usability. I have nicknamed this bag the dumpling bag because it closely resembles the shape of a dumpling. What is great about the Numero Neur mini is that it comes with a crossbody strap, and surprisingly it has ample amount of space to carry your phone, wallet, small water bottle and sunglasses. 

This bag is perfect for someone who is looking for a small chic bag they can take out, wear as a crossbody bag or on the nook of their arm. I find this bag is super easy to style and goes with every outfit I wear. 

Numéro Un Nano

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The Numero Un Nano bag can be described as a bucket bag with a fold over top, and a snap closure. To me, this bag reminds me of a little crossbody backpack. The Numero Un Nano bag is a great everyday casual bag, and is great for wearing during the daytime.

What I love about this bag is it is expandable, you can unbutton the top buttons to allow for more space to get items seamlessly in and out of your bag. This is a brilliant design because I’m always losing things in my bag. The Numero Un Nano bag has space for a small makeup bag, wallet, keys, and phone. 

Numéro Sept Mini

Most popular Polene Paris bags
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The Numero Sept Mini bag is known for its structured shape, clean edges, and teepee top. I find that structured bags can instantly elevate any outfit and give it a more formal look. I typically wear this bag when I go out for the evening and I want to dress up my outfit. This bag is perfect for someone who is looking for a structured bag, that is not well known, has impeccable craftsmanship, tons of space inside, and can be worn as a formal bag. The Numero Sept Mini bag also comes with an adjustable gold hardware strap. 

Why I Love Polene Bags

Popular Polene Bags
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I love Polene bags because they are simple, luxurious designs that are easy to wear at an affordable price point. I consider Polene a quiet luxury brand. Over the last few years, I’ve been impressed with the way they have been able to grow and expand their company. Polene is definitely giving me Strathberry company vibes, and I love purchasing bags early on before they become too mainstream. If you are traveling to Paris to go shopping, then I recommend that you arrive at the Polene Paris store early, I see all the time they have long lines out the door.

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Final Thoughts on the Most Popular Polene Bags

As of now, most of the Polene bags are priced under $500 which is rare for a high quality leather bag. As the brand continues to gain popularity, my guess is they will continue to raise their prices. I definitely recommend if you are thinking about purchasing a Polene Paris bag, then do so sooner rather than later. What do you think of this Parisian handbag company? 

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