Popular Longchamp Bags Worth Purchasing in 2024

Longchamp bags continue to dominate the affordable luxury handbag market. With millions of bags sold every year, this brand is recognizable, easy to wear, last for years, and have an affordable price point.  The most popular Longchamp bags worth purchasing include the Le Pliage, Le Panier Pliage XS Basket bag, Roseau, Box Trot, and the Le Pliage energy travel bag. 

The most popular longchamp bags
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Le Pliage bag

Longchamp le pliage bag
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After 30 years, the Le Pliage bag continues to be the best-selling and most popular Longchamp bag. The Le Pliage bag is known for its nylon exterior, leather shoulder strap handles, having plenty of room, foldable design, and affordability. Priced at $150, this bag is great for everyday use, if you are looking for a bag that is easy to clean, and has ample amount of space. In the city, I tend to see a lot of people who carry this bag who are on the go and also Moms who need a large bag to carry multiple items.

I purchased my first Longchamp Le Pliage bag in Paris when I was looking for an easy bag to take with me on my holiday to Fontainebleau, France.  I ended up getting the bag in the large size and over the years have continued to add a few other sizes to my collection. Shop Longchamp Le Pliage Bag  

Le Panier Pliage xs Basket – Canvas in Brown

Le panier pliage xs basket bag in brown canvas small bag
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The Longchamp Le Panier Pliage XS basket bag in brown canvas sold out quickly when it was released due to its adorable design. This XS basket bag is small in size, can be worn as a crossbody, features the basket material, and has the iconic Longchamp logo on the front of the bag.

Given its small size, the Le Panier Pliage xs can fit a small wallet, phone, and a small makeup bag. I highly recommend this bag for someone who is looking for a relatively affordable basket bag that uses basket material, has the logo tastefully placed on the bag, and wants a small bag. Shop Le Panier Pliage XS Basket bag.

Roseau S Handbag

Popular Longchamp Roseau S Handbag
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The Roseau handbag is an all calfskin leather bag that is more of a formal everyday bag. The Roseau bag features a rectangular box shape with side snaps to adjust the width, top handles, and a fold-over latch. This bag is great for someone who wants to elevate their look, needs a formal bag for the office, or just loves an affordable calfskin leather bag. The Roseau comes in multiple sizes, every size comes with a cross-body strap, but I tend to see the larger sizes carried by their top handles. Shop Roseau bags

Box Trot

Is the Longchamp box trot a good bag
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The Longchamp Box Trot is only a few years old, and is a timeless, easy to style, structured chic bag. The Box Trot cross-body is known for its box shape, and gold emblem medallion. If you are looking for a more formal cross-body bag, then the Box Trot is perfect for you. This structured, bag elevates the simplest of looks. One thing I noticed when I was trying on this bag was the leather used is a soft calfskin and scratches easily. Shop Longchamp Box Trot bags

Le Pliage energy travel bag

Le Pliage energy travel bag how big
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The Le Pliage energy travel bag is a high quality carry on travel bag. I have been using my Le Pliage travel bag for years now. What I love about this bag is how it can be stacked on top of my carry on luggage, has tons of space, has a thick crossbody strap, can fit in the overhead compartment, and is made of a thick canvas material making it last for years. I highly recommend this bag if you are needing a new travel bag or if you travel a bunch for work. I opted in for the simple black color because I found it shows fewer stains, and it’s easy to clean. Shop Le Pliage Travel Bag

Final Thoughts on Popular Longchamp bags worth purchasing

Overall, Longchamp has several popular bags and continues to release new designs all the time. I can't wait to see what they come up with next! Are you a fan of these popular Longchamp bags or do you prefer one not listed? Let me know in the comments.

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