Romantic Staycation at Terrass Hotel

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I had the opportunity to enjoy a romantic staycation with Aaron at the Terrass Hotel. For those who are not familiar with a staycation, it is where you just relax stay in the city you live and just take a break. 

view from terrass hotel paris
breakfast at terrass hotel

When we arrived, we stayed on the 5th floor and had the most incredible view of the Eiffel Tower. Even though I see the Eiffel Tower every day, the view never gets old. Paris is just so magical. In the morning we were spoiled with a delicious all you can eat breakfast. The great thing about breakfast is you can either order it to your room or eat it in the main dining room. I personally prefer to eat it in the main dining room so I can enjoy the incredible view from the 7th floor.

top hotel to stay in paris france terrass hotel

Enjoying ourselves over the weekend was easy to do since the 18th is a wonderful area. There is a great mixture of unique restaurants, artistic shopping, and phenomenal architecture. Terrass hotel also has a good deal of enjoyable things to do.  Many people don’t know this about the hotel but they actually have an arcade machine.  Imagine my surprise when I discovered their arcade machine had a plethora of old Nintendo games loaded in.  The absolute best part about the arcade machine is it is free for guests, so feel free to play as long as you’d like. For those who are wondering, we made it to world 3 on Super Mario Bros 3.

brunch dessert at terrass hotel

After playing Nintendo, we worked up quite an appetite, which was perfect because it was just in time for our brunch date. Brunch at Terrass hotel is buffet style. We decided to indulge in a variety of desserts. My personal favorite was the passion fruit custard. I definitely recommend it.

rooftop bar at terrass hotel

Terrass hotel is well known in paris for its rooftop bar. After brunch we decided to relax a bit outside with a few cocktails. If you’ve never been to Terrass Hotel, this view is to die for. Even if you are not staying at Terrass Hotel, you are able to go to the rooftop terrace to have drinks and relax.

drink menu at terrass hotel

In my opinion, the best part about staycations are the naps. After filling our bellies with good food and drinks it was definitely time to rest up.
In the evening, we once again ventured upstairs to eat at the hotel restaurant. With eat meal, the kitchen varies so much that it’s a completely new experience each time. Because of its artisan menu and spectacular view, the Terrass restaurant is a hot item so you’ll want to book in advance. Both Aaron and I ordered a three course meal. Aaron had the foie gras appetizer, steak entree, and tiramisu dessert.  I had the cheese appetizer, vegetarian mix entree, and pears with ice cream dessert. Everything was incredible

Dinner menu at terrass hotel
room at terrass hotel paris france

We were definitely sad when our weekend staycation was over. The staff welcomed us with open arms and was able to provide us with everything we needed for a perfect weekend. If you are heading to Paris and looking for the perfect honeymoon spot, or even just visiting with friends I highly recommend the Terrass Hotel. This is by far one of my favorite hotels in Paris and you can also read about our penthouse experience here.

Terrass Hotel: Address ·12-14 Rue Joseph de Maistre 75018 Paris

Sincerely Petite in Paris,

Petite in Paris Diane

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