What is Quiet Luxury?

Over the past few months the term quiet luxury has been popping up in TV shows, in conversations and even in celebrity fashion. Quiet luxury can be defined as investing in quality basic clothing or accessories that are often monochromatic tones, tailored and understated. Quiet luxury isn’t a new concept but it’s definitely becoming more and more common.

What is Quiet luxury
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What is Quiet Luxury?

Quiet luxury outfit
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Quiet luxury is a term that refers to people who invest in quality basic pieces of clothing, accessories, and jewelry. Oftentimes these high quality basic pieces are timeless, and tailored to fit perfectly. People who are wearing quiet luxury pieces typically stick to monochromatic and neutral toned. 

While, quiet luxury seems very approachable to the everyday person it is oftentimes unattainable due to the high price point. If you want to wear quiet luxury brands then being inconspicuous and flying under the radar is the way to go. 

Quiet luxury is NOT about flaunting logos or obvious displays of wealth, the Gucci Logo belt would not be considered quiet luxury. 

What clothing brands are considered Quiet Luxury? 

Quiet luxury clothing brands
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If you are looking to invest in quiet luxury clothing brands, there are a few brands that everything they sell falls into this category. The Row, which is known for its classic timeless designs that are very unstated. This brand was developed by Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen and has been a favorite amongst celebrities and anyone looking to achieve the quiet luxury look.  Basics range anywhere from $500 to thousands of dollars. 

Another popular brand that is considered quiet luxury is Brunello Cucinelli. This brand really started to gain popularity when it was announced that Mark Zuckerberg famous grey t-shirts he wears are from Brunello Cucinelli. These basic t-shirt that looks like they could have been purchased from H&M, Zara, or Old Navy actually cost more than $300 a shirt. 

Loro Piana is another brand people gravitate towards who are wanting to attain the quiet luxury look. Loro Piana is known from sourcing some of the best fabrics and raw materials in the world. This luxurious brand is perfect for those who love the texture of a super soft and luxurious clothing and accessories. Prices range anywhere from $500 – $3000 for their basics. 

No list of the popular quiet luxury brands would be complete without mention of Hermes. Hermes is probably the most well known quiet luxury brand. Their clothing is made using the highest materials, sewn by hand, and will last for years to come. A basic shirt starts at $350 and goes up depending on the material, and design. 

What Popular handbags are quiet luxury?

Quiet luxury handbag brands
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Many handbags fall into the quiet luxury category. The most famous quiet luxury handbag is the Hermes Kelly and Birkin bag. If you are looking for a cheaper Hermes option than the Herbag and the Picotin are a great option. Other popular quiet luxury handbags include The YSL Manhattan bag, Tory Burch Lee Radziwill bag (under $1000), Khaite Olivia Hobo Bag (around $2,000), Mark Cross Benchley (around $2,000), and the Toteme T-Lock Bag  

The rules for being a quiet luxury handbag are simple. They must be a simple bag design, timeless, minimalist, be in a neutral color and have with no logos present on the bag.  

Final Thoughts

Quiet luxury is a new term and phrase that is here to stay. I have a few quiet luxury pieces in my closest that I tend to wear for special occasions. I’d love to hear in the comments did you know what quiet luxury was or do you have any go to quiet luxury brands?

Sincerely Petite in Paris,

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  1. Rachel Perez says:

    Hello! Which stores in Paris carry the toteme t-lock bag? Thanks so much! Rachel

    1. Diane Marz says:

      Hey Rachel,

      Bon Marche carries Toteme bags! Hope that helps