What to Wear on Bastille Day

Bastille Day is the national day of France and is celebrated on July 14th. One of the things I love about Bastille Day is how everyone comes to get to celebrate this holiday. I’ve been lucky enough to celebrate Bastille Day in Paris and in the South of France.

What to wear on Bastille Day
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What to wear on Bastille Day

Bastille Day outfit
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During Bastille Day in Paris I recommend wearing a lightweight sundress, and a hat to block the heat. Another great option is a skirt and a casual top. You can never go wrong with a stripped top in Paris. Shop Bastille Day Dresses.

Parisians will try to incorporate the French flag colors into their outfit on Bastille Day. It’s rare to see Parisians deviate from their traditional neutral color outfit, but during Bastille Day anything goes. So grab a red, blue, or white dress or skirt and embrace the Bastille Day holiday in Paris. Make sure you wear a comfortable pair of walking shoes as you will be walking tons of steps. 

Is there a Bastille Day Dress Code?

No, there is no official Bastille Day Dress Code. If you plan to watch the fireworks from a luxury hotel or event make sure you check their dress code. If you plan to watch the fireworks outside, make sure you dress accordingly, and pack an umbrella. I would recommend wearing on Bastille Day what you feel comfortable in.

Activities to do in During Bastille Day in Paris

Where to see the miltary fly over on Bastille Day
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There are 3 main attractions during Bastille Day that are worth attending if you are in Paris. 

10 AM – Several aircraft’s perform a military fly over the Arc de Triomph while trailing Blue, White and Red (Colors of the French flag above) The Champs Élysée is lined with hundreds of French flags while the Military, police and horses parade from the top of the Champ Élysée to the bottom of Concorde. You can see the show from all over Paris, my favorite spots to view it is from the Arc and the Louvre. 

9 PM – A 2-hour concert is performed at the Champs de Mars. The concert will be televised and you can hear it live if you are standing at Trocadero or nearby.  

11 PM – The main show begins: Fireworks in front of the Eiffel Tower! The show is free and last approximately 35 minutes. 

Advice for attending Bastille Day Fireworks in Paris

Where to see the Bastille Fireworks in Paris
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The best spot to see the Bastille Day fireworks in Paris is at Trocadero. Think of Bastille Day fireworks at Trocadero like attending the NYE drop in NYC, you have to get there hours early, there are tons of people, and there is nowhere to go to the bathroom. A few people start getting to Trocadero as early as 6AM, a majority of the people arrive around 9-10 AM. Keep in mind the fireworks don’t start until 11 PM time. (Make sure you bring portable chairs because you’ll definitely want to sit down)

Another great options to see the fireworks is from along the Seine River. There are tons of excellent locations along the Seine that will give you a side view of the fireworks. Over the years, I found that you have a better view of the fireworks from the right bank.

If you don’t want to be outside in the heat, then there are several rooftop bars in Paris, hotels and restaurants that offer Bastille Day specials that allow you to see the fireworks. Many of these hotels are located in the 16th arrondissement. 

Bastille Day Final Thoughts

Rooftop view of the Bastille Day fireworks
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Some of my best memories in Paris are attending Bastille Day with friends. It’s a great time to embrace the French culture and celebrate France! Even if you aren’t in France, have a few friends over, host an apéro and celebrate the holiday wherever you are! I’d love to hear in the comments have you celebrated Bastille Day? 

Sincerely Petite in Paris,

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