What To Wear To The French Open

what to wear to the french open
What to Wear to the French Open

Growing up, my brother and I played tennis for years. Years ago I never would have imagined that I would be watching the French Open Men’s Singles Final in Paris, France. I’ve always enjoyed sports and this was the first tennis match I had the opportunity to see a match live. Which is why I’m so excited to share my experience with you, what to wear to the French Open, as well as provide you with advice for attending a French Open.

French open stadium from loges Seats
French Open Men's Singles Final 2018
French open 2018 Nadal getting ready to serve
French Open Men's Singles Final 2018
Dominic Thiem in the french open 2018 hitting the ball
French Open Men's Singles Final 2018
Nadal serves the ball during the french open 2018
French Open Men's Singles Final 2018
French open 2018 Paris France Dominic Thiem hitting the ball
French Open Men's Singles Final 2018


Nadal champion for 11 years in a row
Nadal winning the French Open 2018

I was very fortune to be provided the opportunity to see the French Open 2018 Men’s Singles Final in Paris and sat very close to the match. As I mentioned before, this was my first time at the Roland Stadium and I was so excited I decided to arrive early. I arrived around 11AM and the men’s match didn’t start until 3:30PM. I spent most of my time in the Club Des Loges sipping on drinks and mingling with friends. Then I proceeded to the VIP village where I enjoyed some ice cream to cool off then I went to watch the men’s finals.

The crowds flooded into the stadium for this sold out match. Everyone was excited to see if Rafael Nadal would remain champion or if Dominic Thiem would become the new champion. After a competitive back and forth match, which lasted for 3 sets, Nadal took home the trophy and remained the champion. The Loges Seating afforded me the opportunity to see the match up close as well as capture beautiful photos.


roland garros suitcase special edition
Diane is wearing a white button & blue jeans, and her Delsey Roland Garros special edition suitcases to the French Open.

Given that this was my first time to the French Open, I had no idea what to wear. After googling for hours on end, “What to wear to the French Open” I finally decided to look at the photos of the match and scope out what the people in the audience were wearing. It appeared most people were wearing neutral colors. The reason most people wear neutral colors to the French open is to avoid distracting the players. From what I observed the girls were mainly in dresses or polo’s with white hats, and the men were wearing polo’s or button downs.

I decided to wear a dark navy blue dress that fell right below my knees and a pair of high heel sandals. There is a lot of walking around, I definitely recommend if you are going to wear heels wear wedges, pack a pair of flip-flops, or comfortable sneakers in case your feet start to hurt.

In short, the men were in a neutral color button down shirt or collared shirt, a hat, and either shorts or slacks. The women were wearing neutral colors as well, typically a button down shirt, dress, or even a collared shirt. Both men and women dressed very similar. It's very important to wear neutral colors to avoid distracting the players during the matches. Wearing a Panama Hat at the French Open is a good idea, not only is it chic, it will also block the sun if it gets too hot.


You may be wondering what exactly is the French open dress code? The official dress code for audience members is there is no dress code. However, if you aren't dressed at least a little conservative, they won't let you in. I will share a little secret with you that I picked up while attending the French open. The unofficial French open dress code includes a panama hat and neutral colors. Many times you will see both men and women alike dressing the same.

Both men and women will be wearing a white button down shirt either a polo or long sleeve shirt and neutral colored pants. I would highly recommend wearing comfortable shoes as you will do a bit of walking.


  1. Wear Neutral Colors – This is to avoid distracting the players
  2. Bring a hat / Umbrella. You will be sitting outside in the sun for hours can be hot, so a hat is a great way to not get overheated. On the flip side it could rain and you aren’t allowed to move during the sets, so bring an umbrella
  3. Wear sunscreen.  It can get warm sitting in the sun for hours, packing SPF is highly recommended.
  4. Go to the Bathroom before the match starts and in between sets. You aren’t allowed to move during the match because it could distract the players.
  5. Eat before the Match.  It's very hard to move around once the match has begun, so it's best to eat before the match.
  6. Don’t forget your ID. You will need your ID to get into the event. I used my US driver's license and this was okay, but a passport will work as well.

French Open Final Thoughts

This was a once in a lifetime opportunity.  I’m so thankful I had the opportunity to attend the 2018 French Open Men’s Singles final. The match between Rafael Nadal and Dominic Thiem was magnificent. Congrats to Nadal for continuing to be king of the clay and claiming your 11th win. I would love to hear about your experience at the French open or what you wore.

Sincerely Petite in Paris,

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  1. Hi Diane

    So helpful thank you. I’m going to Paris this spring and want to go to the French Open and I see on the site tickets go on sale in March. What is the best way to be able to get the ticket you want such as center court at night third round. Does StubHub sell tickets? How did you get your tickets? Any advice would be welcome. Thank you so much. I am also from the United States so I don’t trust using any foreign sites unless trusted.

    1. Diane Marz says:

      Hey Patrick,

      Thank you for your message. The best place to get your tickets for the French open is directly on the Roland Garros website. This is the official website for the French open and they sell tickets. Make sure you follow the steps and register early!


      Let me know if you have any additional questions!

      Kind Regards,

  2. Wendy Lasher says:

    This is very helpful. I am so excited to go this year. Do they sell the hats that everyone is wearing at the Open or should I bring one?

    1. Hello Wendy,

      That’s so exciting that you will be attending the French Open this year! Many people brought their own hat, but they definitely sell tons of hats and other merchandise!

      Hope you have a blast this year at the French Open!