Comfortable Walking Shoes for Europe

Comfortable walking shoes for exploring Europe
Comfortable Walking Shoes for Europe

For the last few years, traveling to Europe has been non-existent due to Covid. Lockdowns were in place, and moving around the country was near impossible. But this year, all that has changed. According to Allianz Partners, the most popular travel destination this year is Europe!  If you plan to have a European holiday this year, the most important thing you need to pack is comfortable walking shoes for Europe! 

Even if you don’t think you will walk a lot in Europe, you’d be surprised how much you actually walk, which is why a comfy pair of walking shoes is a high priority. So whether you’re looking for comfortable walking shoes for London, Rome, Paris, Dublin, Venice, or anywhere else in Europe for that matter, you’ve come to the right place!

Crown Northampton White Sneakers Collection

Comfy Walking Shoes for London
Crown Northampton White Sneakers

If you are look to splurge on a pair of handmade walking shoes then look no further, I have found the best splurge worthy comfortable walking shoe for your trip to Europe, from the Crown Northampton White Sneaker Collection. However, this is one sneaker you’d have to plan for. These handmade, custom shoes take 45 days to make, but it’s certainly worth the wait.  

This fifth-generation family owned brand definitely knows how to make comfortable shoes. What I love about Crown Northampton shoes is how they take the time to ensure the shoe fits you perfectly, is comfortable and chic all at the same time. You can tell the brand puts a big emphasis on quality and quality control. Crown Northampton Shoes are a high quality walking shoe to wear around Europe! Shop Crown Northampton White Shoe Collection

Oliver Cabell Low 1 Women’s Shoes

Comfortable walking shoes for Italy
Olive Cabell Low 1 Comfortable Walking Shoes

The first comfortable walking shoe for exploring Europe is Oliver Cabell Low 1 Shoes. I first stumbled upon this Minneapolis Based Brand, Oliver Cabell, when I was reading Forbes a few years ago. I was blown away by their clean design, and minimalist take on luxury footwear. Which is why I knew I had to get my hands on a pair of these shoes and see if they were worth the hype… And my conclusion was correct, they were worth the price!

In addition to their clean minimalist design, Oliver Cabell Shoes use high quality material (sourced from Italy), making them one of the most comfortable shoes I’ve worn. What I love about these shoes is how you are able to walk for hours upon hours without fearing of blisters or your feet hurting. Oliver Cabell Shoes are hands down one of the most comfy pairs of women’s walking shoes that are perfect for exploring Europe. Shop Oliver Cabell Low 1 Women’s Shoes

Clae Los Angeles Women’s Shoes

Comfortable walking Shoes for Europe
Clae Los Angeles Bradley White Shoes

I discover Clae Los Angeles Shoes on Instagram a while ago. What I love about the brand is the way they are able to incorporate recycled material into their products. I write endless articles about how I love sustainable fashion and preloved handbags, which is why I knew I had to get a pair of Clae shoes. Plus, I feel like the Clae Los Angeles Women’s shoes are so cool and definitely knows how to design an awesome sneaker. However, are they able to make a cool sneaker and a comfortable sneaker? 

The short answer, is yes Clae Shoes, specifically the Joshua Shoes and Bradley shoes are extremely comfortable, have a minimalist design, and are easy to style. If you are wanting a high quality pair of comfortable walking shoes for Europe, then I recommend you check out Clae Shoes. Shop Clea Women’s Shoes

Aurélien Cambridge Shoes

Best Walking Shoes for Rome
Best Walking Shoes for Europe

Funny enough, when I first discovered Aurélien shoes, I was looking for comfortable driving shoes for a long road trip. After I discovered their driving shoes, I went on to take a look at the other sneakers they offered, which is where I came across the Cambridge Sneaker. What initially drew me to the Aurélien Cambridge shoes was the fact that they drew inspired by the  Mediterranean with their fun colors and chic design. 

If you are looking for a cute, fun colored walking shoe for your trip to Europe, then look no further because the Aurélien Cambridge shoes are perfect for you. Made with high quality, ethically sourced material, you won’t be disappointed. Shop Aurelien Cambridge Shoes

Recap on the Most Comfortable Walking Shoes for Exploring Europe

Imagine being able to walk around Europe for hours without fear of having to stop or rest because your feet hurt from walking too much. That’s exactly what each of these brands were able to accomplish. I could spend hours upon hours walking around and exploring Europe. There is so much to see, and as you know when you’re on holiday, time goes quickly. Which is why It’s important that you pack a comfortable pair of walking shoes for exploring Europe. 

In short, the most comfortable walking Shoes Women’s for Europe include: Oliver Cabell Low 1, Clae Bradly and Joshua Women Shoes, Crown Northampton White Sneakers Collection Shoes, and Aurélien Cambridge Shoes! Do you plan to travel to Europe this year?

Sincerely Petite in Paris,


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