What to Wear When Running: 5 Best Running Outfits

Whether you are an advanced runner or a beginner runner, you may be wondering what to wear when running. There are simple rules I follow when I go running to prevent injury, ensure I'm achieving the highest possible results and finally having adequate running gear makes all the difference. Wearing the proper running outfit will help you achieve the results you want by reducing friction, which causes irritation and distractions.

what to wear when running
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What to wear when running outside in the cold?

what to wear to go running
Carry Underwood Preparing for a run

If you plan to go running when it's cold outside, I highly recommend you purchase a pair of compression pants and long sleeve compression tops. Compression pants and long sleeve tops are incredible for helping reduce muscle fatigue and increase blood pressure while working out. This is extremely helpful for healing broken muscle tissue and rebuilding your muscles. 

The key is to feel warm and to make sure your muscles are warm without weighing you down. One thing to avoid while running outside in the cold is many layers. Ideally, you want to maintain a perfect insulation and balance. 

vest for running
Lululemons Black Puff Vest is perfect for Running Outside in the cold

Another outfit idea to wear when running outside is a long sleeve compression shirt / long sleeve shirt with a vest over it. The mesh vest will allow your arms not to be constraint, but add additional warmth. I find this vest from Lululemon that is a perfect vest for outdoor running

Depending on how cold it is outside, you might want to consider wearing a headband to protect your ears while running. A headband is great for not only keeping the hair out of your face, but also keeping your ears and head warm. I have Nike headbands that I always wear and I love them! 

What to wear when running outside when it’s hot? 

what to wear running when it's hot
Great outfit for working out when it's warm ©Lululemon

One of my favorite times of the year to run is when it’s warm outside. I always feel like I could run for hours on end. If you plan to go running outside when it's warm, you should wear lighter clothing items which include compression shorts, a tank top, and a sports bra. When shopping for running shorts, make sure you find shorts with a slot for a key.

I love wearing light colored Nike's dri-fit tank tops. I find these tank tops really great for not showing all the sweat when running, plus the fabric is very comfortable and lightweight.

What Accessories to wear when running? 

what accessories to wear when running
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The best accessories to wear while you go running include your Apple Watch to track your mileage, your AirPods to listen to music, and your iPhone. My favorite thing about the Apple Watch when running is the safety feature on it. Typically, I go running after work when it’s dark outside. This watch gives me the peace of mind when I'm running alone.

As for headphones, either Bluetooth or regular headphones will do just fine. The key to the headphones is making sure you purchase ones that are sweat proof. This will ensure your headphones last a long time. I've even written an article devoted to what accessories to wear when running

what to wear on a treadmill
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What to wear when running on the gym treadmill?

When you plan to go running at the gym, I would expect there to be air-conditioning. I would recommend wearing a light tank top, compression pants / shorts, and a comfortable pair of running shoes.

If you are really looking to sweat and burn off water weight, then I highly recommend adding layers, sweatshirts, hoodies, anything that will add extra layers will help drop weight quickly. I tend to overheat when I work out so I never do this, but I know plenty of people who would prefer to go running in additional layers.

What to wear when running in Paris?

what to wear running in paris
Diane running in Paris

If you are traveling to Paris and want to go for a good run, Paris is home to several amazing gardens that have great running paths. One thing to keep in mind if you don't go running in the park or garden that you will likely be alternating between running on cement, cobblestone, bricks and other sidewalk material. I always wear my pair of Nike running shoes when I go running in Paris.

Accessories for a Speedy Recovery

what to wear at to a gym
Blue Sports Bra

It's possible that after a run you'll need to rest and recover. There are several accessories that I recommend that will help you as an athlete recovery quickly and that includes the Theragun and the different attachments. I've been using the Theragun for over 5 years now and I highly recommend it for helping your muscles recover quickly, for elevating pain, and it's a great handheld massaging tool.

Final Thoughts on What to wear when Running

Overall, the most important thing is that you get out there and run or exercise. This is key for building a healthy lifestyle. For me, I find going on a run so freeing and relaxing, but don't push yourself. Start out at a pace you feel comfortable with and then go from there. Make sure you purchase high quality running outfits to make your runs more enjoyable.

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