Where To Buy Second Hand Bags And How To Avoid Getting Scammed in 2022

One of the most popular questions I receive is should I buy a designer handbag second hand and where to buy second hand bags? Will a preloved handbag be as good as quality? Do I think it’s worth it? At this point, I like to believe I’m an expert when it comes to designer bags. Today I will be deep diving into the fact If I think you should buy a preloved designer handbag and how to avoid getting scammed. 

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Diane carrying a champagne gold Celine belt bag

If you are like me, you love a good deal. Buying preloved handbags is way to received that handbag you love as a discounted price without compromising the authenticity. Today, I’m going to be sharing with you what type of research do to before buying a second hand designer bag, which websites sell authentic handbags, answering the popular question if you should buy a preloved handbag, and many more! 

What websites sell authentic preloved handbags? 

where to buy second hand bags
Where to buy second hand bags © Home Interiors

A few years ago when I wrote my first article about buying bags at a discounted rate the options to buy authentic secondhand handbags was limited. There weren’t as many options as you have now.

With that being said, it’s still good to make sure that the site you are buying from is selling guaranteed authentic bags. I know it may be tempting to go for the cheapest price, but trust me, guaranteeing that the bag is authentic is worth the peace of mind even if it means you pay a little more. 

There are many places online that sell preloved handbags. My top 3 favorite websites to buy second hand bags are The Real Real, Fashionphile and SACLÀB.

These sites all guarantee the authenticity of their products.

Do competitive research and know what your bag is selling secondhand for

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Where to buy second hand bags

The first thing you need to do before anything else, is competitive research! Before I make any big purchase I alway do endless amounts of research to ensure that I receive the best price and I know what the market rate is for a designer bag. 

I have two tips and tricks from an insider into buying luxury designer bags second hand. The first one is to wait until there is a holiday or sale to purchase the handbag. Did you know that most of these secondhand websites will mark the entire site down around Christmas and Black Friday? 

The second tip I learned was to sign up for their newsletter. You may be there, ugh I get so much scam as it is, but these newsletters are gold.

Sometimes, they will give you a discount off your first purchase for signing up, and on top of that they will let you know when your favorite bag or brand gets marked down. 

Should you buy a preloved handbag?

As you know, I love buying preloved bags! Not only is it sustainable fashion, it also gives a new life to a bag that was forgotten about. With the exception of Hermes bags, the second hand bag market typically has lower prices for the classic everyday pieces you want to get your hands on. 

With Chanel announcing a 21% price increase in 2020, I highly recommended that people shop second handbags. 

On the flip side, I totally understand that by buying secondhand, you are forgoing that in store luxury experience. With that being said, I’ve ordered from both The Real Real and Fashionphile several times and they have a great customer experience as well. The pieces you order from these sites come wrapped super nicely, you receive the authentication card, and all the documents for the bag. 

In short my answer is yes, you should definitely buy a second hand designer bag.

How do you know a second hand designer bag is authentic?

Where to buy preloved designer handbags
Prada and Chanel Bag · where to buy second hand bags

One of the most important questions you should be asking yourself before you purchase anything is, is this second hand designer bag authentic? Let’s be real, you don’t want to get scammed into buying a gorgeous Chanel bag, only to find out it’s a dupe and you got tricked. 

The best piece of advice I can offer to you when buying a second hand designer bag is to buy from reputable second hand websites.

Did you know that sites such as The Real Real, Fashionphile, and SACLÀB guarantee the bag is authentic, and offer a 100% refund if it’s not? I love shopping with that peace of mind, knowing that if somehow a bag slipped through the cracks, they would gladly refund it. As someone who often shops at these secondhand websites, I’ve never run into this issue.

What is the quality when buying secondhand? 

What I love about buying designer bags second hand is that every bag and product on reputable preloved sites have a rating scale. That way, you know the exact quality that you will be receiving when you purchase a bag from their site. 

where to buy second hand bags paris blogger
Where to buy second hand bags!

Recap on where to buy second hand bags and not get scammed

In short, to answer the question of where to buy second handbags is simple, stick with the websites that authentic the handbags. My 3 favorite places include Fashionphile, The Real Real, and SACLÀB. By shopping on websites that authentic the handbags this is a sure way to avoid getting scammed or tricked into buying a fake handbag. I'd love to hear from you, where is your favorite place to buy second handbags? Or if you have any suggestions on where to buy second handbags, I'd love discovering new places!

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