Where to Get a Facial Treatment in Paris

Today, many people ask me where to get a facial treatment in Paris. I’ve always been a big fan of getting facial treatments in Paris. I’ve tried out many different places over the years. When I moved to Paris, I knew the Parisians had beauty secrets unknown to the rest of the world. The Parisians always obtain that flawless skin and I often wondered how did they achieve this. What are the Parisian beauty secrets? Today, I’m going to uncover the top 5 places to get a facial treatment in Paris. These places are used by locals in Paris, and you’re in luck because I’ve personally tried all these locations.

facial treatment in Paris
Diane at En Salon de Beauté in Paris
which spas to go to in Paris
Where to get a facial in Paris

With so many options for a facial treatment in Paris, and hundreds of spas in Paris, it’s hard to distinguish which one is the best. Before you head to your facial, make sure you remove your make-up, wear comfortable clothes, skip any at home treatment for a week prior, and make sure you avoid tanning yourself outside. All the facial treatments and spas below use only natural products externally on your skin. Each place has a unique and difference facial treatment and experience. I highly recommend all of them! (Plus you are in luck because each of these places speak English!)

Delphine Langlois Facial Review

spa treatments in Paris
Diane enjoying a facial treatment from Delphine Langlois

The first place that is absolutely fantastic for a facial treatment in Paris is called Delphine Langlois facial. I have nicknamed this place “better than botox!” The reason seeing Delphine Langlois is better than getting botox is because her facial treatment is unlike any facial I’ve ever received.

Delphine Langlois focuses on using a unique technique that actually work out the face. She uses a technique that involves pulling and stretching the skin as part of the face sculpting treatment. After the facial my wrinkles on my forehead almost dissipated and my skin felt rejuvenated. This would also be an amazing treatment to get done right before your wedding as the results last a long time. 

Booking Information: Bookings for Delphine Langlois needs to be done well in advance. The facials has become so popular in France that you will need to book at least 3 – 6 months in advance. It is recommended that once you are over 30 years old to go twice a year 

Price Range: Prices start at 110 Euros for a session and can go up from there. If you are living in Paris, the packages offer a good discount. 

Website · Delphine Langlois or Contact via instagram

EN la beauté du Japon à Paris

Spas to visit in Paris
Diane at En Spa in Paris about to enjoy her Facial

EN la beauté du Japon à Paris is located in the heart of the 6th arrondissement of Paris. This incredible spa offers a unique facial that is inspired by special Japan secrets. They have found a way to infuse traditional Parisian techniques with special Japan creams and techniques. This Japan inspired salon has been open for less than 1 year and is already drawing crowds from around the world.

The unique experience is unlike your typical facial. When you walk in you will have a consultation that lasts about 30 minutes to get to know your skin. With about 100 different Japanese products, they will identify which solution is best for your skin. This facial treatment in Paris involves a steam machine, customizable solutions for your skin, and guaranteed to brighten your skin. After leaving En Salon De Beaute my skin felt radiant, looked brighter, and felt clean. After your facial treatment is complete, you are given a special Japanese tea to relax and enjoy. 

Booking information for EN Salon De Beauté: I highly recommend that you book 1 month in advance. It's possible to get a last minute appointment if they have a cancellation or something come up. Book online  

Pricing information: Pricing for a facial treatment starts at 135 Euros 

EN la beauté du Japon à Paris

Guinot Facial Treatment, your typical Parisian Facial

guinot spa experience
Classic Parisian Facial

Guinot facial treatment in Paris provides you with the typical Parisian Facial. They have facilities all over Paris. Many Parisians highly recommended getting a facial treatment at Guinot in Paris! I’m the first to say this place did not disappoint. I received a 3 step treatment where I received a scrub, mask, and hydrating session.

I came in to get my facial after a long day staring at a computer screen at the office. After work, I had bags under my eyes, my skin was blotchy, and I was exhausted. During my facial my spots evened out, the bags were no longer there and my skin was glowing. What I love about this facial treatment was after it was complete Guinot offered to do my makeup. This is a unique feature that Guinot facial treatments offer. Personally I think it’s a great idea, especially if you have an event after, or if you do it in the middle of the day you don’t have to go home and reapply makeup after your facial.

Booking: There are multiple ways you can book your facial at Guiont, either by booking online, calling, or even sending them an email 

Pricing. Pricing for a Guinot facial starts at 30 Euros for 25 minutes and goes up from there depending on which treatment you receive 

Guinot Paris

Nuxe facial treatment at Printemps

nuxe spa at printemps
Nuxe Spa at Printemps

One of the most popular skincare lines in Paris is called Nuxe Paris. Nuxe Paris was founded in 1989 in Paris, France. Their products provide an entire body treatment plan. They have an amazing range of facial treatment products that are great for anti aging and for the skin in general. It is no wonder over the course of 30 years the popularity of the Nuxe brand has expanded internationally.

It should come to no surprise that NUXE treatment center at Printemps made the list! This facial experience can be described as relaxing, hydrating, and refreshing. I received an hour treatment at the Nuxe facility in Printemps and left feeling incredible. Not only are the Nuxe Facial treatments incredible, their full body massages are extremely relaxing. 

Booking information: To book your Nuxe facial treatment, you can book by calling and scheduling an appointment. There is also an email address you can email. I recommend that you book a month in advance. 

Pricing information: Pricing for a Nuxe facial treatment at Printemps starts at 88 Euros for a session. 

Printemps Nuxe Treatment  

Plus, don’t forget to get some shopping in either before or after your facial treatment. Printemps is filled with over 500 brands and prices to fit all budgets. If you are looking for an all day of pampering Printemps also offers a nail salon, nuxe treatment center has full body massages, and the make-up and beauty area filled with many products exclusively to Printemps! 

Jean D’estrees Paris facial treatment 

best spas in paris
At Jean D'Estrées Paris Spa after a Facial Treatment

One of the most hidden but popular places to get a facial in Paris in from Jean D’estrees. Jean D'estrees salon does a great job using targeted products for your skin type specifically. Using products that are targeted for your skin ensures you receive the best results possible. A Jean D’Estrees facial treatment is only available at their institutes around France. 

When you arrive at the spa in Paris, you talk with a specialistic about your skin type and which products you’d like to use on your skin. It is recommended that you have 3 – 5 facial treatment sessions. However, if you are only visiting Paris for a short while you will see results after one session. After my facial treatment, my skin was left feeling rejuvenated and looked extremely hydrated. The award winning products are only available in France at their salons.

After my facial my skin was glowing and I purchased a few products from the Gabrielle’s secret line so I could continue glowing even at home. It is important to note that if you love the products they used you can purchase them directly at the spa.

Booking information: To book an appointment for Jean D'Estress Paris salon, you can book online, by calling, or in person. (there are 44 locations in Paris!)  

Pricing information:

Website · Jean D'estrees Paris

Conclusion on facial treatments offered in Paris:

What I love about all these places I recommended in Paris for a facial treatment is not only will you get outstanding service, they all speak english so for people traveling to Paris from abroad fear not. If you are looking for an at home facial treatment, then I definitely recommend you check out Foreo! Foreo, creates an incredible at home treatment cleansing experience unlike any other! I would love to hear from your experience, have you ever received a facial in Paris? If so where did you go?

Sincerely Petite in Paris,


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  1. This is great, thank you! I am going to Paris next month and will be booking a facial. I know tipping culture in France is very different than the US, does that extend to spa treatments as well as restaurants? Or is it expected to tip on spa treatments?
    I want to make sure not to offend anyone 🙂 Thanks!

    1. Diane Marz says:

      Hello Juliet,

      Great question, Here is an article I wrote about tipping in France that I think you’ll find helpful. It’s not mandatory that you leave a tip, at tourist type spas such as at a hotel it will be more common. If you have an exceptional experience then you can definitely leave a tip. The tip should be a couple Euros, not a normal 15-20% like in the US.

      Hope that helps,


  2. Cath Hughes says:

    Thank you Diane! This was very helpful. I just moved to Paris and have been looking for a good spot for a facial.

    1. Diane Marz says:

      You’re welcome!! Happy to help, and welcome to Paris! 🙂


  3. Cathy wilman says:

    Please can I have a facial Friday afternoon near the Gard du nord if possible.
    100 euros maximum.


    1. Diane Marz says:

      Hello Cathy,

      Thank you for your message – I actually don’t book facials on my website.

      Kind Regards,