Where to get the Best Macarons in Paris in 2021

where to buy macarons in paris
Diane enjoying macaron’s in Paris at Pierre Herme

Arguably, where to get the best macaroons in Paris is one of the most debated topics of the city. Food addicts and tourists alike come from around the world to get their hands on the best macarons in Paris. As someone who was born with a sweet tooth, I can tell you I have eaten a ton of French Macarons in Paris!

Before I jump into where to get the best macarons in Paris, I’m going to give you a quick history lesson on macarons. While the origin of the macaron isn’t 100% clear, many believe it was actually brought over to France from Italy in the 1500s by Catherine de Medici  and her pastry chefs. However, it wasn’t until 1792 that Macarons begin to become popular. During the French Revolution Carmelite nuns baked and sold macarons and became known as the macaron sisters. At the time the macarons were very simple. They were made with ground almonds, egg whites, and sugar. No special flavors. No filling. Just 100% cookie. Today, a macaron is much more complex and flavorful. 

Below, I’m breaking down for you everything you need to know about macarons in Paris. I will talk about where to get the best macarons in Paris, the most famous macarons in Paris, the average price of a macaron, and where you can buy macarons in Paris. * Warning this article might leave you hungry *

Where to get the best macarons in Paris

Pierre herme macarons
Pierre Hermé at Champs Élysée

Welcome to the macaron showdown. Today I’m going to break down for you where to get the best macarons in Paris. These top 4 places are the most famous macarons in Paris. I’ve enjoyed macarons at each of these places multiple times and I highly recommend them all! 

Pierre Hermé – If you’ve never been nor heard of Pierre Hermé when you are in Paris that must change. In my opinion, Pierre Herme has mastered the macaron. His macarons are baked to perfection and are bursting with unique flavors. Pierre Herme is known for constantly pushing the envelope when it comes to new flavors. He is always mixing different ingredients to come up with incredible creations. Of course there are the traditional flavors that you can always find, but every season he releases new flavors for a limited time. I love going to Pierre Herme to taste their new flavors every season.

My favorite Pierre Herme flavors are mogador (milk chocolate and passion fruit), ultime (Chocolate & Madagascan Vanilla), and Salted-Butter Caramel. It’s very hard for me to choose my favorite because I love them all!

Pierre Herme Website

Ladurée Paris Macarons
Ladurée Paris Macarons

Ladurée – In the 1900s Laudree was accredited to taking two cookies and fill them with ganache. You’ve most likely seen Laudree on instagram, as it is one the most instagrammable macaron shop in Paris. My first experience hearing about Laduree was on gossip girl. I remember Blair Waldorf talking and snacking on Laduree macarons. This is definitely a place where you can go for a chic tea-time, or just sit and relax while you are in Paris. Laduree known for having incredible, simple flavor macarons. Some of my favorite Laduree macarons include: Vanilla, chocolate, and rose.

Ladurée Website

Carette – Another popular place in Paris to get macarons is Carette. Although Carette is known for their hot chocolate, they also have delicious macarons. Expect to find simple yet delicious flavors at Carette. I highly recommend you relax and stay a while here. The chic inside of Carette makes you want to sit and stay a while. Much like Laudree, Carette offers simple yet delicious flavors. In my opinion, my favorite ones include: salted butter caramel, dark chocolate, and a few fruity flavors. It is important to note that Carette is not only a macaron shop it is a full cafe where you can even order food. 

Fauchon –  Faunchon is often overlooked for macarons because they make some of the most delicious eclairs and chocolate in the city. However, if you haven’t already been to Fauchon it is absolutely delicious. They make very traditional macarons and are bursting with flavor. These tasty macarons make for a delicious dessert. Their most famous flavors include: vanilla, caramel, lemon, raspberry, pistachio, hazelnut, coffee, fruity dark chocolate, white chocolate with milk chocolate center, blackcurrant-violet, vanilla-raspberry, and rose. My personal favorite are white chocolate with milk chocolate center, fruity dark chocolate, and caramel. 

Fauchon Website

What is the price of a macaron in Paris

where to buy macarons

The price of the macaron in Paris can vary by location. On the high end you have macarons costing upwards of 4 Euros for a macaron. On the low end a macaron in Paris will cost you about 1 Euro (sometimes you can find them even cheaper!). In my opinion, it’s better to go for a good quality macaron. On average you will probably spend about 2.50 Euros per macaron. The reason these french cookies hold a hefty price tag is because they are very complicated to make. Trust me, I’ve tried and failed a few times attempting to make them.

Are the best Macarons in Paris worth the price?

As I mentioned above, macarons can hold a hefty price tag for a small cookie. On average each macaron in Paris costs about 2.50 Euros. However, even with this price tag, I can say 100% without a doubt in my mind that macarons are definitely something you should splurge on while you are in Paris. I typically splurge on macarons once or twice a month. What I recommend if you are unsure which flavors you like is to get a variety of flavors. If you are trying to save money, avoid buying those fancy boxes the macarons come in, you can always opt in for the bag.

Where can I find Cheap Macarons in Paris?

where to buy cheap macarons in paris

Perhaps, you are traveling to Paris on a budget and want to indulge in macarons in Paris. I’ve listed 3 places below that you can buy cheap macarons in Paris but still leave satisfied. You don’t have to spend a hefty price tag on these little cookies. These cheaper alternatives are very delicious.

One place that might come to a shock to you is that McDonalds cafe has macarons, and surprisingly these cheap macarons taste great! The second place I recommend is more of a generic recommendation: at your local bakery. Most bakeries in Paris carry macarons at a discounted price. They know that they aren’t specialized in macarons but still like to offer them to tourist. The final place to get cheap macarons is at a chain called Pauls. At Pauls you’ll be able to get macarons for slightly under 1 Euro. 

What are the best macaron flavors in Paris?

The best macaron flavors comes down to the location. At Pierre Hermes you should indulge in the mogador. This is the passion fruit chocolate blend. This is one of their best sellers and my personal favorite. Some of the most popular flavors that I love is vanilla, raspberry, and chocolate. These are classic flavors that you can’t go wrong with.

Where to buy the best macarons in Paris?

The great news about Paris is that you can buy macarons at several different locations. They have specific macaron shops where you can only find macarons. In Paris there is also tons of bakeries and pastry shops that offer macarons as well. Even inside big department stores in Paris you will find pop up macaron shops. Finally, if you don’t have time to buy or try macarons while you are in Paris, there are a few places at the airport that allow you to buy them.

If I only had time to go to one Macaron Place in Paris where should I go?

where to get the best macarons in paris

If for whatever reason you only have time to visit one macaron place while you are in Paris, or even if you are stopping through the airport. I highly recommend Pierre Hermé. It is hands down the best, has the most flavor, and delicious macaron in Paris. His macaron’s are bursting with flavor and taste nothing like any macaron I’ve ever eaten before. I can guarantee you will be left satisfied. If you are like me you’ll become addicted to his macarons. As I mentioned above my favorite flavor is mogador. I highly recommend you order this one in your bundle of macarons.

How long are Macarons good for?

Macarons are highly addictive. By the time you buy a macaron it is already 24 hours old. It has a short shelf life making these cookies last only 48 hours. Macarons are not the best gift to bring back home if you are traveling internationally. If you put them in the refrigerator you may be able to get another 48 hours out of them. At most macarons last for 4 maybe 5 days. However, macarons taste the best when they are fresh. In conclusions to be safe macarons last for 4 days. 

To summarize where to get the best macarons in Paris. If you are looking for a macaron that is bursting with flavor and unlike any other macaron you will try in Paris then Pierre Herme is where you should go. If you are looking for traditional flavors such as vanilla, rose, chocolate then I highly recommend Laudree. 

I would love to hear your thoughts on the best macarons in Paris in the comments below. What is your favorite macaron in Paris?

Sincerely Petite in Paris,


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