Why is the Cartier Love Bracelet Expensive?

One of the most iconic pieces of jewelry that Cartier sells is the Cartier Love Bracelet. This bracelet comes with a hefty price tag. The Cartier Love bracelet is expensive because you are paying for the Cartier name, it’s made out of solid gold, there is a high demand regardless of the price, the new authentication process that was implemented and because it has a high resale value.

Why is the Cartier Love Bracelet expensive
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Paying for the Cartier Name

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Cartier is one of the most iconic, recognizable luxury jewelry brands in the world. One of the main reasons Cartier love bracelets are so expensive is because you are paying for the Cartier name. Wearing a Cartier bracelet, is the ultimate status symbol and people associate having a Cartier love bracelet as a must-have in their jewelry collection. 

These popular bracelets are worn by many celebrities, influencers, and I often see people stacking several Cartier bracelets when I’m out in the city. Prices for the thin Cartier love bracelet start at $4,750 and prices for the original, thicker size start at $7,350. Shop Cartier Love Bracelets.

Cartier Love bracelets are made with Solid 18k Gold

Why is Cartier so expensive
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The Cartier love bracelets are made with solid 18k gold and depending on the size are on average between 30–40 grams of gold. By making these bracelets 18k solid gold, they are designed to be worn daily and hold up extremely well over time. The use of 18k solid gold is one contributing factor to the high cost of the Cartier Love Bracelet.

Cartier Love Bracelet has a High demand regardless of price

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Despite the constant price increases Cartier has on the Love Bracelet it is still one of Cartier’s best-selling bracelets. Even when I was on holiday last week in Austria, I saw people lining up outside to get their hands on the Cartier Love Bracelet. Due to the fact that the Cartier love bracelet has a high demand, the price increases haven’t impacted people’s willingness to purchase this iconic bracelet. Cartier Love Bracelets will continue to be expensive due to the high demand. Shop Vintage Cartier Love Bracelets

Cartier’s Authentication Process

Cartier love bracelet is so expensive
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Recently, there has been an influx of dupe Cartier Love bracelets, and because of this Cartier needed a way to authenticate their Love Bracelets. Cartier's bracelets have specific Cartier stamps and numbers on the inside, come with an authentication card, and have an in house record of the purchase and who the bracelet belongs to in the Cartier system. By implementing this new authentication process it definitely added to the price of the Love bracelet. 

Cartier Love Bracelets retains its value overtime

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Should you ever decide to resale your Cartier love bracelet you will be able to sell if for what you purchased it for or even for a profit. I remember trying on a Cartier bracelet in 2019 and it was priced at $6,350, now 4 years later that same bracelet is priced at $7,350. My guess, is it will continue to increase in price over time. Currently, the Cartier love bracelets are selling on the vintage market from anywhere between $6,000 and $7,000.

Final thoughts on Why the Cartier love Bracelet is expensive

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The Cartier love bracelet is a gorgeous piece to have in your jewelry collection. Take it from experience if you are on the fence about purchasing the bracelet it’s better to purchase it today compared to waiting because you never know when Cartier will announce another price increase. I’ve also compiled a list of Cartier love bracelet alternatives that you should check out if you are not sure if you want a Cartier Love bracelet. I'd love to hear in the comments do you own a Cartier Love bracelet?

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