6 Cartier Love Bracelet Alternatives in 2022

The Cartier Love bracelet is one of the most iconic bracelets of our time. This bracelet was made famous thanks to all the celebrities, fashion icons and trend setters that were seen over the years wearing this elegant bracelet. Don’t get me wrong, I adore the Cartier Love bracelet. In fact, it’s on my wish list. With that being said, sometimes I feel like “everyone” has the Cartier Love bracelet and I want something that isn’t so common. In today’s article, we will explore 6 Cartier Love Bracelet alternatives. 

cartier love bracelet alternative
White Dress, Crossbody Bag © Petite in Paris

I’ve been doing some deep diving and I’ve come across 6 structured bracelets that rival the Cartier Love bracelet.  One of the things I love about the Cartier bracelet is the structure it has. With that being said, today’s Cartier bracelet alternatives are all structured, with the exception of one bracelet! Before we jump into the 6 alternatives, let’s go ahead and take a look at why people are buying alternatives to this Classic Cartier piece.   

Why buy an Alternative to the Cartier Love Bracelet?

Cartier boxes and gifts
Cartier Gifts · Cartier Love Bracelet Alternatives © bsima_fk

The other day, I went out to eat with some of my friends. We started discussing the Cartier Love bracelet and Cartier Love bracelet alternatives. I discovered there are 3 main reasons people are looking for an alternative to the Love Bracelet.

The first reason is that there is the concept that “everyone has one” and you want something with a unique design that holds the same prestigious value. Yes, the Cartier Love bracelet has been around since 1969 and is a symbol of status. So of course there are many vintage versions of the Cartier Love Bracelet in circulation and it can appear that everyone has one. 

Another reason that people seek out an alternative to the Cartier Love Bracelet is it is difficult to get it on and off by yourself! I understand that you aren’t supposed to take it off once it’s been locked in with the special screwdriver. If you’re anything like me, I don’t like to wear jewelry when I’m working out or a heavy bracelet when I go to sleep. Not to mention, what if you lose the miniature screwdriver!? For me, this reason and this reason alone, (the hinge closure) is enough to consider an alternative to the Love Bracelet. Keep in mind this doesn’t apply to the smaller version. 

The final reason people want an alternative to the Cartier Love bracelet is there are so many Cartier dupes or Cartier fake Love bracelets in circulation that it’s hard to tell just by looking at it if it’s the real deal or not. Because of this issue, Cartier actually started adding the serial number onto the bracelet. Although this is a relatively new practice. 

With that being said, let’s go ahead and dive into the top 6 Cartier Love bracelet Alternatives in 2022. All the bracelets below have the same feel of the love bracelet.

Hermes Kelly Bracelet

Hermes Kelly Diamond Bracelet
Hermes Kelly Gold Bracelet with diamonds © Chloeche

I’m no stranger when it comes to Hermes, in fact, I love the brand. With that being said, it should come to no surprise that the Hermes Kelly Bracelet secured a spot on today’s list! 

The Hermes Bracelet incorporates the same look and feel of the Hermes Kelly Bag turn clasp in a small 18k gold version bracelet…oh and let’s not forget about the 4 diamonds…yes please! (Or you if you like the all diamonds one, featured in the photo, a tad more expensive, but definitely gorgeous) Made at the Atelier in Paris, France, this structured bracelet is made with 18k gold and diamonds, is an investment worthy piece and incorporates a timeless design! 

With the rise in popularity of the Hermes Kelly handbag, this piece of jewelry is here to stay and in my opinion will only continue to increase in price over time. 

It is important to note, that one of the most common things people discuss when it comes to the Hermes Kelly Bracelet, is the clasp often gets caught on their clothes or hair due to the fact that the turn clasp is extended upward on the bracelet (to mimic the Kelly bag turn clasp) 

The Hermes Kelly Bracelet features 4 diamonds and can be put on and taken off very easily by yourself. The Hermes Kelly Bracelet is priced slightly above the Cartier Love Bracelet at $8,600 retail price. I found a few on the second hand market at a price range around $5,000. The Hermes Kelly Bracelet is a great alternative to the Cartier Love Bracelet!

Retail Price: $8,600 (As of Jan 2022)

Chaumet Bee my Love Bracelet

Chaumet bee my love bracelets
Chaumet bee my love bracelet © chaumetofficial

Chaumet is a brand I discovered and fell in love with a few years ago. Founded in 1922, in Paris, France, it became the official jewelry house of Empress Josephine. One of my all time favorite collections from Chaumet is the Bee My Love collection. The Bee my Love collection is inspired from exactly that, Bees. 

The Chaumet Bee My Love Collection carries a gorgeous bracelet that is structured, in the shape of a honeycomb aka a Hexagonal shape, and is so chic and timeless. This understated bracelet is an investment worthy jewelry piece that can be passed down from generation to generation.  

The Chaumet bee my love bracelet is another great choice as a Cartier Bracelet alternative. This bracelet is priced at $5,125 retail price, and rarely becomes available for sale on the preloved market. However, if it does become available, I will update this section, but for now it’s best to order it online directly from the Chaumet website. Plus they offer distant online shopping!

I found one Chaumet Bee My Love Bracelet on The RealReal priced at $2,850, but you must go quickly, because I don't think this will stay in stock long.

Retail Price: $5,125 (As of Jan 2022)

Van Cleef & Aprel Vintage Alhambra bracelet, 5 motifs (Solid Gold)

Van Cleef bracelet and cartier watch
Van Cleef Bracelets and Cartier Watch© dor_iiane

One of the most popular alternatives to the Cartier Love bracelet is the Van Cleef and Aprel Alhambra Bracelet. Not only will you see people rocking both the Cartier Love bracelet and the Alhambra Bracelet, but there is much debate over which one you should purchase first in your jewelry collection. 

The Van Cleef Alhambra Gold Bracelet is composed of 5 solid gold motifs, and trimmed with gold beads. What I love about this bracelet is that it’s handmade and the attention to detail is immaculate. The classic Motif design is inspired by a four leaf clover and is believed to bring good luck and good fortune. These unique details make the Van Cleef and Aprel bracelet just wow! 

The Van Cleef bracelet is the only bracelet on the list that is not a structured bangle, but because of its timeless motif design, this bracelet 100% deserves a spot on today’s list. This all gold Van Cleef 5 motif bracelet is priced at $5,350 and I was able to find it on the second market priced slightly less. It is important to note that this bracelet can be resized by taking out links in between the motifs.

Retail Price: $5,350 (As of Jan 2022)

Boucheron Quatre Clou de Paris Bangle

Boucheron Quatre Clou de Paris Bangle
Boucheron Bangles Stacked and Rolex · © boucheron

One of the oldest Jewelry houses in Paris is Boucheron which carries a wide array of structured bracelets that would be great as stand alone pieces or stackable pieces to wear on your wrist. Especially if you have a Rolex. The pairing of the Boucheron Clou de Paris Bangle and the Rolex would be pure perfection!

The Boucheron Quatre Clou de Paris Bangle was launched in 2004 and quickly became signature pieces. The rigid pleats on the bracelet is what makes this bracelet so iconic and timeless.  If you are looking to invest in a brand that holds the same prestigious value as Cartier, it’s Boucheron. Hands down Boucheron makes high quality, timeless, elegant pieces that will hold their value. 

What I love about Bourcheron is the understated elegance that is associated with not only the brand but also the pieces. Similar to Chaumet, it’s hard to get one of these bracelets on the preloved market. I often see the Boucheron rings available for purchase, but the bracelets sell out quickly! However, they do sell them at Saks and Net-a-porter!

Retail Price: $5,100 (As of Jan 2022)

Tiffany T T1 hinged Bangle Bracelet

Tiffany T T1 hinged Bangle Bracelet styled
Croisette Chain Wallet · affordable LV bags © Luxforyou

“An icon for the new Era” is what they called the new Tiffany Bracelet when they released it in 2014. While it is a relatively new bracelet the Tiffany T bracelet is here to stay. What I love about the classic T Bracelet design is you can buy the hinged bracelet where the Ts are hinged together or the one where it’s apart. Both bracelets give the structured look that I adore, making it easy to stack and easy to style. Definitely one of the Best Cartier Love Bracelet Alternatives!

The Tiffany T bracelet starts at $1,650 for the smaller skinny bracelet and can be found on the second hand, at Fashionphile market for $1,150. This is the most affordable gold bangle on the list today! Retail Price: $1,650

Chanel Coco Crush Bangle

Chanel Coco Crush Bangle closeup
Coco Chanel Crush Bracelet and Matching Ring

If you’ve been reading for a while, you know I’m a huge fan of Chanel. 

What I love about the Chanel Coco Crush bracelet, is it embodies the classic, iconic, quilting pattern of the Chanel brand. More and more I’m seeing the Chanel Coco Crush 18k gold metal sleek Bangle bracelet. This beautiful bangle is part of a relatively new collection, launched in 2015, I strongly believe it is here to stay and is a great high quality investment piece to add to your jewelry collection. 

This structured bracelet comes in both white gold and yellow gold. The traditional solid gold cuff starts at $7,400, I was able to find one on TheRealReal for $3,350! Keep in mind, these bracelets sell out fast on the preloved market!

Retail Price: $7,400 (As of Jan 2022)

Recap on the Cartier Love Bracelet Alternatives

As I mentioned above, I do love the Cartier Love bracelet and there is no hate on this iconic piece. I’m all about minimalist styling and looking for the ultimate statement piece all wrapped into one.

If you are looking for a Cartier Love Bracelet Alternative, then I highly recommend purchasing one of the following investment worthy bracelets for yourself or even for a gift.

Bracelet StyleRetail Price
(As of Jan. 2022)
Cartier Love$6,900
Hermes Kelly$8,600
Chaumet Bee My Love$5,125
VCA 5 Motifs$5,125
Boucheron Quatre Clou Paris$5,100
Tiffany T Bracelet$1,650
Chanel Coco Crush$7,400

These beautiful bracelets are truly worth the investment. Don't forget to check out the preloved luxury jewelry market to find these luxury bracelets selling at a discount. My 2 favorite places to buy preloved luxury jewelry are Fashionphile and TheRealReal.

What do you think? Do you still want a Cartier Love bracelet or do you now want one of the Cartier Love bracelet Alternatives? I’d love to hear what your thoughts are!

Sincerely Petite in Paris,


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