Are Wicker Bags Worth the Price in 2022?

When it comes to handbags you have endless amounts of possibilities and color combinations. With all the possibilities, you may be wondering Are Wicker Bags Worth the Price? Or even are Wicker Bags Worth investing in? 

Are Wicker Bags worth The Price
Diane Wearing a Wicker Bag · Photo by TheGlitteringUnknown

The Short Answer is, YES!!! Wicker Bags Are Worth investing in and adding to your collection. Personally, I think a Wicker Bag also known as a Straw Bag is the perfect Spring Summer handbag. 

As the sun is shining through my windows, and the temperature is starting to warm up, I thought now would be the perfect time to release a much anticipated article, the Best designer wicker bags and why I think they are worth investing in. 

To be honest with you, I’m embarrassed to say, I probably have a few too many to Wicker Bags in my closest… and by probably I mean definitely.  

History of the Wicker Bag

Hermes Picnic Kelly bag
Hermes Wicker Bag with Leather © Hermes Addict

The Wicker bag isn’t a new phenomenon, it has been around for years. It dates all the way back to Ancient Egypt. Historically, Wicker bags were used for practical use such as carrying food, water and sometimes even small children. 

As time passed, the wicker bag too evolved and was eventually introduced to the fashion world. Today there are both functional wicker bags and fashionable wicker bags. Personally, I love both.  

Let’s go ahead and dive into the Best Wicker Bags Worth Investing in. Today, I wanted to mix in the best, both high and low-priced wicker bags.

Luxury Designer Wicker Bags

Let's take a look at the Best Luxury Wicker Bags for 2022. These 3 Luxury Wicker Bags are Worth Investing in!

Lady Dior Natural Wicker Bag

Dior Wicker Bag in White
Wicker Bags Worth the Price · Dior Wicker Bag in White © Diorinternational

When I first saw the Lady Dior Bag Natural Wicker, it was love at first site. The way Dior was able to incorporate the classic Lady Dior Bag with a Wicker Bag is pure perfection if you ask me. 

The Dior Wicker Bag features the classic wicker material was done by band and features an embroidered Christian Dior logo band across the front. In addition to the bag the inside has a Dior logo Pouch and includes a cross body strap.  

The Dior Wicker bags were released in multiple colors and has sold out pretty quickly of the neutral colors, don’t worry because Rumor has it they will restock soon. 

Given that Wicker bags are typically only worn for two seasons, and the price point of this Dior bag being at over $6,000, I plan on waiting until it hits the preloved market on The RealReal before I snag this beauty up. This bag is definitely on my wish list!

YSL Wicker Bag: Kaia Raffia Crossbody Bag

YSL Kaia Raffia Crossbody Bag
© netaporter

YSL is no stranger to a Wicker bag, or as they call it, a Straw bag. Due to their popularity, they have been releasing straw bags for a few years now. 

There are a few YSL Wicker bags that I love, but the one that really caught my eye and had me lusting after was the Saint Laurent Kaia Raffia Crossbody Bag. This bag combines both Leather Material and Straw Material to create a masterpiece. 

What I love about this wicker bag is it is both casual and can be dressed up at the same time. YSL has done it again, making a classic piece that is gorgeous and showcases its impeccable craftsmanship.

Hermes Wicker Bag: Kelly Picnic Bag

Hermes Kelly Picnic Bag Mini Size Yellow
Hermes Kelly Picnic Wicker Bag in Yellow © Hermes Community

The cream de la crème of Wicker bags, the Hermes Kelly Picnic Wicker bag. My ultimate dream bag. The bag that is a little out of my budget, but will continue to lust after it from afar. 

I’m no stranger to Hermes Bags, and Kelly bags specifically, but there is something about the Hermes Kelly Wicker Bag that has me swooning over this handbag. 

The Hermes Kelly Picnic bag has been around for years, but it was the Hermes Kelly Picnic bag mini size which was released 3 years ago that caught my attention. This is known to be one of the more difficult Hermes Bags to get your hands on and is often compared to getting offered an exotic bag.

Affordable Wicker Bags

Now let’s switch gears a bit and focus on the best affordable wicker bag options that are also handmade and high quality. All Wicker Bags listed in this section will be priced under $1,000. 

Celine Wicker Tote Bag

Medium Triomphe Celine Classic Panier Wicker Bag with Palm Leaves and Calfskin
Celine Panier Bag and Hermes Oran Sandals © Hermes community

No List about Wicker Bags would be complete without mentioning the Medium Triomphe Celine Classic Panier Wicker Bag with Palm Leaves and Calfskin. This tote wicker bag is priced under $700. 

The Celine Wicker Tote Bag has long Leather shoulder straps and the Ionic Celine logo on the front.. Each Tote bag is made by hand to perfection.   

I adore this bag for both a summer beach bag and a classic city tote bag. What I love about the Celine Tote bag is this is one of the few wicker bags on the list that you can wear year round.

BTB Los Angeles Wicker Bags

BTB Los Angeles Wicker Bags on beach
btb Los Angeles Wicker Bags© btblosangeles

I cannot get enough of the BTB Los Angeles Wicker bags, specifically the Stella Shoulder bag and the Mason Straw & Leather Bucket Wicker Bag. I adore the detailed, top carrying handle. It’s so chic and classic. 

Priced below $300 this is such a great high quality Wicker Bag that is worth investing in. 

What I love about this brand, is how they have taken the tradition wicker style bag, and made a luxurious bag at a more affordable price. Founded in 2018, this once small brand has exploded with popularity and can now be found at  Nordstrom, and Neiman Marcus.

Poolside Anna Conch Wicker Bag

Poolside wicker Bag Shell Shape with gold chain
Wicker Bags Worth the Price · Poolside Wicker Bag © PoolsideIG

New this year is the Poolside Anna Conch Wicker Bag. When you first see this bag, you completely understand why it made the list of the best wicker bags worth investing in. 

The Poolside Shell shaped Wicker bag is absolutely stunning. Everything from the top snap closure to the thick gold chain, this is the most adorable Wicker Bag for summer and I can’t say enough good things about it. 

What I love about the Poolside brand is each bag is made by hand and takes a week to make. The high quality material and craftsmanship makes this wicker bag worth investing in. If you are looking for an incredible and fun Wicker bag, then I highly recommend The Poolside Anna Conch Wicker Bag.

Recap Are Wicker Bags Worth the Price?

Best Wicker Bags to Invest in
Wicker Bags Worth Investing in

In Short, A Wicker Bag is worth investing in, they are high quality timeless bags typically made by hand and will last a lifetime. This is a great investment piece for those looking for a great bag for the warmer months. Personally, I use my Wicker Bag all Spring and Summer. 

If you are looking to invest in a designer Wicker Bag I highly recommend The YSL Wicker Bag, the Dior Wicker bag, and if you are really looking to splurge the Hermes Kelly Picnic Bag. 

If you are looking to invest in a more affordable Wicker Bag priced under $1k, then I recommend the Celine Wicker Tote Bag, the BTB Los Angeles Wicker bags and the Poolside Anna Conch Wicker Bag. 

Do you love Wicker bags and think they are worth investing in?

Sincerely Petite in Paris,


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