How to Buy a Hermes Kelly Bag online

The Hermes Kelly bag is taking the fashion world by storm. Due to its increase in popularity, you may be wondering, “is this the New IT Bag?”. Today, I’m going to be sharing with you insider tips and tricks to purchase Hermes Kelly Bag online!

Hermes Kelly bag
Diane wearing a Hermes Kelly Bag size 25 in Epsom Leather

History of the Hermes Kelly Bag

Grace Kelly, Prince Rainer
Grace Kelly Carrying the Hermes Kelly Bag

Designed in 1932 by Émile-Maurice Hermès and Ettore Bugatti, this bag drew inspiration from a previous Hermes bag launched in 1892 used for holding a saddle. In 1935, it was redesigned by Hermès's son-in-law Robert Dumas and called Sac à Dépêches.

And now for the interesting part…  

It wasn’t until the 1950s when Alfred Hitchcock allowed costume designer Edith Head to purchase a Hermes Kelly Bag for the movie called “To Catch a Thief” starring actress Grace Kelly that really put this bag on the map forever. 

Rumor has it, Grace Kelly fell in love with the bag (which isn’t hard to do). After she became the Princess of Monaco in 1965, she was photographed carrying the Hermes Kelly bag. However, she wasn’t just carrying the Hermes Kelly bag, she was actually using the bag to shield her pregnancy. 

As these photographs by the paparazzi emerged around the world, the Hermes Kelly bag spiked in popularity. Eventually, the Hermes bag was officially renamed the Hermes Kelly bag in 1977.

Different Hermes Kelly Bag Sizes

Hermes Kelly bag sizes
Hermes Kelly Bags for sale found at SACLÀB

The Kelly Bag comes in 8 different sizes, the smallest being the Kelly 15 and the biggest being the Kelly 50. It’s time to pull out your rulers because in the table below I breakdown the exact size of each Kelly bag.

Kelly SizesDimensions Inches
(L x H x W)
Kelly 155.9″ X 4″ X 2″
Kelly 207.8″ X 6.3″ X 4″
Kelly 2510″ X 7.5″ X 3.5″
Kelly 2811″ X 8.5″ X 4″
Kelly 3212.5″ X 9″ X 4″
Kelly 3514″ X 9.5″ X 4.7″
Kelly 4015.2″ X 11″ X 6.3″
Kelly 5019.6″ X 13″ X 9.8″

The most popular size Kelly bag right now is the Kelly size 20 aka the Kelly mini bag. Rumor has it this bag is almost impossible to get in the store. Even though mini bags are extremely on trend right now, I wouldn't rule the other sizes out. I personally find the Kelly 25 a perfect size.

If you are open to buying a larger bag, now is the time to definitely buy a vintage large Kelly Bag as they are selling online at a more affordable price than the small bags.

What is the difference between Hermes Kelly Retourne Vs Hermes Kelly Sellier Bag?

Hermes Kelly Retourne vs sellier
Kelly Retourne (Left) VS Kelly Sellier (Right)

The Hermes Kelly bag is famous for its trapezoid shape with two triangular gussets, a cutout flap, a handle and two side straps. When choosing a Hermes Kelly bag you have 2 different options when it comes to stitching.The Hermes Kelly Retourne style stitching and The Hermes Kelly Sellier style stitching. 

The Sellier stitching is done on the outside of the bag giving it a more structured look, while the Retourne stitching is done on the inside of the bag giving it a softer look. 

If all things are equal, then the Sellier bags are slightly more expensive due to the stitching process on the outside being more complicated.

What is the Price of the Kelly Bag New?

Hermes Kelly Store rooftop in Paris
Hermes Flagship Store rooftop in Paris

If you are thinking about purchasing a Hermes Kelly bag you'll probably be curious what the retail price of the bag is. Unfortunately, the Hermes website doesn't release this information, but luckily for you, I have a great relationship with my Sales Associate to give you an updated pricing!

Togo Leather
Price 2023 USD
Kelly 25$10,900
Kelly 28$11,300
Kelly 32$12,000
Epsom Leather
Price 2023 USD
Kelly 20$8,700
Kelly 25$11,300
Kelly 28$11,800

Should you buy a Hermes Kelly Bag Online Second Hand?


Buying a Hermès Kelly Bag isn’t as simple as walking into a Hermes store and choosing the color, leather and size. There is a Hermes game you have to play. For this reason, I always recommend to my readers the best option to get your hand on a Hermes bag is to turn to the pre-loved luxury market. 

If you are looking to purchase the exact Hermes Kelly bag you want, I highly recommend that you purchase this bag on the vintage market. Hermes is notorious for making you spend tons of money on unnecessarily products with the hopes of being offered a coveted Hermes bag. You will pay a tad more for a Hermes Kelly bag on the vintage market, but I think overall in the long run you'll save money by not having to “play the Hermes game.”

How does SACLÀB Authentic Hermès Bags?

RARE, Special Order Hermes Kelly Bag! © SACLÀB

When purchasing a vintage Hermes Kelly bag online, you will want to make sure the place you are shopping online is both affordable and has a great authentication process. The last thing you want to do is pay thousands of dollars for a fake Hermes bag. SACLÀB has an entire authentication team and has built an incredible database with thousands and thousands of photos, data points, and much, much more they use in order to authenticate a purse. If they ever have any doubt that a bag might not be real, they won’t sell it. 

What if SACLÀB doesn’t have the exact Kelly Bag I’m looking for?

Hermes Constance Bag and Special Order Hermes Kelly Bag © SACLÀB

SACLÀB offers a wide array of Hermes Kelly Bags to buy online, but what if you don't see a specific one you are looking for, simple fill out a short form online and request the one you want.

The best part is, when you are making a request, you can request the type of hardware you’d like, the type of leather (anything from super exotic, Lizard, Ostrich, Togo leather, even limited edition Kelly bags, and so much more), size of the bag… the possibilities are endless. 

Keep in mind, this process can take some time to source the bag and won’t happen overnight.

Recap on Buying a Hermes Kelly Bag online

How to Buy a Kelly Bag online
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I strongly believe the Hermes Kelly bag is worth investing in. This bag is made using extremely high quality material, has a classic shape and is considered a timeless piece to add to your purse collection. AKA, the Hermes Kelly bag is the epitome of chic. 

When buying a Hermes Kelly Bag online, it’s necessary to use a reputable website that authenticates their bags. I'd love to hear in the comments have you ever thought about purchasing a vintage Hermes Kelly bag?

Sincerely Petite in Paris,

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