Accessorizing this Winter Season with the New G-SHOCK Women’s Watch

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Winter is my favorite time of year to accessorize! Today, I’m incorporating my two favorite accessories into my winter look: My new G-SHOCK women’s watch and a vintage scarf I bought years ago during a trip to Peru.  When it comes to winter fashion, some of the most popular questions I get asked in my Direct messages (DMs) are how do you dress in Paris during the winter? Or how should I dress for a mild winter? Today I’m going to be sharing with you my favorite winter accessories, details on my new G-SHOCK watch, and what to wear for a mild winter. 

what to wear for a mild winter
Diane wears a white Sweater, jeans, and G-SHOCK Women's Watch

Many people don’t know this but Paris doesn’t get very cold during the winter, averaging about 45°F during the day. Did you know that it only snows once a year and when it does it is magical (mainly because it doesn’t typically last for more than an hour or two)? With that being said, let’s kick off this article with my favorite winter accessories.

Favorite Winter Accessories 

Petite fashion blogger in paris
© Petite in Paris accessorizing a white and grey scarf and a G-Shock Women's watch

As I mentioned, during the winter above any other time of year I love accessorizing! The winter months truly bring out my creativity when it comes to accessories. Today, I decided to mix and match something old with something new.

The vintage piece I accessorized with today is a wool cashmere scarf I picked up at a local street vendor in Peru back in 2014. I actually bought Aaron the inverse one so we could match. I love how the scarf is a mix of light grey and white, it’s the perfect layering piece. For my new accessory, I recently got the new G-SHOCK women’s watch in blue. Below I will get into more details about the watch, but it’s a perfect timeless piece that you can wear not only during the winter but for the other seasons as well.

Details on the new G-Shock Watch 

G-SHOCK Women Watch G-MS MSGS500 Collection
Learn more at @gshockwomen
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This is my 3rd G-SHOCK watch in my collection. If you couldn’t tell by now, I adore the brand and love their high quality watches. I wanted to give you guys a little more details on my new blue watch that I added to my collection.

There are a few reasons I love the G-SHOCK women's watches and the brand so much. As many of you know, I love investing in pieces that will last a long time and G-Shock women’s watches are durable, tough and are built to last. In addition, my wrists are tiny and I find the new watch offers a sophisticated style and a comfortable fit. The new G-Shock Women's watch is extremely versatile and the perfect everyday accessory.

Here are some of my other favorite features of the new G-SHOCK women’s watch:

● Solar Powered ● Shock Resistant ● 100M Water-Resistant ● Date Display ● Low Battery Alert

What clothes to wear for a mild winter 

What to wear in Paris during the winter
© Petite in Paris

The older I get, the more I really appreciate a mild winter. Of course, I think the snow is magical, but for daily living I prefer a milder winter. Given that Paris has a relatively mild winter, I tend to wear lighter sweaters and scarves. At times, I don’t even wear a coat.

Today, I decided to wear a v-neck sweater, a pair of jeans, and little booties. For accessories, I wore the Peru scarf, and my G-SHOCK G-MS MSGS500 watch. Whenever I got a little cold, I would wrap my scarf around my neck and enjoy a sip of coffee! In my opinion, this is the perfect outfit for a mild winter. 

Recap on accessorizing for a mild winter with the new G-Shock Women's Watch

How to dress in the winter in Paris
© Petite in Paris winter fashion trends

In short, when you are looking too accessorize for the winter season, incorporate old and new pieces into your style. For me, that meant incorporating a new watch, the G-Shock MSGS500G-2A2 watch and a vintage scarf. For a milder winter, a light sweater and a pair of jeans are always a safe bet.

Sincerely Petite in Paris,


“This post was sponsored by Casio G-SHOCK Women. All opinions are my own.”

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