7 Alternatives to Diamond Engagement Rings

Shopping for engagement rings is so exciting, and you have tons of different options when it comes to style, center stones, and metals. The best center stone alternatives to a Diamond Engagement Ring include a Lab Grown Diamond, an Emerald, a Moissanite Gemstone, a Blue Sapphire, Ruby, Pink Sapphire, and a Simple Wedding Band!

Diamond engagement ring alternatives
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Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Ring

Is it okay to buy a diamond alternative engagement ring
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If you are looking for the same diamond look but only want to pay a fraction of the price, then a lab grown diamond is a perfect option for you! Lab Grown diamonds are on average 20%-30% cheaper than natural diamonds. Lab Grown Diamonds have the exact same physical characteristics as a natural diamond, and side by side look identical. 

There are so many great reasons to purchase a Lab Grown Diamond, but for me, the best reason to purchase a lab grown diamond is the price! On average, Lab Grown diamonds range between $800 to $1,000 per carat! Shop Lab Grown Engagement Rings

Emerald Engagement Ring

Emerald engagement ring diamond alternative
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Ever since I saw the movie Crazy Rich Asians, I’ve been obsessed with Emerald Engagement rings. What I love about an Emerald engagement ring is how unique and beautiful they are. Emeralds are rarer than a diamond and not something you see every day. Emerald engagement rings are known to bring luck, love, and loyalty!

If you are looking for a unique, rare engagement ring, then an Emerald center stone is a great choice! On average, Emeralds range between $200 to $9,000 per carat. Shop Emerald Engagement Rings

Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring

Can I buy a blue sapphire engagement ring
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Blue Sapphire engagement rings have been popular since Princess Diana announced her engagement in 1981. Personally, I love blue sapphires and blue sapphire engagement rings are absolutely breathtaking! 

Blue Sapphire engagement rings are known for their rich blue color, making these gemstones absolutely beautiful. A blue sapphire center stone is a timeless choice that will never go out of style. Sapphires are an extremely hard gemstone, which makes it perfect for everyday wear.  Blue Sapphires have a big range in carat price, from $25 per carat to over $11,000 per carat. Shop Blue Sapphire Engagement Rings

Moissanite Gemstone Engagement Ring

Moissiante engagement ring
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Another popular alternative to a diamond engagement ring is a moissanite engagement ring. A moissanite is a type of gemstone that was discovered in an asteroid many years ago. Today, all the moissanite gemstones you see are created in a lab. What makes a moissanite gemstone unique is that extra sparkle (brilliance and fire) you will get when you wear the ring. 

Unlike lab grown diamonds, to the naked eye you can see a difference between a diamond and a moissanite ring. If you are looking for a ring with that extra sparkle, then I highly recommend you consider a moissanite gemstone. Shop Moissanite Gemstone Engagement Rings

Ruby Engagement Ring

Ruby Engagement Ring Styled
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Ruby Engagement Rings are known for their rich red color and are often associated with passion and love. What I adore about ruby engagement rings is how rare, unique, and eye catching ruby stones are. Ruby’s make a great center stone for someone who is wanting a pop of color engagement ring, a rare stone, an engagement ring that is unique and not common. Ruby stones range in price from $100- $7000 per carat, with an average of $3000 per carat for vibrant ruby stones. Shop Ruby Engagement Rings.

Pink Sapphire Engagement Ring 

Pink sapphire engagement ring Diamond engagement ring alternative
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A pink Sapphire engagement ring is a great alternative to a Diamond Engagement Ring. Pink Sapphires are a rare stone that is associated with love and romance. I personally adore pink sapphire rings and love how easy they are to wear and to style. The pink Sapphire falls into the sapphire family, which makes it a durable gemstone good for everyday wear. 

These stones come in a wide array of color, from a vivid pink to a blush color. The best part is you can pick the tone of the color based upon your preference. I tend to favor a lighter pink sapphire color. If you are looking for a subtle engagement ring, then I highly recommend you consider a pink sapphire for your center stone! Pink sapphire stones range in price depending on color and clarity from $900 – $3000 per carat. Shop Pink Sapphire Engagement Rings

Simple Diamond Wedding Band 

Do you have to buy a diamond engagement ring
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One thing that I noticed while living abroad was that several Parisians who were married only wore a simple diamond wedding band or gold wedding band as their wedding ring. This is a great option for those who don’t like to wear a lot of jewelry, are looking for a simple, understated, and elegant way to show they are married. When I’m out and about, I love to only wear a simple wedding band. A simple wedding band will be priced between $350 – $1500. Shop wedding bands.

Where to buy Non-Diamond Engagement Rings?

Alternatives to diamond engagement rings
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There are so many incredible places to purchase engagement rings if you are looking for an alternative to a diamond engagement ring. My favorite places to purchase lab grown diamond rings and gemstone engagement rings include Brilliant Earth, James Allen, Blue Nile. All 3 of these places are known for carrying extremely high quality jewelry and engagement rings! 

Final Thoughts on Alternatives to Diamond Engagement Rings

Overall, when it comes to choosing a central stone for your engagement ring, you have options. If you are looking for a diamond alternative, you have several options! I highly recommend that you go to a jewelry store to try on the different engagement ring gemstones and options and see which one you love the most! I'd love to hear in the comments about your thoughts on alternatives to diamond engagement rings.

Sincerely Petite in Paris,

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