7 Balmain Blazer Alternatives That Won’t Break the Bank

One of the most expensive blazers on the market is the Balmain blazer priced at over $2,500. If you love the look and feel of the Balmain blazer but not the price tag you’ve come to the right place. Today, we will be looking at the best Balmain blazer alternatives. The 7 best Balmain blazer alternatives include:The Rag and Bone Preston blazer, Banana Republic Captain’s Blazer, Veronica Beard Miller Dickey Jacket, Viema Moda Blazer, Aqua Crepe Cutaway Double Blazer, Bardot Odyssey Blazer, and the Lioness Palermo Blazer.

Balmain Blazer styled
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Why buy a Balmain blazer alternative?

Why buy a Balmain Blazer dupe
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There are 3 main reasons why you would want to buy a Balmain blazer alternative which include price, fit, and upkeep. 

  1. The main reason for a Balmain blazer alternative is the price, this blazer starts at $2,695 and goes up from there. For most people including myself this is a steep price tag for a blazer. 
  2. The second reason why one would want a dupe Balmain blazer is because of the fit, as someone who’s tried this blazer on, it’s extremely slim and small fitting. If you do decide to purchase one, definitely try it on and size up. 
  3. The final reason is the upkeep to maintain an expensive blazer in top condition. For example think of the additional cost for the following things, dry cleaning, proper storage, travel bags, etc. 

Rag and Bone Preston Crepe Blazer

Balmain Blazer Dupes Rag and Bone Blazer

The Rag and Bone Preston Crepe Blazer is a great alternative to the Balmain blazer, it features the same rich gold buttons, a clenched waist, and it’s double-breasted. What I love about the Rag and Bone blazer is how it is made with Elastane so it can stretch a bit but then always goes back to its original shape. Rag and Bone is known for their high quality clothing and is made to last. This blazer is currently on sale from $600 to $200, and if you love it I recommend jumping on this deal as it won’t last! 

Shop Rag and Bone Present Crepe Blazer
Size: True to size
Price: $200

Banana Republic Captain’s Blazer

Balmain Blazer Alternatives Banana Republic Captain's Blazer

The Banana Republic Captains Blazer is a fantastic option instead of the Balmain blazer due to its size inclusivity. This blazer is available in regular, petite and tall options. The Banana Republic captain blazer features a double-breasted cut, niched waist, and gold buttons, which is very similar to the Balmain blazer. Currently, the Banana Republic Captain’s Blazer which is extremely versatile and can be worn year round, is priced between $130 – $230 depending on the color.   

Shop Banana Republic Captain's Blazer
Size: Slim fit
Price: $130-$230

Veronica Beard Miller Dickey Jacket

Balmain Blazer Dupe Veronica Beard Blazer Miller Dickey Jacket

If you are looking to splurge a bit on a Balmain Alternative blazer than the Veronica Beard Miller Dickey jacket is perfect for you. This is Veronica Beard’s best-selling piece season after season due to the fact it's versatile, and features a classy yet sporty design. In my opinion, the Veronica Beard jacket is the most similar in quality and design to the Balmain Blazer.  This blazer is priced at $695 and hardly ever goes on sale.

Shop Veronica Beard Miller Dickey Jacket
Size: True to size
Price: $695

Viema Moda Blazer from Amazon

Viema Moda Blazer, Balmain Blazer dupe

The most affordable Balmain Alternative on the list today is from Viema Moda which is sold directly on Amazon for around $50. If you are looking for a fast fashion Balmain blazer dupe then this blazer is affordable, has the same look, and is available in many different sizes and colors. I don’t think this blazer will last for decades, but the quality makes me think it will last for a few years and seasons.

Shop Viema Moda Blazer
Size: Runs small
Price: $58

Aqua Crepe Cutaway Double Blazer

Balmain Blazer Alternative is the Aqua Blazer

The Aqua Crepe Cutaway double blazer is a popular Balmain blazer dupe because of its similar cut, style, and design. The Aqua blazer features gold buttons, notch collar, and is fully lined. What I love about this blazer is it’s made from polyester and spandex giving it a good stretch to fit several body types. This blazer is exclusively sold at Bloomingdale's and is priced at slightly over $100. The Aqua Crepe Blazer is a great Balmain alternative for those who don’t want to spend a fortune on a blazer.

Shop Aqua Crepe Cutaway Double Blazer
Size: True to size
Price: $118

Bardot Odyssey Blazer

Balmain dupes Bardot Odyssey Blazer

The Bardot Odyssey Blazer is a great alternative if you love the style of the Balmain blazer but want an oversized blazer. This oversize blazer is a classic is a beautiful piece that has a great fit, and gives off a cool and relaxed vibe. The Bardot Odyssey Blazer is priced at $150 and is the perfect oversized Balmain blazer alternative.

Shop Bardot Odyssey Blazer
Size: Runs large
Price: $149

Lioness Palermo Blazer

Best Balmain dupes Lioness Palermo Blazer

Lioness, makes an incredible Balmain blazer dupe, is priced under $100 and is available in sizes XXS-XXL. The Lioness Palermo Blazer is an affordable blazer that boost the same design as the Balmain blazer without having to spend a fortune. Lioness is known for making cute, fashion forward, affordable and attainable pieces. This classic black blazer is easy to style, is a great addition to your wardrobe, and will be worn for years to come. 

Shop Lioness Palermo Blazer
Size: True to size
Price: $95

Final Thoughts on Balmain Blazer Alternatives

Balmain Blazer Dupes

With the Balmain blazer being so popular you are able to find alternatives that look similar but don’t hold the same hefty price tag as the original. I’d love to hear in the comments are you the type to splurge on clothing such as the Balmain blazer or do you look for alternative options?

Sincerely Petite in Paris,

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