Best Blue Jean jacket Brands For Women, 2023

I am a huge fan of jean jackets, from the classic jean jacket style, to oversized jean jackets, and even to different color jean jackets. As someone with multiple jean jackets hanging in my closest, I wanted to give you an insight into the best jean jacket brands I love and think are worth investing in. The best jean jacket brands include a Levi Jean Jacket, AG Jean Jacket, Free People Jean Jacket, Kut From The Kloth, and Madewell Jean Jacket.

Levi Jean Jacket Styled
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Levi Jean Jacket – Levi Ex-Boyfriend Trucker Jean Jacket

Levi Ex Boyfriend Jean Jacket Worth the price
Best Levi Blue Jean Jackets for Women color “For Real”

It should come to no surprise that the most popular jean company in the world, Levi, makes incredible Jean Jackets. In fact, I have 3 Levi jean jackets hanging in my closest. What I love about Levi Jean jackets is they are extremely well-made, are timeless, and have the classic jean jacket look and feel.  

One of The most popular Levi Jean jacket (and my personal favorite) is the Ex-Boyfriend Tucker Jean Jacket for Women. This Levi Jean Jacket is the perfect mix of a light wash denim jacket and a rich blue jean denim jacket. The Levi Ex Boyfriend Tucker Jean Jacket is at the top of my list for jean jackets worth investing in. Prices for Levi jean jackets start at $50.

AG Jean Jacket – AG Robyn Denim Jacket

Best Blue Jean Jackets for Women AG Jean Jacket
AG Robyn Blue Denim Jacket outfit

Similar to Levi Jeans, AG Jeans make incredible jeans, which extends to incredible blue jean jackets. I absolutely adore the AG Robyn Denim Jacket. This Blue Jean Denim jacket has been around for years and continues to be popular. The AG Robyn provides a more slim fit, features timeless jean jacket design which makes it easy to style with different outfits. 

There are two main things you need to be aware of before purchasing this jean jacket, the first is it’s a thinner stretchy jean material than your traditional jean jacket, and the second thing is that is it runs a little small. I recommend you order a size up! I definitely love my AG Robyn Blue Denim Jacket, and think it’s a great piece to have in your wardrobe.

Free People Jolene Denim Trucker Jacket

Best Blue Jean Jackets for Women Boxy Denim Jacket from Free People
Free People Jean Jacket

Free people has been one of my favorite brands for years. They make high quality clothes at a more affordable price. One item of clothing they do exceptionally well is the Jean Jacket. My favorite Free People Blue Jean Jacket is the Jolene Denim Trucker Jacket. 

Overall, I find the fit of free people's jean jackets more boxy and oversized compared to other brands. If you are looking for a more oversized jean jacket, then the Free People Jolene Denim Trucker Jacket is a good fit for you!

Kut From The Kloth Jean Jacket – Helena Denim Jacket

Best Jean Jackets for Women Kut from the Kloth
Kut from the Kloth Jean Jacket Styled

Kut from the Kloth is an LA brand that is known for creating extremely easy to wear and comfortable clothes, which is why I was excited when I saw they sell blue jean jackets for women. I knew I had to get my hands on one and see if they were worth the hype.

The Kut from the Kloth Helena Denim Jacket is one of the best blue jean jackets for women. With over 611 positive reviews just on Nordstrom, this brand has been picking up traction for a few years now. I even love the Kut from the Kloth light wash blue jean jacket that comes with the removable hoodie. It gives off the ultimate casual yet chic look. This Jean Jacket Sold at both Nordstrom and directly on the Kut from the Kloth website!

Madewell Jean Jacket – Madewell “The Jean Jacket”

Best light wash Jean Jackets for women Madewell
Madewell Light Blue Jean Jacket color Westlawn Wash

I love a good light wash jean jacket, and Madewell makes an exceptional light wash Blue denim jean jacket that is worth adding to your closest. The brand we know today as Madewell was acquired by JCrew in 2006, and has been making iconic pieces ever since. What I love about the Madewell jean jacket is the high quality jean material and attention to detail used to create these jackets. If you are looking for a fantastic light wash blue jean jacket, then the Madewell “the Jean Jacket” is the perfect denim jacket for you.

Recap on the Best Blue Jean Jacket Brands for Women

Best Jean Jackets for Women, blue jean jacket brands for women
Best Designer Blue Jean Jackets for Women

In my opinion, jean jackets are similar to a black blazer, a timeless classic staple piece worth having in your wardrobe. You’d be surprised how often you reach for a jean jacket to wear because it is so easy to style. I’ve even written an entire article outlining how to style a jean jacket. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of different jean jacket brands for women. With that being said, I'd love to hear in the comments what your favorite blue jean jacket brands for women?

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