What to Wear Leather Pants With in 2022

What to wear Leather Pants with in 2022 is such a fun topic to go over today! I’m a huge fan of leather pants, in fact, they are my go-to pants year round!

What to Wear Leather Pants with
Diane wearing a pair of Leather Pants © PetiteinParis

 I adore both faux leather and leather pants equally. With that being said, today I wanted to share with you different ways to style leather pants. In my opinion, leather pants are one of the easiest pieces to style!

Leather pants have been around for generations, from the 19th century, to the rock and roll era, from cowboys to finally fashion icons from around the world. Leather pants are here to stay and have been embraced by people from around the world.

Today, we are going to explore what to wear leather pants with and how to style leather pants. Plus, I’ve even included some  leather pants outfit ideas, let’s get styling! 

Leather Pants paired with a Turtleneck

Leather Pants and Black Turtleneck
Leather Pants Styled with a Black Turtleneck © luxfashion

Another easy way to wear Leather pants is with a black tight turtleneck or bodysuit. The black on black pairing is incredibly chic and a timeless classic look. This is one outfit I saw frequently while living in Paris, and it’s so easy to create. Personally, I adore this combo! This outfit looks great paired with sneakers or heels. 

If you are wanting to add a little color in your life, you can always wear a big teddy coat to add some layers. This is definitely one of my favorite go to outfits when styling my Leather pants.

How to style leather pants with a blazer

Leather Pants and Camel Blazer
Camel Colored Blazer Styled With Leather Pants © Stylishlux

When in doubt, always pair your outfit with a blazer! It’s such an easy staple piece to layer with, and most of the time you already have a great blazer in your wardrobe! What I love about Black Leather pants (Or even black pants), is literally any color blazer would look fantastic paired with it. 

Personally, I love neutrals when it comes to blazers, my two favorite go to Blazer colors with leather pants are a camel colored blazer and a Black Blazer.

How to style leather pants with a white button down

Leather Pants Styled With a White button down
Leather Pants and a White Button Down © luxury_style_forever

Another extremely popular way to style a pair of Leather pants is with a thin white button down top. What I love about styling with a thin, white button down top is how effortless it looks. To up your style game another notch, unbutton the top couple of buttons to wear a lace bralette and have the lace barely peek through. 

Pairing a button-down shirt with a pair of leather leggings or pants make for a great to go outfit. I’m all about creating simple, timeless, and classic outfits. If you get cold, you could always grab a leather jacket or even a denim jacket to layer. 

How To Style Leather Pants with a Chunky White Sweater

Leather Pants and White Chunky Sweater
Leather pants and White Knitted Sweater

One of my favorite and easiest looks to put together, is a pair of leather pants or faux leather pants paired with a chunky knit white sweater. (Don’t forget the parisian half tuck) and a pair of white crispy adidas sneakers! This is the perfect outfit for those chilly days and so easy to recreate.

This is easily my favorite throw together outfit, casual yet chic all at the same time. Instantly elevate your look by grabbing a designer handbag.

What are the Best Leather Pants Brands

Leather Pants and Teddy Coat
Leather Pants Styled with a Teddy Coat © Streetstyle fashion

There are so many leather pants brands I adore and faux leather leggings brands I adore. 

My favorite brands to buy faux Leather pants include Spanx Faux Leather Pants, BlankNYC faux Leather Pants, and TopShop Faux Leather Pants. Faux Leather pants are priced around $100.  

If you are looking to buy real leather pants, keep in mind it’s going to be a tad more expense than faux leather.

Are Leather Pants in style?

Leather Pants and White Sweater
Leather pants and White Top Styled © Luxuryfashion

You may be wondering, are Leather pants still even in style today? The short answer is yes, both Leather Pants and Faux Leather pants are still popular. I have been wearing my Leather pants for years now, and I think they are the ultimate staple piece to have in your wardrobe.

It’s so easy to decide what to wear leather pants with because they literally pair well with almost everything.

Recap on What to Wear Leather Pants with

In short, there are so many different ways you can wear Leather Pants. It should be a staple piece in everyone’s wardrobe. This is one fashion trend that will never go out of style. The best way to style leather pants, is with a chunky sweater, a bodysuit or black turtleneck, or a blazer. These are the best ways to style Black Leather Pants. 

When you are thinking about what to wear leather pants with have fun with it, mix and match styles since Black is one of the easiest colors to match with you should have ample amount of things in your closest that can pair with it. 

How do you style Leather pants, or what is your go to when you are thinking about what to wear leather pants? 

Sincerely Petite in Paris,


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