What to Wear Leather Pants With in 2023

Leather pants or faux leather pants should be a staple in everyone's closest. They are easy to wear and style. If you're curious on what to wear leather pants with you've come to the right place. Leather pants can be styled with a sweater, a turtleneck, a blazer, or a tight top.

What to Wear Leather Pants with
Diane wearing a pair of Leather Pants © PetiteinParis

Leather Pants paired with a Turtleneck

Leather Pants and Black Turtleneck
Leather Pants Styled with a Black Turtleneck © luxfashion

A super easy way to wear leather pants is to style it with a black tight turtleneck or bodysuit. The black on black pairing is incredibly chic and a timeless classic look. This is an outfit I saw frequently while living in Paris and it's extremely simple to recreate. I would pair this outfit with a comfortable pair of sneakers if you are going for a more casual look or a pair of heels if you are looking for a more formal outfit. If it's cold outside, you should definitely add a beige colored coat, or a teddy coat to add some layers.

How to style leather pants with a blazer

Leather Pants and Camel Blazer
Camel Colored Blazer Styled With Leather Pants © Stylishlux

When in doubt, always pair your outfit with a blazer! It’s such an easy staple piece to layer with, and the best part is most of the time you already have a great blazer in your wardrobe! What I love about black Leather pants (Or even black pants), is how every color can be paired with it, and any color blazer would look. I love neutral colored blazers, and my two favorite go to blazer colors with leather pants are a camel colored blazer and a Black Blazer.

How to style leather pants with a white button down

Leather Pants Styled With a White button down
Leather Pants and a White Button Down © luxury_style_forever

Another popular way to style a pair of leather pants is with a thin white button down top. What I love about styling with a thin, white button down top is how effortless it looks. To up your style game another notch, unbutton the top couple of buttons to wear a lace bralette and have the lace barely peek through. 

Pairing a button-down shirt with a pair of leather leggings or pants make for a great to go outfit for both work and after work hours. I’m all about creating simple, timeless, and classic outfits. If you get cold, you could always grab a leather jacket or even a denim jacket to layer

How To Style Leather Pants with a Chunky White Sweater

Leather Pants and White Chunky Sweater
Leather pants and White Knitted Sweater

Pairing a cozy sweater with a pair of leather pants and a white crisp pair of sneakers is easily one of my favorite go-to looks when I don't know what to wear. It's so simple, yet timeless at the same time. This outfit is perfect for those chilly days. I paired this outfit with my favorite jewelry accessories to elevate my outfit.

What are the Best Leather Pants Brands

Leather Pants and Teddy Coat
Leather Pants Styled with a Teddy Coat © Streetstyle fashion

My favorite brands to buy faux Leather pants include Spanx Faux Leather Pants which are priced under $100, and BlankNYC faux Leather Pants. If you are looking for more the classic style leather pants that are skintight I'd stick with the Spanx leather pants, if you are looking for more trendy leather pants then go with the BlankNYC ones. If you are looking to splurge on real leather pants the Row, Vince and Tom Ford make high quality leather pants

Are Leather Pants in style?

Leather Pants and White Sweater
Leather pants and White Top Styled © Luxuryfashion

Yes, both leather pants and faux leather pants are popular and worn frequently today. I have been wearing my leather pants for years now, and I strongly believe they are the ultimate staple piece to have in your wardrobe. It’s so easy to decide what to wear leather pants with because they literally pair well with almost everything.

Recap on What to Wear Leather Pants with

When you are thinking about what to wear leather pants with have fun with it, mix and match styles. Black is one of the easiest colors to match with you should have ample amount of items already in your closest that can pair with it. Leather pants have been around for generations, and I don't see it falling out of style anytime soon. I'd love to hear in the comments, what do you pair leather pants with?

Sincerely Petite in Paris,

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