Where to get the Best Hot Chocolate in Paris in 2023

When it comes to the best hot chocolate in Paris, you have options. There are hundreds of places that serve hot chocolate or as the Parisians say “chocolat chaud”. While I haven’t tried them all, I’ve tried a good number of them over the years. The Best places to get hot chocolate in Paris include Angelina’s, Carette Paris, Jacques Genin, La Chocolaterie Cyril Lignac, and Café de Flore.

Is Carette the best place to get hot chocolate in Paris
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Angelina hot chocolate

Angelina's hot chocolate in Paris
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The most well known place to get hot chocolate in Paris is Angelina's. Angelina’s is famous for its iconic hot chocolate, historical location on Rue de Rivol, celebrity clientele, including Coco Chanel, and their signature Mont-Blanc pastry.   

Angelina’s hot chocolate is made with high quality chocolate, served in a small ceramic pitcher with a side of whipped cream. When you indulge in this tasty drink, expect to be delighted with a rich, velvety taste. I love going to Angelina’s with friends on special occasions, but make sure you get there early, especially if you are during high tourist season, as it tends to get very crowded quickly! 

If you enjoy your hot chocolate, you always have the option to purchase their premade powered hot chocolate to take home as a gift or for yourself! 

Price for Hot Chocolate at Angelina’s: €7.90
Website: Angelinas

Carette Paris Hot Chocolate

Best Hot Chocolate in Paris France
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Oftentimes you will hear Carette and Angelina’s debated for the best hot chocolate in the city! Given their popularity they have several locations around the city, but if you want one with a good view I definitely recommend the one at Trocadero which is near the Eiffel Tower. 

Carette’s hot chocolate is known being made with extremely high quality chocolate and whole milk which gives it a super rich creamy texture full of flavor! They offer a few different hot chocolate options include the traditional hot chocolate which is extremely popular, and a lighter version. I highly recommend that order the hot chocolate with the side of whip cream, which is called the chocolat viennois, this will make your hot chocolate taste even more delicious. 

Price for Hot Chocolate at Carette: €9
Price for Hot Chocolate with Whip cream (Chocolat viennois): €11
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/caretteofficiel

Jacques Genin Hot chocolate

Best Hot Chocolate in Paris
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Jacques Genin is an award-winning and is considered one of the best chocolatiers in France! It should come to no surprise that one of the best chocolatiers in France also makes one of the best cups of hot chocolate. His hot chocolate is known for using his famous chocolate, sourced from around the world, whole milk, and made in small batches to ensure freshness and quality. 

Jacques Genin offers a variety of hot chocolates, including the classic traditional one, a spicy hot chocolate, an iced hot chocolate, and even seasonal hot chocolate flavors. Be prepared to wait in line if you go during the busy time, which is in the afternoon. I always try to get there around the crowd, but before it gets too late! 

Price for Hot Chocolate at Jacques Genin: €6.50
Website: https://jacquesgenin.fr/

La Chocolaterie Cyril Lignac hot chocolate

Hot chocolate from Paris
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La Chocolaterie Cyril Lignac is one of my favorite places to get bars of chocolate in the city and is one of the most popular places in the city to get hot chocolate! Cyril Lignac is an extremely famous chef in France and is known to use high quality ingredients and standards. Cyril Lignac uses his high quality chocolate blended with whole milk to make the most delicious cup of hot chocolate. This is the type of place I can quickly run in and take my hot chocolate on the go, very seldom do I stay. 

Price for Hot Chocolate a La Chocolaterie Cyril Lignac: €6.50
Website: https://lachocolateriecyrillignac.com

Café De Flore hot chocolate

Is Cafe de flore worth going to
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Another extremely popular place to go in Paris is Café De Flore. If you are a gossip girl fan like myself, you will know that Blair and Serena talk about Café De Flore when they are doing their summer in Paris! While I do believe their food is okay, their hot chocolate is exceptional. For me, this is more of a place you’d go for a cup of hot chocolate, tea, coffee, and maybe some finger food. 

Café De Flore is located in the heart of the Saint Germain, and is known for its magical Parisian ambiance. Make sure you go there early since it’s always busy and full of both tourist and locals.

Price for Hot Chocolate at Cafe de Flore: €7
Price for Hot Chocolate with Whip cream (Chocolat viennois): €8.90
Website: https://cafedeflore.fr/

What is different about Paris Hot Chocolate compared to the US?

Where to get hot chocolate in Paris, France
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Several people prefer drinking hot chocolate in Paris compared to the US. After doing some research, I discovered there are 4 main reasons why hot chocolate tastes different in Paris compared to the US. 

  1. The first main reason is the chocolate quality they use in Paris. Parisian use high quality chocolate made from cocoa beans that have been sourced and roasted. This gives the hot chocolate more of a richer flavor compared to the chocolate power you’ll find in the US. 
  2. The second reason is in Paris oftentimes your hot chocolate will be made with whole milk or even cream which provides a richer and creamier texture. The US tends to use skim / low fat milk. 
  3. The third reason is comes down to how Parisian prepare the hot chocolate. In Paris, hot chocolate is prepared by using melted chocolate, instead of powdered cocoa. The melted chocolate gives the hot chocolate a thicker texture. Some Parisians even whisk their hot chocolate, which can add to a creamy texture 
  4. The fourth reason is in Paris you fill find a more concentrated hot chocolate due to the smaller serving size. In the US, I oftentimes find that my hot chocolate is diluted to create a large portion. 

These reasons are why I highly recommend that you indulge in hot chocolate while visiting Paris, even if you are visiting during warmer months such as the Summer!

What is the price of hot chocolate in Paris?

The price of a hot chocolate on average is between €5 – €12.50 depending on where you go. Keep in my places that are more geared toward tourist are going to be on the higher end while places off the beaten path that are designed for Parisians are going to be cheaper. 

If I only had time for one cup of hot chocolate where would I go?

How much does hot chocolate cost in Paris
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If you are visiting Paris but only want to stop at one place to get hot chocolate, where would I go above all other places? The answer is simple, I’d go to Carette Paris and order their Chocolat Viennois. Their hot chocolate is rich, creamy, delicious, and when you add the side of whip cream it makes it totally worth it. I highly recommend if you go with someone to share a hot chocolate because the portion size is enough for 2–3 cups. 

Final thoughts

The best cup of hot chocolate and the best macarons in Paris are the two most debated topics amongst Parisians and tourist! Some people go to a certain hot chocolate spot for the view, which can cause the hot chocolate to be more expensive. Personally, I love finding hidden gems around the city. Do you have a favorite place to get hot chocolate in Paris?

Sincerely Petite in Paris,


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