Hermes Birkin Size Comparison Guide 2023

The Birkin is one of Hermes's best-selling bags. The Birkin comes in 4 different sizes, the Birkin 25, Birkin 30, Birkin 35, and Birkin 40. After purchasing my first Birkin bag, I received so many different questions about the Birkin sizing! Welcome to the 101 guide to the Hermes Birkin Size Comparison. Today, my goal is to help you determine what size is best for you.

Hermes Birkin Size 30 styled
Diane wearing a Hermes Birkin size 30

What are the different Hermes Birkin Sizes?

Different Hermes Sizes
Different Hermes Sizes Left to Right Birkin 40, 35, 30, 25 © lalebazaar

I think it’s important before you purchase a Hermes Birkin bag, you try on the different sizes. The Hermes Shop in Paris actually has sample bags (no, these sample bags are not for sale) that you can try on to help you better understand the different sizes. The best part of the Hermes Birkin is when it comes to sizing you have options and you can choose the size that is best for you.

Hermes Birkin Size Names
Birkin 25
Birkin 30
Birkin 35
Birkin 40

What are the Hermes Birkin Size Dimensions

Hermes Birkin different Sizes
Different Hermes Birkin Sizes

Grab your rulers and measuring tapes, the dimensions of the different Hermes Birkin sizes are below! As you can see, the measures follow the name of the bag. For example, the Birkin 25 is 25 cm in length.

Birkin SizesDimensions CM
(L x H x W)
Birkin 2525cm X 20cm X 13cm
Birkin 3030cm X 22cm X 16cm
Birkin 3535cm X 25cm X 18cm
Birkin 4040cm X 30cm X 21cm

What are the Hermes Birkin Size Prices in 2023

No article would be complete without the breakdown of pricing for the Hermes Birkin bag based on size in 2023. Keep in mind, the Hermes Birkin bag increases in price every year. Below is a table that compares the pricing of different Birkin Togo leather bags in the USA.  These prices reflect April 2023.

Birkin SizesPrice 2023 USD
Birkin 25$10,400
Birkin 30$11,600
Birkin 35$13,500
Birkin 40$14,000

Which Hermes Birkin Size has the best resale value

Hermes Birkin Size 25 and Size 30
Hermes Birkin Size 30 (left) & Size 25 (Right) · © bahsicbee

Today, the 2 most popular sizes that hold their value are the Hermes Birkin 30 and the Hermes Birkin 25 size. Both the Birkin 25 and the Birkin 30 you will receive the highest profit if you resold it on the vintage market. I love to talk about vintage Hermes bags and the resale value of a bag.

How to determine which size birkin bag is best for you 

Hermes Birkin Size 25

Hermes Birkin Size 25 Styled © upcloseandstylish

Small bags are all the rage, which is why the Birkin 25 right now is extremely popular. This small Birkin is so cute and has been known to be difficult to find in stores. This bag is perfect for someone who is looking for a small bag that can fit the essentials and use for a night out. The Birkin 25 bag cannot on your forearm and that it must be carried by the handle only. Even though the Birkin 25 is small, it can still fit a cell phone, wallet and a few other things inside. Shop Hermes Birkin 25 bags

Hermes Birkin Size 30

Hermes Birkin Blue Size 30

The Birkin 30 bag is the most popular Hermes Birkin size. According to my SA (Sales Associate) she told me that the Birkin 30 is the most timeless and iconic size. Hence, the reason why I created a special order size 30 Birkin. The Birkin 30 is perfect for someone who is looking for a daytime bag that can carry all your essentials and more. There is plenty of room for a full sized wallet, phone, keys, and a small makeup bag. Shop vintage Hermes Birkin size 30.

Hermes Birkin Size 35

Hermes Birkin Black 35 Bag styled © olaizolav

The Birkin 35 bag is extremely popular for a tote sized bag. If you are looking for an oversized luxury tote bag, then I definitely recommend the Birkin size 35. The Birkin 35 cannot be worn on your shoulder and can get quite heavy after carrying it for a while. The good news is, while everyone is gravitating towards smaller bags, you can find some vintage Birkin 35 bags discounted!

Hermes Birkin Size 40

Hermes Birkin 40 Size Comparison
Hermes Birkin Size 40 Togo Leather © nettiweber

The Birkin 40 was the original Birkin size, aka the travel size bag. This was designed perfectly to fit Jane Birkin. While this bag isn’t as popular as it once was, it still continues to be sought after since it's the original size Birkin. As someone who has a petite frame, this bag is too big for me. From what I read online, men tend to purchase this size. But if you are looking for a travel sized bag, then the Birkin 40 is perfect for you! Shop vintage Hermes Birkin size 40

Recap on the Hermes Birkin Size Comparison

Hermes Birkin Size Guide
Hermes Birkin Size Comparison · Pin this Image

Choosing the right Birkin size is extremely important. The last thing you want to do is purchase the wrong size and then it sits in your closet, never worn. I've written several articles to help you on your Hermes journey, with the most popular being how to buy a Birkin in Paris and how to buy a Birkin in store (for those of you not in Paris).

Sincerely Petite in Paris,


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