Best Designer Shearling handbags for 2023

The most popular time to wear a shearling handbag is during the fall and winter, and the best time to buy one is towards the end of the summer before they all sell out. The best designer shearling handbags for 2023 include Dior shearling Saddle bag, Bottega shearling clutch bag, Moncler Snow shearling Tote, YSL Loulou shearling bag, and the Bottega Jodie shearling. Shearling bags are dual sided with sheepskin and a smooth suede. It’s one of the most warming, flexible materials used on handbags.

Shearling Bottega Bag in Brown
Shearling Handbags · Bottega Jodie Shearling bag © storets

Shearling Material history

Shearling fur outfit in Neutral Colors
All Shearling Outfit © Storets

Shearling bags aren’t a new concept by any stretch of the imagination. They have been around for years. Shearling material is available on boots, coats, mittens and more! Something about a shearling bag screams cozy to me, what about you? Let’s take a brief look back in time and discuss some of the most iconic shearling pieces. Does anyone remember the movie Almost Famous and Kate Hudson’s shearling coat? So iconic! Or what about older military photos with the Shearling on their coat? Also, Iconic! 

While it’s tough to tell when Shearling bags came into existence, one thing we can agree on for sure is Shearling bags have been around for generations! Without further ado, let’s take a look at the best Shearling bags to buy for the fall or winter!

Dior Shearling Saddle Bag

Dior Saddle Bag in Shearling
Dior Shearling Saddle Handbag © Diorcommunity

Needless to say, I love Dior, bags. Every year Dior releases new bags, and there were 2 shearling bags caught my eye, the Dior Saddle bag and the Lady Dior shearling in mini size. The Dior Saddle bag is a camel colored shearling bag is the epitome of chic. The classic Dior Saddle bag is camel colored with a white trim. This color combination is sophisticated yet timeless at the same time. This bag is perfect for someone who is looking to elevate their fall and winter look with a luxury shearling bag.

The Dior Saddle Bag has a retail price of $4,600
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Bottega The Chain Pouch Shearling Clutch bag

Bottega Chain with Shearling Fur
Bottega Veneta Shearling Handbag © netaporter

The Bottega Veneta chain pouch shearling clutch bag is selling like crazy. This could arguably be the most popular Shearling handbag of the season and after seeing photos I can see why. This shearling bag is a beauty! Made in Italy, this Shearling Bottega bag is in the shape of the classic Chain Pouch clutch bag. I absolutely adore this bag and design. I am a little concerned about the white colored Shearling bag getting dirty, which is why I like how they have a beige and black option. If you are looking for a bag that's a statement piece then this is perfect for you.

Bottega chain pouches. Priced at $4,600
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Moncler Snow Leather Trimmed Padded Faux Shearling Tote

Moncler Shearling handbag
Moncler Shearling Bag © net-a-porter

It should come to no surprise that the famous Moncler, which is known for winter wear and specifically shearling fur, released a shearling handbag! This classic tote shaped bag uses sustainable faux shearling material. I love how the leather clasp pops against the light brown faux shearling. This Leather detailing makes the Moncler shearling handbag perfection! This bag is a little on the larger side, so if you are wanting a bigger bag for the fall and winter, the Moncler Snow leather trimmed padded faux shearling tote is a great option for you!  

The best part is this bag is priced under $1,000 at $980.
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YSL Loulou shearling bag

YSL Shearling handbag Lou Lou Bag
YSL Shearling Handbag © act_pr

The first time I saw the YSL Shearling bag, I was blown away! The true epitome of shearling chic and definitely investment worth! The YSL Shearling bag has been popular for a few years now, and I can’t imagine it will go away any time soon. The YSL Shearling bag offers the classic Loulou design in a fluffy Shearling material. Crafted in Italy, this cozy bag has a long chain to wear as a cross-body or shoulder bag and has the iconic YSL logo on the front, but it is very understated. 

The YSL comes in a Beige Merino Shearling and a White Shearling, and honestly I can’t decide which one I like more! This bag comes in the size Toy, Small and Medium.

Bottega Jodie shearling Pink shearling

Bright Pink Bottega Handbag
Bright Bottega Jodie Shearling bags © DailyCouture

Last on the List is the pink Bottega Jodie shearling bag. All the bags on this list are a neutral color except the Bottega pink shearling bag. If you are wanting to stand out this fall / winter and add a pop of color to your life, then this Bottega bag is the one for you. 

The iconic Jodie design comes in a bunch of different colors, but I think it looks great in a hot pink color. Even though this is a Shearling bag which is traditionally used in the fall and winter, since this bag comes in a hot pink color one would argue that it could be worn year round. What do you think? Would you add a bright pink shearling handbag to your collection? Shop Pink Bottega bags

Best Shearling Designer Handbags
The Best Shearling Bags

Recap on the 5 Best Designer Shearling handbags for 2023

This fall and winter, I highly recommend adding a Shearling handbag to your handbag collection if you don't already have one. I'd love to hear in the comments, what are your favorite Shearling handbags this season?

Sincerely Petite in Paris,

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