The Burberry Trench Coat: My Honest Review 2022

I’ve owned many trench coats over the years and for whatever reason they have all overtime fallen apart. When I was in college, I was lucky because Aaron had a part-time job at Burberry. Being a college student and working a part-time job (which keep in mind I had very little income), I decided to splurge and buy a classic Burberry Trench coat.

how to style a burberry trench coat
Diane is wearing a Stone Colored Burberry Trench & Scarf

History of the Burberry Trench

Burberry Trench Coat Review Petite in Paris
Beige Burberry Trench Close-up © Pinterest

The history of the Burberry trench coat is quite fascinating. In 1879, Thomas Burberry created a water-resistant and windproof fabric called gabardine. A little over 10 years later, in 1890, the trench Mr. Burberry created was sold to soldiers and men who played field sports. This khaki colored, water and windproof fabric was ideal for soldiers in the “trenches” hence how Thomas Burberry came up with the iconic name the trench coat. Once the war ended, both men and women flocked to purchase the iconic trench coat thanks to movie stars who were seen wearing the Thomas Burberry Trench. 

My honest opinion of the Burberry Trench Coat

burberry trench coat outfit
Light Beige Burberry Trench Styled © Pinterest

I highly recommend purchasing the Burberry Trench Coat, and here is why. This trench is an iconic timeless coat, easy to style, and is a staple piece in my wardrobe. At first when I purchased the trench, I didn’t think I would wear it often, but it’s quite the contrary, I find myself wearing it all the time. I often pair my trench with my plaid Burberry scarf.

What is the quality of Material Used?

how to style a burberry trench coat
Beige Cashmere Burberry Coat © Pinterest

Before you make any large purchase, I think it’s important to do research. One of those things you should research is the quality of the material used. If I was purchasing a new handbag, I would google the quality of leather used. Now that you are considering a Burberry Trench, it’s important to understand the fabric and the material used to make the trench

The good news is that The Burberry coats are sourced from high quality material. Did you know that the collar is sewn on by hand? It takes over a year for each specialist to learn the stitching for the trench coat's collar, and more than 180 stitches are done by hand to create the iconic collar.

Is the Trench Coat Waterproof? 

is the burberry trench coat waterproof?
Close-up of the Burberry Material

The short answer is no it’s not waterproof, however it is water-resistant. The Burberry Trench uses what is called a Gabardine cotton that is designed to protect against rain. This innovative cloth allows the trench to be water-resistant, but not waterproof. 

Free Alterations are done at the Burberry store for Coats

how to style a burberry trench coat
How to style a Trench Coat

It is hard to find clothes that fit, and in my opinion it’s even harder finding coats that fit. One thing I love about Burberry is they offer free alterations if you purchase any Burberry Coat at the store. Being petite, I needed both the arms and the length shortened. 

Not having to worry about the alterations is a huge plus in my book. When you think about all the detailing and lining that goes into a classic Burberry trench coat, it would be hard to find a tailor that would be able to match the intricate detail that goes into altering the trench.

Which Burberry Trench style is the most popular?

how to wear a burberry trench coat
Minimalistic Outfit styled Pinterest

The two most popular styles are the Burberry Kensington Trench Coat and the Burberry Chelsea Trench Coat. Both Trench coats are similar, but they also have a few differences.   

The Burberry Kensington Trench Coat is designed to be a more relaxed fit. The Kensington Trench has a more classic, straight cut. Many people consider the Kensington Trench Coat the more classic oversized Burberry Trench Style. 

The Burberry Chelsea Trench Coat has a more slim fit. The Chelsea trench is going to be tailored and slim fitting. If you purchase a Chelsea Slim Fit, then I recommend ordering a size up.

Price of the Burberry Trench Coat & Where to buy it

Burberry Trench Coat Review
How to style a Trench Coat

There are several places online where you can purchase the Burberry Trench! Some of the most popular places include Nordstrom, Saks, and of course the Burberry Store.

UPDATED Pricing as of October 2022!!!

Burberry Trench StylePrice in the USAPrice in Europe
Kensington Mid-Length$2,490€1,990
Chelsea Mid-Length$2,490€1,990

Final thoughts

how to style a burberry trench coat

Similar to other big designers like Chanel and Hermes, Burberry increases their pricing year over year. I totally understand that the Burberry Trench has a hefty price tag, but if you can afford it, I highly recommend adding it to your wardrobe. I remember when I bought my trench coat many years ago, I remember thinking wow, this is so expensive, but I’m investing in a high quality staple piece. Fast-forward 10 years and the trench coat looks as good as the day I bought it! 

I love using basic math to justify the cost of expensive luxury items I purchased. I’ve owned this trench coat for 10 years. 10 years ago I purchased this trench for 800 USD, that means that this trench has cost me $80 a year. Plus, I can guarantee it will last at least another 10 years. 

In short, if you ask me the question, do I think the Burberry trench coat is worth the price? The answer is yes every time!! The design is classic, timeless, and you will wear it for years to come!! I find myself reaching for my trench coat year round.

Sincerely Petite in Paris,


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