Best Designer Novelty Bags Worth Investing In

The idea of writing an article about the best designer novelty bags worth investing in came from watching, And Just Like That, the Sex in the city Reboot Finale. Carrie was carrying the iconic Eiffel Tower purse not only in the finale of the reboot, but also in the original Sex and the City seasons. 

Best Designer Novelty Bags Judith Leiber balloon bag
Judith Leiber Balloon Bag Designer Novelty bags © kanav_aroura

As someone who loves fun novelty bags, today, I wanted to count down the best Designer Novelty Bags worth investing in. A novelty bag is a fun, unique bag that is more of a statement piece and less of a practical bag. If you are looking for a classic, timeless piece, then I definitely recommend you check out my favorite investment worth bags article. 

This isn’t the first charm that Hermes has released, but it definitely is one of the more popular ones. Let’s go ahead and take a look back on the Hermes Rodeo Charm history. 

Judith Leiber Couture, Designer Novelty Bags

Judith Leiber Avocado handbag
Judith Leiber Avocado bag © judithleiber IG

Judith Leiber bags are the ultimate Novelty designer handbag worth investing in. Founded in 1963 and made mainstream by the Kardashians, these bags have been on the top of my wish list for years now.

What I love about Judith Leiber bags is that each bag is so unique and artistic is it not only a collection piece that could be put on display like a work of art, but also a statement handbag piece that you can wear.

Wearable Handbag Art is we should call it. These Designer Novelty Bags don’t come cheap, starting price for one of these masterpieces starts at a few thousand and upward to over 5k for the more intricate pieces. 

Sporadically, I see these designer pieces pop up at a discounted price on TheRealReal. Typically, the crystal Judith Leiber are more expensive and in the cost thousands, while the non-crystal ones you can find for under $500. You can shop directly from the Judith Leiber website, and even Net-a-porter sells these incredible bags!

Thom Browne Weiner Dog Purse (Hector Bag)

Thom Browne Weiner Dog bag hector bag styled

This Thom Browne winier Dog bag is a handbag in the shape of a winier dog. Yes, you reader that correctly, this adorable handbag is in the shape of a dachshund dog. This bag has been on my radar for a while now, especially after the release of the wicker bag limited edition collection. 

As someone who loves Dogs, I found this bag absolutely adorable. This Thom Browne Bag official name is the Hector Bag. The iconic thing is, Thom Browne isn’t exactly known for his handbag creations. In fact, he’s known for being a luxury tailor men’s clothing designer. Browne created this Hector bag in the shape of his dog!  

While the Hector Bag was the original, Thom Browne has expanded to other animals, including a giraffe and a duck. Prices for this investment worthy novelty bag starts at $1,790 and is carried at all the major departments stores such as nordstrom, saks, and farfetch

Timmy Woods Eiffel Tower Purse

Sex and the City Eiffel Tower bag
Timmy Woods Eiffel Tower Bag © Sarah Jessica Parker

I couldn’t start the article talking about the iconic Eiffel Tower Bag that Carrie Bradshaw is carrying in Sex and the City and not list this bag as a designer novelty bag worth investing in. This is the ultimate designer novelty bag for those Paris lovers or Eiffel Tower fans!

This Timmy Woods Eiffel Tower purse is iconic and you are in love because Timmy Woods of Beverly Hills is bringing this beauty back and you can preorder yours now. Prior to the release of the Sex and the City Robot, you could only find it on the preloved market. Priced a little over $1,500 on their website, Timmy Wood's Eiffel Tower pieces are carved and painted by hand. However, if you are looking for the original vintage Timmy woods Eiffel Tower purse then I found a few online

Chanel Heart Bag

Purple Chanel Heart bag
Purple Chanel Heart Bag © cameliacoelho

Coming in at number 4 is the Chanel Heart Bag, I adore this bag and even write an entire article about this handbag. I think this is going to be the hit IT Novelty Bag of 2022, and it’s already sold out at several stores around the world. 

The Chanel Heart shape bag comes in multiple colors and 2 sizes, a large size and a small mini size. What I love about this bag is that it was released around Valentine's Day, but can easily be worn year round. What is cuter than a Heart Shaped bag… A Heart Shape Bag by Chanel! The official release date for the Chanel Heart bag in the US is March 2022. It has already been released in Paris, France.

Moschino Novelty Bags

Moschino biker handbag pink
Closeup of Moschino biker bag color pink © azzurafalcier

Moschino is historically known for pushing the envelope when it comes to fashion, and their handbags are no different. Founded in 1983, Moschino has always been known for it’s bright colors intertwined with pop culture. 

What other brand would dream of releasing a hair dryer handbag? These cool designs are both fashionable and iconic. Moschino novelty bags are definitely worth investing in. Some of the most popular Moschino Novelty bags today include, the famous hamburger, the biker shoulder bag (my personal favorite), and the fountain drink bag. 

I can’t wait to see what Moschino comes out with next! If you are looking for vintage Moschino Novelty bags, then I definitely recommend you check out the preloved market. Moschino bags are available for sale also at Nordstrom.

Recap on the Best Designer Novelty Bags Worth Investing in

Best Novelty Bags
Best Novelty Bags worth investing in

Novelty bags are definitely worth investing in and make a great statement piece. While not always practical, they certainly make for a great accessory. 

In Short The 5 Best Designer Novelty bags worth investing in are Judith Leiber Crystal Designer bags, The Thom Brown Hector (AKA Weiner Dog) bag, the famous Timmy Woods Eiffel Tower bag made famous by Sex and the City, the Chanel Heart bag, and finally the Moschino Novelty bags. 

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