Top 6 Luxury Heart Bags

Luxury Heart Bags are all the rage! I’ve seen countless luxury brands release heart bags this season and they are selling out quickly. With so many great heart bags on the market I've narrowed down the best of the best. The top 6 luxury heart bags that are worth the price include the Chanel heart bag, the Celine heart bag, DiorAmour Caro Heart Pouch on a Chain, Louis Vuitton Heart Bag Love Sac Coeur, Gucci Heart Bag, and the Prada Heart Odette Bag.

Chanel Heart Bag Luxury Heart Bags
Black Chanel Heart Bag in Paris, France © asafetypin

Chanel Heart Bag

Purple Chanel Heart Bag
Purple Chanel Heart Bag © morganemaurice

The Chanel heart bag is one of the most popular and desired heart bags on the market. Everywhere I turn it's being talked about, worn, and styled. When this bag was released in Spring of 2022 it sold out quickly, and the only place to purchase it was on the secondhand market, such as Fashionphile. The Chanel heart bag comes in 3 different sizes, including the small size, the large size, and the belt size.

The Chanel Heart bags retail for $1925 for the belt size, $3,400 for the small size, and $5,500 for the large size. If you already have classic Chanel bags or are looking to have a fun novelty bag into your closest, then hands down the Chanel Heart Shape Bag is for you.

Celine Heart Bag

Celine Heart Bag in Red
Red Celine Heart Bag © thecanadianstylist

Did you know Celine had a heart handbag too? It was released on Valentine's Day in 2022, had a limited run, and sold out quickly. I stumbled upon this heart bag when I was shopping on their website for a new handbag, and was instantly draw to the rich red color, it reminds me of the Parisian Red Lipstick color that is so popular.

One thing that I love about the bag, is that it comes with a long should strap, or you can carry the bag by the top handles! Today, this bag has been sold out and you'll have to turn to the vintage market to get your hands on the Celine heart shaped bag. This is perfect for someone who is looking for a rich color small heart bag!

DiorAmour Caro Heart Pouch on a Chain

Dior Caro Heart Bag White
DiorAmour Caro Heart Bag · Luxury Heart Bags © lovelyeye_dr.roungkaw

The Dior Caro Heart Bag is typically considered a pouch on a chain (similar to a wallet on a chain). In my opinion, this heart shaped bag is the perfect size for those of you wanting a small heart shaped accessory, but nothing too big. The DiorAmour Caro Heart Pouch on a Chain is perfect for the day or a night out and is so adorable. This is the smallest Heart Bag on the list, measuring 4.5’ x 4’ x 0.5’ inches. When it was released, it was priced at $1,500. The bag is no longer available on sale via the Dior website, and a few lucky shops will still have it in stock.

Louis Vuitton Heart Bag Love Sac Coeur 

LV Heart Bag Monogram
LV Love Sac Coeur Monogram © jerushacouture

Throughout the years, Louis Vuitton is also known for releasing luxury heart bags. In case you aren’t fluent in French, Coeur means Heart in English. The literal translation of this bag is called “Love Heart Bag”. The canvas monogram Love Sac Coeur is extremely popular, sought after and desired by many handbag collectors. The Louis Vuitton Heart Shape bag has a zipper opening and a long strap to be worn as a crossbody. Shop Louis Vuitton Love Sac Coeur.

Gucci Heart Bag

Gucci Heart Bag
Gucci Heart Bag © Vogue Thailand

Launched on Valentine’s Day, the Gucci and Supreme Collaboration came out with a heart shaped bag, that in my opinion can be worn year round. Gucci took a little different approach to the heart shaped bag in compared to other luxury designers featuring a more bucket bag shape. While most of the other designer heart shape bags have a zipper closure, the Gucci X Supreme Collaboration heart bag has a snap closure. Given the shape of this heart shape bag, this bag can only be worn on the shoulder. What is really cool about the Gucci X Supreme Bag is that it can fold into different heart shapes.

This bag measures at 3.5″W x 8.7″H x 2.75″D for the small size and is priced at $1,300. Currently, this bag is sold out online and can only be found in Gucci stores. On the Gucci website you can use the location search button to find one in your area.

Prada Heart Bag – Prada Heart Odette Bag

Prada Heart Shape Bag Pink Designer Heart Bag
Pink Prada Heart Odette Bag © xsakisaki

The Prada Heart Odette Bag was the first designer heart bag that caught my eyes years ago when it was released in 2019. What I love about the Prada Heart Shape bag is that you can wear it as a crossbody or carry by its top handles. Like many of the luxury heart shaped bags, when this bag was released in 2019, it sold out quickly. It was available in 3 colors, Rose Petal, Fire Red and Black.

Today, you will be able to find a few on the preloved market, but be aware they do sell quickly whenever they become available! The Prada Heart Odette Bag features 2 zipper closures one in the front of the heart shaped bag and one in the bag. 

Are Luxury Heart Shape Bags worth the price? 

Pink Heart Chanel Bag Mini
Pink Chanel Heart Bag Mini © asafetypin

In short, yes, if you love heart shaped bags and are looking to add one to your collection then I definitely think they are worth investing in! The best Investment worthy heart shaped bags are from Dior, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Celine, Prada, and Gucci!

One thing I noticed when I was doing research for this luxury heart shape bags countdown, is that these designer heart shape bags sell out quickly. And on top of that, the second hand market is selling these heart shaped bags for higher than retail price. Even the vintage models are selling for a high premium.

Affordable Heart Shape Bag Alternatives

Kate Spade Heart Bag
Kate Spade Heart Shape Bags © mylittlepinkcorner

Designer heart shaped bags can be expensive, and you may love the heart shape bag but don’t want to spend a premium to purchase a luxury one. I’ve rounded up a few more adorable heart shaped bags for those of you who want the heart shape bag, but are looking for an alternative to a luxury heart shaped bag. Shop affordable heart shaped handbags.

Recap on Luxury Heart Bags

Closeup of LV Heart Bag
LV Heart Shape Designer Bag © samorga

Luxury heart shaped bags are extremely popular today and often sell out quickly in stores. If you are having trouble finding your favorite bag in store, then I definitely recommend you checking out the preloved / vintage market!

Sincerely Petite in Paris,

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