Cheapest Celine Bags in 2024

Celine is exploding in popularity, everywhere I go, I see countless people wearing Celine bags, Celine clothes, Celine sunglasses and accessories. If you are in the market for a Celine bag and don’t want to spend a fortune, then this article is perfect for you. The Cheapest Celine bags include the Teen Triomphe Classic Panier bag, Mini Ava Triomphe Bag, Mini Vanity Case, Mini Triomphe Bag, Vertical Cabas Bag with prices starting at $740. 

List of the cheapest Celine bags
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Celine Teen Triomphe Classic Panier in Palm Leaves and Calfskin – $740

What are the cheapest Celine bags
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The Cheapest Bag on the Celine website, is the classic Teen Triomphe which is priced at $740! I couldn’t believe it when I saw the price. If you are looking for the perfect basket bag, then look no further, Celine has accomplished this with its Teen Triomphe bag. This small but mighty basket bag can hold all your essentials, is perfect for the city or a day at the beach.  The Teen Triomphe is such a timeless, classic affordable piece, it’s definitely worth adding to your handbag collection.

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Mini Ava Triomphe Bag in Canvas and Calfskin – $990 

The Most affordable Celine bags
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The Celine Ava bag is one of the most famous Hedi Slimane designs and has gained in popularity since it was release. What makes the Ava bag so iconic is the easy to wear and style. The Ava bag is designed to be a half moon shape, with a shoulder strap, making it a simple design. The bag is available in several different sizes, the most popular sizes include the mini size and the small size. If you are looking for a shoulder bag, that has a half moon design and embodies the Parisian chic look, then the Celine Mini Ava Triomphe bag is perfect for you.

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Celine Mini Vanity Case – $1200

Affordable Celine bags
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The Celine Mini Vanity case is a relatively new bag from Celine and priced at $1,200. This bag can be worn by its top handle or even as a cross-body bag. Don't be misled by the name vanity case, because I have seen tons of people wearing it out and able as an everyday bag. If you like the Chanel Vanity case, but don’t like the price, then the Celine Vanity case is the perfect alternative. It's hard to believe this is one of the most affordable and cheapest Celine bags on the market.

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Mini Triomphe Bag in Shiny Calfskin – $1300 

Mini Celine bags that are cheap
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The Celine Triomphe bags is known for being one of the most timeless Celine bags. Couple the timeless Triomphe bag with the small bag rage and you have the Mini Triomphe bag. This bag features the classic Celine clasp logo, shiny calfskin, and enough space to find a credit card holder, and a small phone. If you are looking for a classic Celine design bag then I definitely recommend the mini Triomphe bag. What I love about this bag besides the size, is how easy it is to style and wear. Plus, let’s not forget it’s priced at $1,300, making the Celine Mini Triomphe bags one of the cheapest and most affordable Celine bags in 2023.

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Crossbody Oval Purse Cuir Triomphe –  $1500

Cheapest Celine bag Oval purse
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I don’t have many oval bags in my handbag collection, but when I saw this Celine Oval crossbody Triomphe purse with the recognizable Celine logo priced at $1,500, I knew I had to have it. This crossbody bag is a staple piece that is both timeless, and unique. This is one of those bags, when you have it in your collection you’d be surprised how often you grab it to wear. I love wearing it for special occasions or if I need a crossbody bag for walking around the city. Shop Celine Oval Crossbody Triomphe bag.

Vertical Cabas Bag in Size Mini – $1550

cheap Celine bag
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The Celine Vertical cabas bag in a size mini is priced at $1550, making it one of the cheapest Celine bags for sale on the market today. The Celine Vertical cabas bag does a tasteful job of including the Celine logo directly on the bag. What I love about this bag is how the handles stay up vertically, it’s more spacious than you think, and has a structured design. Oftentimes I see this bag being compared to the Louis Vuitton Sac Plat Bag

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Where to buy The Cheapest Celine Bags online?

Where to buy the Cheapest Celine Bags
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You can purchase Celine bags directly online through the Celine website. If you are looked for an even bigger discount or discontinued Celine bags, then I definitely recommend that you purchase Celine bags from a preloved shop online. The best online places that sell authentic, vintage Celine bags include: The Real Real, Rebag and Fashionphile.

Recap on the Cheapest Celine bags in 2023 

Celine bags are a great investment bag and addition to your handbag collection. Celine uses high quality material, have timeless designs, and are easy to style. I’ve written an entire article on the best Celine bags that are worth investing in. One thing I love about Celine bags in general is they are luxury handbags at a more affordable price. I’d love to hear in the comments, did you know Celine made so many affordable handbags?

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