10 Date Night Ideas to do Inside during Quarantine

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date night activities to do inside

Are you looking for fun and exciting date night ideas to do inside as a couple during quarantine? We all know being in quarantine isn’t the most exciting thing in the world, however, it’s imperative we stay inside to flatten the curve. Just because you are staying inside doesn’t mean you can’t do a date night. Instead of watching the news 24/7 why not enjoy a home date with your significant other? Today, I’m going to share with you 10 date night activities to do inside during quarantine! 

best inside date ideas
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We are officially on day 12 or maybe it’s day 13 now of quarantine in France, I have lost count a few days ago. (In case you're wondering, France quarantine got extended another 15 days) I knew around day 3 that I didn’t want to sit in front of the TV all day watching the news. Aaron and I embarked on our new norm, which was indoor date night activities. These fun date activities to do inside as a couple will make you forget you are even on a lockdown. Without further ado let’s go ahead and dive into date ideas you can do inside your house, apartment, condo, etc. 

best date ideas to do inside

1. Make fondue 

The first date idea to do inside, is easily one of my favorites, it’s to make fondue with fresh fruit. Aaron and I love going out to get treats from bakeries, to gelato, to eating the best macarons in Paris. With the French lockdown, we can’t participate in one of my favorite date activities. To substitute going to our favorite places to get treats, we grabbed some fruit and made fondue. This was a surprisingly fun activity that we both really enjoyed. If you are not a sweet person, that’s not a problem because you can always make cheese fondue. Here are two incredible recipes to make fondue: Cheese Fondue Recipe and Chocolate fondue Recipe. 

nintendo date night

2. Play two player games

Another of my favorite fun date night ideas to do inside is play games. For me, I love playing video games on my Nintendo Switch, but there are so many great 2 person board games as well. My favorite games to play on an indoor date include: Nintendo Switch: Mario Kart, Overcooked, Cupheads Board / Card Games: Monopoly, UNO, Battleship, or test your knowledge with trivial pursuit.

romantic dinner date inside

3. Cook together and set up candles to make it romantic

Right now, many of us are just going through the motions of cooking food, but why not try to prepare a romantic dinner together. Dim the lights, add candles, get dressed up / put on some make-up and treat it like a real date out at a restaurant. There are hundreds of recipes online that you can follow. If you aren't much of a cook, don't worry, there are recipes online for all skill levels. This is easily one of our most popular date night ideas to do inside! One of our favorite things to make together is actually sushi! 

romantic date night inside during quarantine
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4. Watch a romantic comedy with a bottle of wine

In my opinion, this is one of the best date ideas to do inside. Watch a romantic comedy and share a bottle of wine. I love watching “Romcoms” and this is a great time to explore new movies or even watch some of the oldies. Perhaps your plus one doesn’t like romantic comedies, that’s okay, you can take turns alternating who picks out the movie. Go all out, make it like a true movie theater experience, pop popcorn, grab some candy / snacks and enjoy the movie. 

romantic bubble bath

5. Take a bubble bath or (do face masks together)

We are all a little stressed right now, and one romantic date night idea to do inside activity would be to take a bubble bath together and light some candles. If you are like me, you probably have tons of bubble bath products that hardly gets used, now would be the perfect time to use it! If you don’t have a bath in your apartment / house, don’t worry because doing face masks with your significant other is also a fun date idea to do inside. 

date activities during quarantine

6. Learn to Dance

This is another one of my favorite date night activities to do inside. All you need to do is move your couches and set up a little “dance floor” in your living room, turn on YouTube and learn how to dance. There are hundreds of videos out there that will teach you how to dance. Or if you already know how to dance, this would be a great time to bust out your moves. Dance in your living room, basement, family room, wherever you have space.

date night activities to do indoors

7. Set up a little picnic and watch a “live concert” on your TV

Another fantastic date idea to do inside is to set up a picnic and watch a “live concert” on your TV. With the lockdown going on right now, you can’t exactly go to a live concert, but what you can do is set up a little picnic and stream an old live concert on your TV. 

I’ve always wanted to see Adele live and never had the opportunity. On YouTube there is a great video of her concert where she performs Live at Royal Albert Hall. 

date night idea while on lockdown

8. Play 20 questions while enjoying a bottle of wine  

You probably already know your plus one pretty well, but why not play a game of 20 questions to get to know them better. Grab a bottle of wine and ask each other questions, about anything and everything you want to. This is a time when you can really grow closer and get to know your significant other better. 

Question topic ideas include: Favorite childhood memories, goals and dreams, what the first thing you want to do when the lockdown is over, what has the quarantine made you appreciate, was there anything you took for granted before the quarantine. There are hundreds of questions you can ask your significant other during 20 questions date night.

date night activities quarantine
Love Wall in Paris Featuring over 250 languages saying “I love you”

9. Learn a new language together

What better way to bond than learning a new language together? Learning a new language is such a fun date night ideas to do inside! There are so many free apps out there such as Duolingo that you can use to help guide you. What better person to practice on than your plus one while inside. This is such a fun inside date activity and you’ll be speaking a new language in no time. 

If you are looking for 10 ways the French express love to each other, check out my blog post I wrote at the beginning of the year.

plan your next trip quarantine

10. Plan your next vacation

I know that it might seem crazy to plan your next vacation while on a lockdown, but I can guarantee it will be fun. I love doing research and seeing beautiful photos of all the amazing places in the world I want to visit. 

In addition, it will give you something to look forward to for when lockdown and quarantine is over. Hop on Google Flights and Airbnb and try to plan your next getaway. Even if you don’t officially book yet, it will be fun to look. Plus, there are some really great deals going on right now, even if you are booking in 2021.

Quick Recap on 10 date night ideas to do inside during quarantine

To summarize the 10 date night ideas to do inside is simple: make Fondue, watch a romantic comedy, play games, learn new facts about each other, plan your next vacation, watch a “live concert” on your TV, learn a language together, learn to dance or even just relax and enjoy a bubble bath together. Remember regardless of the activities you decide to do, at the end of the day, it's important that you don't forget about date night.

Being on lockdown doesn’t have to be miserable, you can have fun with these 10 date night ideas to do inside while on quarantine. I’d love to hear in the comments below how you and your significant other enjoy date nights during this lockdown! Also, if you are doing long distance during this lockdown, make sure you use FaceTime and skype with your significant other. Many of these activities you can do long distance over FaceTime. 

Sincerely Petite in Paris,


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