Fine Jewelry Gifts Under $500 for 2022

I had endless amounts of people messaging me saying they loved the luxury Jewelry guide and was wondering if I could write an affordable fine jewelry gift guide. As someone who loves jewelry and loves mixing both high and affordable pieces together, I thought this would be a great opportunity to create an affordable jewelry gift guide. Today we will be focusing on fine jewelry gifts for 2022 under $500!

affordable fine jewelry gifts
Luxury Jewelry Gift ideas 2021 © Petite in Paris

Today, I’m on the hunt for affordable fine jewelry pieces, that make a great Christmas gift. All the pieces listed today are made with authentic 10k, 14k, 18k or 24k gold and priced under $500. For me, I love investing and purchasing quality items that will last for years. What I found over the years is with a little digging and research you can find high quality pieces of fine jewelry at an affordable price. That’s exactly what I did today so you don’t have to do the hard work. 

Affordable fine jewelry gift guide
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As Black Friday deals and Cyber Monday deals roll out, I will be continuing to update the affordable jewelry gift guide as soon as I have more details. So don’t forget to subscribe to the newsletter or save this post. As I mentioned in the luxury jewelry gift article, I think investing in high quality jewelry is a great gift idea. Without further ado, let’s go ahead and jump into the best affordable fine jewelry gift ideas for 2021.

Fine Jewelry Gifts: Affordable Necklaces

Affordable fine Jewelry Necklaces
4 Gold Necklaces

Small Round Diamond Necklace

The first necklace on our list comes from a relatively new brand I discovered called Stone and Strand. Launched in 2013, I stumbled upon this brand when I was digging for fine jewelry at an affordable price. This small round diamond necklace is a timeless piece that can be paired with literally outfits. I adore this piece of fine jewelry and think it’s very classic! 

14k Vintage Script Initial Necklace

I recently discovered Cuffed by Nano and was absolutely blown away by their fine jewelry and affordable prices for 14k gold.

I’m all about monogrammed lettering when it comes to fine jewelry which is why I adore this necklace from Cuffed by Nano so much. What is great about monogrammed jewelry is you can wear your own initials, kids initials, or even spouse initials. 

What makes this necklace extra unique and special is you can add a birthstone next to the initial. This is such a great gift, I can’t recommend it enough.  

14k Lucky Horseshoe Necklace

This is another great necklace option from Cuffed by Nano! I may be a tad superstitious so when I saw this lucky necklace I knew I had to add it to the gift guide! A gorgeous 14k lucky horseshoe necklace is the perfect stand alone or layering necklace! I love how this necklace comes on a dainty 14k chain. Priced at $230, this is a great fine jewelry piece to add to your collection. Not to mention it is at an affordable price! 

Strength in Solitude Necklace

Similar to the first small round diamond necklace, the strength in solitude necklace is a little bigger in diameter (5MM compared to the solitude necklace at 3MM). Once again, this is a classic, timeless necklace that will be worn for years to come. Made with 10k gold and priced at $295, this is definitely a great fine jewelry necklace under $500. 

Fine Jewelry Gifts: Affordable Rings

Affordable fine Jewelry Rings
6 Yellow Gold Stacking Rings

You can never have to many rings in your collection. For that reason, I found 6 absolutely stunning, timeless rings under $500 that I had to include! I’ll start from left to right and then go to the second row. 

Nailed It Ring

If you are looking for a high quality 14k gold and real diamond ring that is similar to the Cartier Juste Un Clou ring then look no further. This Nailed It ring uses extremely high quality material and diamonds at a fraction of what you would pay for the Cartier Juste un clou ring!

I was literally floored when I saw it. The Cartier ring retails for $4,200 and this Nailed It ring retails for only $395. Talk about a deal. This is definitely a great piece of fine jewelry worth adding to your holiday list this year!

White Diamond Pave Eternity Band

I strongly believe, everyone should have a pave diamond eternity ring in their collection. The reason for this belief is it can be worn as a stand alone or stacked with other rings. I love stacking my pave diamond ring with my Cartier Love Ring, with my wedding ring, or even with some gold bands. 

Priced at $425, 0.18 CT diamonds with 14k gold, this is one of the most affordable pave fine diamond rings I’ve ever seen!

X Ring

This 14k X ring is the perfect addition to any fine jewelry collection. I’ve always loved X rings and this one is no different. For me, a substantial piece such as the X Ring looks great on the index or middle finger. This X ring definitely deserves a spot on our fine jewelry gift ideas. 

Chain Ring

I cannot get enough of chain jewelry these days, also known as paperclip jewelry . From Chain bracelets, to chain necklaces and chain rings. I love this trend! I spotted this chain ring when I was shopping online at Cuffed by nano. The Chain ring is a great addition to your ring collection. It is timeless, fun and edgy all at the same time. 

Even though I have several pieces from Cuffed by nano this one piece is definitely on my wish list. 

Aurate Mini Wraparound Ring with White Diamonds

I’m always so amazed when I find rings or jewelry with diamonds and 14k gold for under $500. This Mini wraparound ring with white diamonds is priced at $420 and then with the extra black friday discount which is 25% off it’s priced at $315. That is unbelievable. 

What I love about this mini wraparound ring is the simplicity and classiness it offers. This is the perfect ring that will last a lifetime. It should come to no surprise that it’s one of my top fine jewelry gifts for 2021. 

14k Elsa Twist Ring

Another great layering ring piece is this 14k Elsa Twist ring from Cuffed by Nano. This twisted ring is the perfect stacking ring or can also be worn as a standalone. I absolutely love how dainty this ring is. Made with solid 14k gold and priced under $200, what more could you ask for?

I know you’ve seen Cuffed by Nano a few times on the list, but I can’t get enough of their jewelry pieces. When you find a fine jewelry company with high quality and affordable pricing it’s hard to shop anywhere else!

Affordable Earrings

Affordable fine Jewelry Earrings
4 Different yellow gold earrings

White Diamond Pave Huggie Earrings

If you are looking to add a pair of structured paved diamond huggie earrings to your collection, then look no further. I found a high quality pair that is priced at $330 for the pair. Yes you read that right, diamonds and 10k gold prices at an affordable price! Great news, these white diamond pave Huggie Earrings come in yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold. That way you can choose the color gold that works best for you! 

14k initial Stud Earrings

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I love Initial jewelry. I recently added these earrings to my jewelry collection, and I love them! I have a signature D necklace and signature D earrings that I wear all the time. 

These initial stud earrings are made with such high quality material that is a must have for your jewelry collection.

I also believe this is such a thoughtful gift if you know someone who is a mom you might want to buy them the child initials. Or even a new mom, would love to receive this special gift.

14k Chain Huggies Earrings

If you do not own huggie earrings now is the perfect opportunity to add a pair to your jewelry collection. These minimalist drop chain huggie earrings are so simple yet chic at the same time! These earrings make a great gift for someone else, or if you are like me; I have no problem gifting gifts for myself!

Large Paved Twisted Hoops

You can never go wrong with a pair of hoop earrings. Hoop earrings have been around for generations. If you are looking for a classic gift this holiday season then hoops earrings are the way to go. What I love about these hoop earrings is their unique design. It is the perfect blend of yellow gold and diamonds. Pure perfection if you ask me. Once again, I love finding 10k gold jewelry coupled with diamonds for under $500. 

Recap of Holiday Gift Guide: Fine Jewelry Gifts

affordable fine jewelry gifts
Fine Jewelry Gifts 2021
NecklacesRings (Row 2 & 3)Earrings
Round Diamond NecklaceNailed it RingChain Huggie
Initial NecklacePave Eternity Diamond RingDiamond Pave Huggie
Lucky Horseshoe NecklaceX RingTwisted Hoops
Strength in Solitude NecklaceChain Ring
Wraparound Ring w / Diamonds
Twist Ring

As I mentioned above, it’s hard to find a high piece of quality jewelry at an affordable price. However, I did endless amounts of research to ensure I put together the best fine jewelry gifts for you this Christmas season! If you are thinking about buying an engagement ring or diamond tennis bracelets this holiday season, then I definitely recommend you check out this article before you do so. 

Sincerely Petite in Paris,


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