5 Best Jewelry Houses in Paris

One thing I noticed while living in Paris for 7 years was the everyday Parisian embraces minimalist jewelry. Over the years, I’ve been able to discover the Best Jewelry Houses in Paris. The best jewelry houses in Paris include, Cartier, Van Cleef & Aprel, Chaumet, Boucheron, and Mellerio.

Jewelry Houses in Paris, Chaumet Josephine Earrings
Diane Wearing Chaumet Josephine Earrings © Petite in Paris


Cartier Love Ring
Cartier Love Ring © phoeberreynolds

One of my absolute favorite luxury jewelry brands is Cartier. I have a few pieces from Cartier in my collection, hoping to add more soon! Founded in 1847, Cartier is an ultimate French Luxury Jewelry house. Cartier has always been a well known brand, and rose to popularity when the Cartier Love Bracelet started making its way on the wrist of celebrities in the US. Ever since then, there has been a huge demand for both the Cartier Love Collection and the Cartier Juste Un Clou Collection

You will often see many Parisians wearing vintage Cartier pieces, I even had a few friends who inherited a Cartier Watch or a Love bracelet from previous generations. What I love about Cartier, is how their pieces are timeless, made with high quality, and are great investment pieces. If you are looking for a timeless piece of jewelry that will retain its value year after year than Cartier is perfect for you.

I’ve written detailed articles about if Cartier is cheaper in Paris, If the Cartier Love Ring is Worth the price, and how Cartier is a great investment piece.

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Van Cleef & Aprel

Van Cleef Ring and Bracelet Kelly Mini
Van Cleef Ring, Bracelet, and mini Kelly Bag © haute_edition

When I think of a popular Jewelry houses in Paris, Van Cleef & Aprel comes to mind immediately. Founded in 1907, VCA is the perfect statement jewelry house. If you are looking for a statement jewelry piece, that is made by hand, has immaculate detailing and craftsmanship, then I definitely recommend investing in a Van Cleef & Aprel jewelry.

If this is your first Van Cleef Jewelry piece, I would stick to a more classic, traditional piece of jewelry for your collection. The most iconic and well known piece of VCA jewelry is the Alhambra collection. My personal favorite collections include the Alhambra collection, and Perlee collection.

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Chaumet Josephine Rings
Chaumet popular engagement ring Joséphine © gemologue

The first Luxury jewelry house I discovered when I moved to Paris that I wasn’t previously aware of while living in the US is called Chaumet. This is one of my favorite jewelry houses that often falls into the quiet luxury category. I adore Chaumet jewelry and have multiple pieces from a few of their most popular collections, including the Josephine Earrings I received as my wedding gift (Thanks Aaron!)

This Parisian Jewelry house was founded in 1870, and initially got their start by making crowns / tiaras for Royalty around the world. If you are wanting a classic Parisian Brand that you won’t see “everyone” wearing, is unique, and traditional Parisian chic, then I definitely recommend adding a piece from Chaumet to your jewelry collection. The most investment worthy collections from Chaumet are, The Bee My collection, Josephine Collection and the Jeux De Liens Collection.

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Boucheron Jewelry house in Paris
Boucheron Quatre Collection © laurent.barrier.paris

Founded in 1858, Boucheron was one of the first jewelry houses in Paris. What I love about Boucheron jewelry is the attention to detail. Each piece is uniquely crafted, timeless and is a great investment! Many of the most popular pieces such as the Quatre Collection which includes rings, bangles, necklaces and earrings are inspired by the cobblestones you will see in Paris. To me, this is one of the many reasons why, purchasing a Boucheron piece in Paris would make it extra special. 

Boucheron is my favorite brand when it comes to stacking and pairing multiple jewelry designers. In my opinion, a classic Boucheron Quatre bangle bracelet looks immaculate with a Rolex. Shop Bourchorn Jewelry


Mellerio Jewelry House in Paris
Mellerio Jewelry House in Paris © Mellerio

Did you know Paris is home to the oldest jewelry house in the world? Yes, you read that correctly, the oldest Jewelry house in Paris and the world is a shop called Mellerio (Mellerio Dits Meller). Founded in 1515, Mellerio offers both bespoke jewelry, high-end limited edition designer pieces, and most recently released a line of affordable jewelry. 

I have been to the original Mellerio Jewelry house in Place Vendome several times, and the jewelry pieces incredible, and the Mellerio family is so kind! This family run business has kept true to its original values of creating remarkable jewelry that will last for generations. Mellerio is known as the jeweler who uses extremely high quality diamonds, gems, emeralds, sapphires, and gold. They have even made several pieces for Marie Antoinette. If you want a Jewelry piece unlike any other one you will find in Paris, then definitely go to Mellerio.

Can I receive the VAT Tax Refund if I buy Luxury Jewelry in Paris?

Chaumet Jewelry
Tumi Silver Suitcase © thetiafox

If you are traveling to Paris, or Europe to purchase Jewelry and you spend over 100 Euros, you qualify to receive the VAT TAX Refund. I’ve written several detailed articles about the VAT Tax refund process here and which jewelry brands are cheaper in Paris here. I definitely recommend you check out those articles. This refund will help offset the cost of your trip to Paris!

Are there any places to buy Preloved Luxury Jewelry from Paris Jewelry houses?

Famous Jewelry Houses in Paris
Famous Jewelry Houses in Paris, France

The good news, is if you are looking to shop luxury jewelry brands from Paris, but aren’t traveling to Paris or don’t have a French jewelry house in your city, you are in luck. There are several preloved websites in the US that allow you to shop these brands online. My favorite places to get discounted vintage Parisian jewelry include Fashionphile, Rebag, and versatile collective.

Recap on the Best Parisian Luxury Jewelry Houses in Paris

I love wearing Parisian jewelry houses because of their minimalistic, timeless designs. I'd love to hear in the comments, do you have a favorite Jewelry house in Paris?

Sincerely Petite in Paris,

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