Is the Hermes Rodeo Charm Worth the Price?

Ready to discover the Ultimate Hermes Bag Rodeo Charm Guide, and find out my thoughts on is the Hermes Rodeo Charm Worth the Price?

Hermes Rodeo Charm Guide
Hermes Rodeo Charms worth the price? © sisiliadsi

There are many ways to dress up your Hermes bag, the first is adding a twilly and the second way is adding a Hermes bag charm to your bag. Today, we are going to take a deep dive into the Hermes Rodeo charm including what is the history, what is the price, and if I think it’s worth it's adding to your Hermès bag. 

This isn’t the first charm that Hermes has released, but it definitely is one of the more popular ones. Let’s go ahead and take a look back on the Hermes Rodeo Charm history. 

History of the Hermes Rodeo Charm

The Utilimate Hermes Rodeo Charm Guide
Hermes Bag with Rodeo Charm Styled © angeliabell

The Hermes Rodeo Charm, launched in 2005, is a horse shaped charm that is designed to be worn on a Hermes handbag as an accessory to the bag. It is created using Milo Lambskin; the same material used to make soft gloves, giving it that luxury feel. 

The Hermes Rodeo Charm wasn’t an initial hit when it launched, but has grown in popularity over the years. It is rumored that some of the more exclusive Rodeo Charms such as the “So Black” combination is as hard to get your hands on as a Birkin! 

Given that everything is made by hand at Hermes, these little, adorable charms take hours to make.

Sizing of The Rodeo Charm

Many Hermes Rodeo CHarms
Hermes Bag Rodeo Charm Guide ©viiiii5

These Rodeo Hermès bag Charms come in 3 Different Sizes. The Hermes Rodeo PM which is the smallest, the Rodeo MM which is the medium size, and the GM which is the largest. 

The Smallest Size – Rodeo PM which measures 9.7cm by 7.8cm

The Medium Size – Rodeo MM which measures 12.7cm by 10.5cm

The Largest SizeRodeo GM which measures 13.3cm by 11.1cm

Typically, the size is paired is bought with the corresponding Hermes Birkin or Kelly size. For example the Small Hermes Birkin Size 25 pairs nicely with the Smallest Rodeo Size, the Rodeo PM

However, I’m all about doing what you love so get the charm that you are drawn too.

Rodeo PM9.7cm by 7.8cm
Rodeo MM12.7cm by 10.5cm
Rodeo GM13.3cm by 11.1cm

Different Colors of the Rodeo Charm

How to style a Hermes Rodeo Charm
Hermes Rodeo Charm styled on Kelly Bag © viii5

You may be wondering how many colors does the Rodeo Charm come in, or what are the different Rodeo Charm color combinations. I know this is hard to believe, but as of 2022, the Rodeo charm comes in 89 different color combinations and continues to add new combinations every year. Occasionally you will see exotic leathers and special edition combinations

What is the price of the Hermes Rodeo Charm in 2022?

So Black Hermes Rodeo Charm
So Black Rodeo Charm © neverwithoutmyhermes

As many of you know, finding out Hermes pricing can be difficult, but fear not because I found the Hermes Rodeo Charm Price for each size in 2022. 

Keep in mind, there are limited edition Hermes Rodeo Charms that make it more expensive. If you are wondering how much the Hermes Rodeo Charm is retail price, then you came to the right place.

The retail price of the Hermes Rodeo Charm Size PM is Priced at $460.

The retail price of the Hermes Rodeo Charm Size MM is Priced at $550.

The retail price of the Hermes Rodeo Charm Size GM is Priced over $600.

Sometimes if you get really lucky you can find the Hermes Rodeo Horse Charms on their website! But you must be quick, they sell out quickly!

Retail Pricing Table for Milo Hermes Rodeo Charm in 2022: 

SizePrice (USD)
Rodeo PM$460
Rodeo MM$550
Rodeo GM$600+

Is the Hermes Rodeo Charm Worth the Price? 

Hermes Charm Closeup
Closeup of Hermes Pink Rodeo Charm · Hermes Rodeo Charm Price © Hermes_Community

Ahh, the question of the day, is the Hermes Rodeo Charm Worth the Price? Okay, I see this as a two part answer. I’ll explain below. 

If you are buying the Hermes Rodeo Charm as a strategic move aka to be offered a Hermes Kelly Bag or a Hermes Birkin, then these cute little small bag charms are worth their weight in gold so to speak. If you are looking to collect these adorable charms, love the way they look on your bag, then yeah they are worth the price. 

However, if you base it solely on what it is, an accessory for your handbags. In my opinion,  spending Over a couple of hundred dollars on an accessory for your handbag seems a bit steep. 

Should you buy a Hermes Rodeo Secondhand?

Green Hermes Charm
Hermes Rodeo Charm Worth the Price? © clubhermes

As with anything Hermes Does, the Rodeo charms are not as easy to buy in the store as they once used to be. Occasionally, you will see a Rodeo pop up on the website, it’s definitely rare but it’s been known to happen. 

If you want a Rodeo and don’t want to have to go shopping in the store, then I definitely recommend turning to secondhand stores. Prices on the secondhand market for the Rodeos start at a little over $400.

You may be wondering, well I don’t own a Hermes Bag, can I still get the Rodeo Charm, and the answer is of course you can! It is true that it’s most commonly paired with a Birkin or Kelly, but that doesn’t mean it can ONLY be paired with a Hermes Bag. 

I’m all about investing and wearing what you love, and especially mixing and matching different designers. So yes, you definitely can wear the Rodeo Charm on a non-Hermes bag.

Recap of the Hermes Rodeo Charm

Hermes Rodeo Charm
Hermes Bag Rodeo Charm Guide © classybubbly

In Short, is the Hermes Rodeo Charm worth the price, and the answer is yes, if you are a Hermes fan, want to add an adorable accessory to your bag, or if you are looking for an “in” to buy a classic Hermes bag such as the Hermes Birkin or Kelly.

The Hermes Rodeo Bag Charm comes in 3 different Sizes, and has over 89 different color combinations. The Rodeo is always releasing limited edition charms.

Sincerely Petite in Paris,


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