Is La Vallee Village Outlets in Paris Worth Visiting?

Over an hour away from Paris, La Vallee Village outlets provide a unique shopping experience unlike any other one you'll find in Paris. When traveling to Paris there are so many options for where you could go shopping. If you are anything like me then shopping is top on your priority list. However, if you have a limited time in Paris you don’t want to waste your time shopping at places that aren’t worthwhile. I get this question over and over is the La Vallee Village Outlets in Paris worth visiting?

is la vallee village outlets worth visiting
Petite in Paris shopping at La Vallee Village in Paris

The short answer is yes, La Vallee Village outlets in Paris is worth visiting, and here is why…

outlet shopping in paris
Petite in Paris at La Vallee Village In Paris


La Vallee Village outlets in Paris differentiates itself from other outlet malls because they bring in pieces directly from the store. Many pieces that are sold at La Vallee Village can be as little as 3 months old. Brands are continuously shipping new pieces directly from the Paris stores to La Vallee Village Outlet! Every time I've visited the outlets in Paris there are always new pieces available! 

shopping at la vallee village
La Vallee Village Maje Store


La Vallee Village is a gorgeous outdoor French shopping center. When you arrive you’re escaping the city to what looks and feels like a small village. La Vallee Village is filled with over 110 stores. The outlet shopping in Paris is home to both high end luxury shops such as Gucci, Prada, Burberry, many more and more affordable shops such as Maje, Sandro, Ralph Lauren, Levi’s and many more. See entire list of La Vallee Village Shops Here.

You will find many great deals and bargains that you won’t be able to find in Paris city center. If you time your shopping experience perfectly, you’ll be able to hit what I call the “double whammy”. Many people don’t know this but by law France has designated times when stores can put things on sale, and if you go shopping at La Vallee Village outlets during these times you will receive the already discounted price plus additional discounts! 

In the summer the sales start the last Wednesday of June and run until the beginning of August, and in the Winter the sales start the second Wednesday in January and go until mid February.

For reference, I was able to find 3 dresses from BASH, 1 fancy pair of shorts from MAJE, and 1 belt for under 450 Euros. There are tons of brands for both male and females.

VIP apartment lounge La Vallee Village
Petite in Paris enjoying the VIP lounge, called “The Apartment” at La Vallee Village


La Vallee Village outlets has many VIP passes and extra discount codes available to the thrifty shopper! To receive these discounts, sign up to be a Privilege member by going here, and registering with your information. When you register for your La Vallee Village VIP privilege card you will be entitled to several different discounts and VIP experience. I subscribed about a year ago and the discounts and VIP events are always changing. La Vallee Village VIP Sign-Up Link


The Outlets in Paris are roughly 45 minutes outside the Paris City Center. There are a few different ways you can arrive to the La Vallee Village Outlets, which I've listed below: 

  1. The Metro / RER  price – 1.90 Euros each way
  2. A private car, which can be arranged by La Vallee Village The price depends on your location, and how many people you will be traveling with. Make sure you book the private car 24 hours in advance
  3. La Vallee Village Outlet buses / shuttle which pick up and drop off twice a day in the center of Paris – Departures from Place des Pyramides at 9:30 (returning from La Vallée Village at 16:00) and 13:00(return from La Vallée Village at 18:45). Make sure you book tickets 24 hours in advance. The price is €25 per adult and €13 per child, ages 3–11 (free for children under 3).
  4. In addition to these above options, you can always take an Uber or taxi

Most Popular Brands at the Paris Outlet

La Vallee Village has some of the most popular outlet stores and designer outlet shops in all of Paris. For example, you'll find Armani, Burberry, Gucci, Bottega, Balenciaga, Calvin Klein, Chloe, Celine, Fendi, Jimmy Choo, Lacoste, Loewe, Maje, Paul Smith, Saint Laurent, Salvatore Ferragamo, Valentino, Versace, Zadig & Voltaire, and many many more.

In total there are 120 outlet stores. If it's possible I'd recommend going shopping during the week as oppose to Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. Typically these days are very busy for the outdoor shopping mall.


Great news for those visiting the outlets in Paris, in 2021 France changed the tax refund policy qualifying amount from spending over 175 Euros to 100 Euros!

If you spend over 100 Euros at La Vallee Village Outlets you’re entitled to the VAT Paris Tax Refund. The VAT tax refund includes La Vallee Village shopping! VAT Paris Tax refund is only available to non- EU residents or citizens. If the sales associate doesn’t automatically give you the VAT Detaxe form make sure you ask them for it!

There are a few requirements for the VAT Tax Refund that you must follow in order to claim your tax refund:

  1. Spend more than 100.01 Euros in the same store, the same day
  2. Cannot be a member of the EU (European Union) or resident
  3. Must be older than 16
  4. Must not be in France longer than 6 months
  5. Make sure you have your passport with you the time of the purchase

When you are processing the tax refund paperwork you have the ability to get the VAT tax back immediately in cash or you can have it added back to your credit card which can take up to 3 months. If you want cash back immediately you receive 10.8% of your purchases back as long as you depart from the EU within 21 days. If you decide to wait and have it refunded on your credit card you will receive 12% cash back. If you decide to add the tax refund back to your credit card, sometimes I can be processed very quickly such as 2 weeks and other times (especially during the busy season) it can take up to 3 months.

Don’t forget To take your tax refund paperwork and the envelope to the airport! Once you arrive at the airport, find the tax refund kiosk scan the document and drop it off in the ‘mailbox’. When you arrive at the airport there will be ‘mailboxes’ at these locations:

At Paris-Orly: South Terminal: Departures level, gate G, West Terminal: Arrivals level, gate E

At Paris-Charles de Gaulle Terminal 1: CDGVAL level, hall 6 Terminal 2A: Departures level, gate 5 Terminal 2C: Departures level, gate 12 Terminal 2D: Departures level, gate 6 Terminal 2E: Departures level, gate 4 Terminal 2F: Arrivals level Terminal 3: Departures level, airside

I highly recommend you take a photo or make a copy of your VAT tax refund paperwork. The outlets in Paris are are filled with many discounts and products you won't be able to find anywhere else!  

La Vallee Village Website

Sincerely Petite in Paris,


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  1. Nice shopping guide. Well Paris is Paris.

    1. Dear Addy,

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  2. Paris a place to be.Looking good, I must say

  3. Bindu Thomas says:

    This seems like a heaven for shopaholics :-).. You look gorgeous in that outfit.

    1. Dear Bindu,

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      Yes, it is definitely a heaven for shopaholics, I totally agree!

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  4. pooja Malkani says:

    The village is so calm and peacful. I would love to shop here….. Getting a Vat refund is a great feeling

  5. This place looks really picturesque, I will certainly visit it. I am sure that my camera would come handy here.

  6. Kathy Walker says:

    It looks like a lovely place to spend an afternoon. I will keep it in mind when I travel to Paris. Thank you for all the good information.

  7. This place, and these outlets look like an absolute dream! If I’m ever in this area I will be sure to stop by here. Thank you for the tips!

  8. says:

    I didn’t even know this existed, makes me want to go back to Paris just to visit this beautiful village.

  9. Paris my dream place ever since my childhood. Thank you for sharing such a detailed description !! Pinned your post for future 😉 Anyways You Are Looking so beautiful <3

    1. Dear Kriti,

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  10. Diane Coletta says:

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  11. Your pictures are beautiful! I always want to go visit Paris hopefully I can do so soon

  12. First thing, this village is so peaceful and full of beauty. Thank you I had no idea about this. It seems a perfect place to shop for your daily outfits at affordable prices. And that’s a great thing that most of the brands are available at la Valle.

  13. Neil Alvin says:

    You have a great fashion sense. Thank you for sharing this one.

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    looks like a great place to be to me!

  15. Glam2Greatness says:

    I have never done shopping in Paris, but I can see why you La Vallee is worth visiting. Love their selection. Thanks for sharing this.

  16. Viano Dee says:

    It looks so beautiful. It has some kind of ancient feel with a touch of modernity (the poet in me just springs up at odd times.) .Lol. Beautiful.

  17. Alessia Marciano says:

    vat refund? wow Is the first time I hear that and actually is a nice idea…love your pic any way <3

  18. Evan Petzer says:

    One thing that will always remain beautiful is a well dressed woman, over exposure is so unattractive.

  19. Aww thank you so much Margie!! I had such a blast shopping and for the outlets or shopping in general I always try to wear a comfortable outfit that’s easy to change and try on different clothes 🙂

    I hope you have a wonderful week


    Diane Coletta
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