Louis Vuitton Price Increase List 2022

Breaking News As of Feb 2022!! Louis Vuitton announced a price increase in 2022…and you won’t believe this some of the most popular bags have gone up 20%, yes that’s right they are pulling a Chanel and increasing prices by crazy percentages. Welcome to the Louis Vuitton Price Increase Guide. 

Louis Vuitton Price Increase Neverfull
Diane wearing a LV Neverful Bag · Petiteinparis

We knew a price increase was coming from Louis Vuitton, they do it every year around this time, and I wish I could say I’m surprised by the amount LV has increased their prices, but at this point I’m not. 

Given that inflation is at an all-time high, it’s no surprise that LV has announced a price increase, but LV increasing popular bags by 20% that type of information calls for an article and an article ASAP.  

Ready to discover the New LV Price with the 2022 increase?

Louis Vuitton Price increase List 2021 – 2022

LV Newest Price increase
Lv Price increase List 2022 © LVinternational

When Louis Vuitton does a price increase it’s important to note it’s not an even price increase or fixed price increase across the board, meaning that not every bag or item on their website goes up by a certain percentage, it’s a variable price increase. 

Some Louis Vuitton bags increased in price more than others. I’ve gone through the Louis Vuitton Website so you don’t have to and outlined the price increase in the table below. 

LV Price Increase List of 2022 (All Prices Are in USD)

Item20212022% Change
Card Holder$220$265+20%
6 Key Holder$265$325+22%
Key Pouch$270$325+20%
Speedy 30$1370$1550+13%
Alma BB$1620$1760+9%
Keepall 50$2300$2500+8.7%

In Short, Feb 2022, there was a Louis Vuitton Price increase ranging from 9% all the way up to 38%. On average, the most popular bags have increased by 20%. 

Some other LV Bag such as the Capucines, and the twist did see a price increase but not by a crazy amount.

Which Louis Vuitton Bag had the highest Price increase in 2022

How Much is the LV Bags with the price increase
LV Mini Pochette Price Increase © kona6am

Are you curious which Louis Vuitton Bag had the highest price increase so far of 2022…well be prepared to be shocked because the Mini Pochette bag increased by 38% this year?

With that being said, it's safe to assume that Small Bags will be around for a while, and are in demand now more than ever.

Don’t worry, I found Mini Pochette bag  LV on the preloved market.

Should you buy the LV bag in Europe? 

LV Price Increase
Louis Vuitton Price Increase 2022 List © LVInternational

Time and time again, I get asked if you should buy LV bags in Europe, I’ve even written an entire article comparing the price difference between the prices in Europe and the US. 

The short answer is yes, due to the VAT Tax refund, the fact that LV has to pay import tax which you pay when you buy in the US and Sales tax in the US all these things combined make LV bags cheaper in Europe.

Will there be a Second Price increase for Louis Vuitton in 2022?

Louis Vuitton Price Increase List
LV Price Increase · LV Multi Pochette Accessoires © lvstyle

You may be wondering, is this the only Louis Vuitton price increase we will see for 2022, and while I don’t have a crystal ball I can only predict that Yes, there will most likely be a second Louis Vuitton price increase, around the end of Summer / Fall timeframe.

That is only a prediction and a guess, but based upon historical data and their previous price increases, all signs point to another price increase in the future.  

This is why I always stress if you are considering buying a classic or timeless designer bag, it’s better to do it than to hesitate because luxury brands are always increasing their pricing every year.

Is Now the time to buy a Louis Vuitton bag secondhand?

LV Bags price list
LV Price Increase © LVinternational

Given the currently LV Price Increase, you may be wondering if now is the time to buy a bag on the preloved market?

When I say run, don’t walk to the secondhand shops to buy a Louis Vuitton bag, I’m not joking. If we received this news today, then we know these secondhand shops will follow suit. It happens every time, and we’ve already seen it happen with Chanel in 2020. 

If you are considering buy a Louis Vuitton bag, then I definitely recommend you buy a bag from a reputable preloved website. My favorite places to buy Preloved Louis Vuitton Bags are Rebag and TheRealReal. 

I recommend investing in the classic Louis Vuitton bags such as the Neverfull, Speedy, and Pochette bag. These are all bags that have had a crazy price increase and we both know that in the future they will continue to rise. 

Is a LV Bag still worth the price?

LV Increasing their prices
LV Metis Bag · LV Bags Price List 2022 © bymslux

Often times with price increase you might be questioning if the LV bag with the new price? I strongly believe if you were going to buy a LV Bag that even with the current LV Price Increase this shouldn't sway you from not purchasing that bag.

I strongly believe that Louis Vuitton makes high quality, investment worthy handbags that will last for years to come. I've had my LV Neverfull for over 10 years now and it has held up great despite me wearing it frequently and not taking the best care of it.

In Short, even with the Louis Vuitton Price Increase, Yes, I still believe LV bags are worth investing in and purchasing.

Recap on the Louis Vuitton Price Increase 2022 

Louis Vuitton Increases it's prices
Louis Vuitton New Price List © lvstyle

It should come to no surprise that Louis Vuitton announced a price increase, as they do increase their prices every year. What is shocking is the percentage they increased by. 

In Short, Louis Vuitton Price increase in 2022 was on average about 20% for popular bags making this an all high price increase for the brand.  

Some of the most popular LV Bags that had a price increase are the LV Neverfull MM by 20% making this bag new priced over $2,000, the Felicie Pochette by 20% and the Mini Pouchette by 36%. 

If you are thinking about buying a LV bag, I would buy one on the preloved market before they increase in price there. Also, I would recommend buying it before the next price increase, which I predict will be sometime this year.

Are you shocked as I am by this 20% – 38% price increase from Louis Vuitton in 2022?

Sincerely Petite in Paris,


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  1. Im shocked by the price increase. I think I will stop buying because I don’t suppor greed and the canvas is not always good quality ( it cracked one month before the warranty expired and they almost didn’t repair or replace a 2k bag because they said the canvas can’t get fixed ). In the end thy replaced the bag but it was like pulling out teeth . Not cool. So they lost a loyal customer there and with the prov hike no way.