What Louis Vuitton Speedy Size Should You Buy in 2022?

Louis Vuitton will always have a special place in my heart, as It was Louis Vuitton that got me into luxury handbags. With that being said, It should come to no surprise that the second designer bag I ever purchased years ago (about 10 years now) was the Louis Vuitton Speedy bag. 

Speedy 30 sizing guide
Diane wearing Louis Vuitton Speedy Size 30 © PetiteinParis

At the time I purchased it, the Louis Vuitton Speedy had limited sizes. Today, there are more Louis Vuitton Speedy Sizes than ever before, which is why I had the idea of creating the ultimate Louis Vuitton Speedy Size Guide. 

This Louis Vuitton Speedy Size Guide will help you determine which LV Speedy bag you should purchase!

Before I jump into the Louis Vuitton Speedy Difference Sizes, let’s take a look back at the Louis Vuitton Speedy history. 

History of the LV Speedy Bag

Speedy 25 audrey hepburn LV
LV Speedy 25 Audrey Hepburn © LouisVuitton

One of Louis Vuitton’s best-selling handbags of all time is the LV Speedy bag. Did you know that it was the Louis Vuitton Speedy bag that changed the course of Louis Vuitton forever? 

The Louis Vuitton Speedy bag was designed in 1930 to be a smaller version of the Keepall travel bag. The Keepall bag was a big duffle like bag designed for travel, while the Speedy 30 bag was designed to be an everyday use handbag. 

So How did it change the course of Louis Vuitton forever? Well, that’s simple, it was the first handbag Louis Vuitton ever released. The Speedy 30 was the most popular bag, and it wasn’t until Audrey Hepburn requested a smaller version…the release of the Speedy 25.  

Today, the Louis Vuitton Speedy bag comes in multiple different sizes, features different leather material, and there even are limited edition Speedy bags. 

Some of the most popular Material the LV Speedy is made in is: Monogram Canvas, (LV Logo), Damier Ebene / Damier Ebene Canvas, EPI Leather, and limited edition styles too!

Different LV Speedy Measurements

LV Speedy Different sizes
Different Louis Vuitton Speedy Sizes

The Louis Vuitton Speedy has an iconic duffle bag shape with a zipper across the top with a padlock and lock at the closure. The LV Speedy is one of the most recognizable LV bags.

Given that the LV Speedy is Louis Vuitton’s best-selling bag, it comes in a variety of sizes. Before you buy any designer bag, I always recommend people have an idea of the size of the bag you want before you go into the store. 

Below is a table of the Different Louis Vuitton Speedy Sizes and their measures!

SizesDimensions Inches
(L x H x W)
Nano6.3″ x 4.3″ x 3.5″
Speedy 259.8″ x 7.5″ x 5.9″
Speedy 3011.8″ x 8.3″ x 6.7″
Speedy 3513.8″ x 9.1″ x 7.1″
Speedy 4015.7″ x 9.8″ x 7.5″

In Short, The 5 different LV Speedy Sizes include: Speedy Nano, Speedy 25, Speedy 30, Speedy 35, Speedy 40. The smallest being the Speedy Nano and the biggest being the Speedy 40.

What LV Speedy Size Should You Buy?

You may be wondering what size LV speedy should I get? Or even with all the Different LV Speedy Sizes, how do I know which one will look good on me?

As I  mentioned above, there are 5 different Louis Vuitton Speedy sizes, below is a breakdown of the difference size options and help to navigate which size is a good fit for you.

Discover what LV Speedy Size you should buy!

LV Speedy Nano

Louis Vuitton Speedy Nano outfit
Louis Vuitton Speedy Size Nano · Speedy Nano styled© LVcommunity

The Louis Vuitton Speedy Nano is the Smallest Speedy Bag Size and measures 6.3 x 4.3 x 3.5 inches.

If you are loving the mini bag rage, then the Speedy Nano is perfect for you! This bag was launched in 2015 and is so tiny and adorable. You can’t fit much inside, but still perfect for those who like to be minimalist and carry a credit cardholder, phone, lipstick, and not much more. 

This mini sized bag, comes with a cross-body strap  / Shoulder Strap.

Retail Price at $1,320

LV Speedy 25

Speedy 25 outfit
Louis Vuitton Speedy Size 25 · Speedy 25 styled© LVbags

The Louis Vuitton Speedy 25 is the Small Speedy Bag Size and measures 9.8 x 7.5 x 5.9 inches

If you love small bags, but the Nano / mini bags are too small for you, then I highly recommend the Speedy Size 25. This small sized bag is such a great everyday bag for the person who doesn’t carry many things and wants to wear their Speedy bag in a crossbody form. 

It’s important to note that only the Speedy Size 25 and Speedy Size Nano come with the crossbody strap. Given the size of the bag, it’s a lightweight bag.

Retail Price at $1,350

LV Speedy 30

Speedy Size 30 outfit inspiration
Louis Vuitton Speedy Size 30 · Speedy 30 outfit© LVuttonbags

The Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 is the Medium Speedy Bag Size and measures 11.8 x 8.3 x 6.7 inches

The most common and popular LV Speedy size is the Speedy 30. This is the size that I own. Personally, I find there is ample amount of space to carry many things. 

I will warn you that if you put too much in it gets heavy and there is no cross-body strap available with this size, unless you purchase one of the limited edition Speedy bags.

With this being the most popular and the original size, I found hundreds of them on the preloved market!

Retail Price at $1,370.

LV Speedy 35

LV Speedy 35 sizing guide
LV Speedy Sizes · Louis Vuitton Speedy Size 35© chicturbain

The Louis Vuitton Speedy 35 is the Large Speedy Bag Size and measures 13.8 x 9.1 x 7.1 inches.

If you are looking for a large, big bag, then I definitely recommend the Louis Vuitton Speedy 35. I predict this is the year that big bags make a comeback. What I love about the Louis Vuitton Speedy 35 is how roomy it is and how there is space to fit everything you need it. 

This is an ideal bag for someone who is taller or someone who is looking to travel with their Speedy Bag.

Retail Price at $1,390.

LV Speedy 40

Louis Vuitton Speedy 40 sizing guide
Louis Vuitton Speedy Size · Louis Vuitton Speedy 40 Size© LVcommunity

The Louis Vuitton Speedy 40 is the Largest Speedy Bag Size and measures 15.7 x 9.8 x 7.5 inches

The Louis Vuitton Speedy 40 is the largest of the Speedy bags (unless you count the Keepall Bags / which is a technically different collection but in the same family). If you want to add the largest Speedy size to your handbag collection, then this bag is perfect for you. 

For me, this is an ideal travel carry on bag or a weekender bag. I would definitely use the Speedy 35 or Speedy 40 size as a travel bag.

What I love about this size, is it can easily fit under the seat in front of you if you are traveling on a plane, train or even in the car. 

The most Expensive Speedy Bag is the Speedy 40.

Retail Price at $1,410.

What is the price of the Louis Vuitton in the USA & Europe  

I’ve written entire articles about the price difference of Louis Vuitton bags between the USA and Europe, you can read about here. 

I’ve rounded up the prices of the Louis Vuitton Speedy bags in the US and Europe.

(The US pricing doesn’t include sales tax, and the Europe pricing doesn’t include the VAT Tax refund, which is 12%)

Speedy Nano$1,320980€
Speedy 25$1,3501,000€
Speedy 30$1,3701,020€
Speedy 35$1,3901,030€
Speedy 40$1,4101,050€

USA Prices as of Jan 2022Europe prices as of Jan 2022 on the Louis Vuitton Speedy Bag in Monogram Canvas. Not including US state tax or Europe VAT Tax Refund.

Where can I buy a Louis Vuitton Speedy

Louis Vuitton Speedy Guide
Louis Vuitton Speedy Size Guide

There are multiple ways you can buy a Louis Vuitton Speedy bag. The first way is to go to a Louis Vuitton store and try to get your hands on one. 

The second way which is the way I recommend you buy a Louis Vuitton Speedy is through the secondhand preloved handbag market. You may be wondering, why do I highly recommend you buy a Louis Vuitton speedy handbag secondhand? 

The answer is simple, as I mentioned above, the Louis Vuitton Speedy is not only the best-selling LV handbag, but it’s also been around since 1930s. Meaning for the past almost 100 years, this French bag has been circulating, meaning there are tons of inventory on the secondhand market. 

I was able to find multiple authentic Louis Vuitton Speedy bags in different sizes at a major discount on the second hand market!! The prices are so unbelievable.

Is the Speedy handbag worth the price?

You may be wondering, is the Louis Vuitton Speedy bag worth the price? The short answer is yes, I believe that the Speedy bag is worth it! 

The Speedy Bag is a classic, timeless design that has been around for generations and will continue to be a classic LV piece. I don't ever see this bag going out of style.

The First Louis Vuitton bags that most people add to their collection first is the LV Speedy bag and the LV Neverfull!

Recap on the Different Louis Vuitton Speedy Sizes

Different LV Speedy Sizes
Left to Right: Speedy 30, Speedy 25, and Speedy Nano© justluvabag

In short, the smallest to the largest Louis Vuitton Speedy is as follows: 

  • Smallest: LV Speedy Nano Bag
  • Small: LV Speedy 25
  • Medium: Louis Vuitton Speedy 30
  • Large: LV Speedy 35
  • Largest: LV Speedy 40

In short, the Louis Vuitton Speedy bag you should buy in 2022 should depend on your personal style. Both the Speedy Nano and The LV Speedy 25 are small bags and come with a cross body strap. The Speedy 30 is the most popular and bestseller. The Speedy 35 and the Speedy 40 are big bags and typically used for travel.

Sincerely Petite in Paris,


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