10 Paris Themed Holiday Gifts

I can't believe how rapidly the holidays are approaching! I feel like just yesterday the year was beginning and now the year is winding down. Every year I put together a holiday gift guide of my favorite holiday gifts to buy. Since travel is impossible right now due to Covid, I decided this year, I would do a Paris Theme holiday gift guide. In this Paris themed Christmas gift guide you’ll be able to bring all the best parts of Paris to your home. 

Paris during Christmas
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Are you in love with Paris as much as I am? Paris during the Christmas season is magical, if you ever get a chance to visit during this time of year, I highly recommend it. The streets are lined with Christmas lights, the department stores in Paris decorate their windows and bring in giant Christmas trees. Paris during the holiday season is truly magical. Below, I’m sharing with you 10 Paris Themed holiday gifts that would be perfect for your friends or family. 

My Stylish French Box 

my stylish french subscription box in Paris
My Stylish French Subscription Box

One of the most Parisian gifts you can give someone this holiday season is the gift of Paris that keeps on giving, every month, quarter, or once a year with My Stylish French Box. This gift is sure way to wow the recipient. The best part is about this subscription box, is the My Stylish French Box team curates a unique box every month and ships it out. My Stylish French Box ranges in price between $265 to $250 / a box depending on how many months you subscribe. If you want to read more about My Stylish French Box, earlier this year I wrote and entire review on my thoughts about the Paris subscription box.

Reusable Paris Theme grocery bags 

The next product that makes my Paris themed holiday gifts is a reusable paris theme grocery bag. Many big cities around the world you have to pay for your paper or plastic grocery bags. Paris is no different, so everyone has reusable grocery bags in Paris. A great Paris themed Christmas gift would be a reusable grocery bag with a Paris scene printed on it. Not only are you helping the environment, but you are getting a family member or friend a great gift that will be used over and over again. I definitely recommend a reusable grocery bag as one of my favorite Paris themed holiday gifts.

Authentic Parisian Perfume 

Paris is known for having some of the best perfume houses in the world. One of the most incredible perfume brands that has been making waves is called Ex Nilhio. Developed by 3 Parisians, due to its popularity Ex Nihilo has expanded to over 22 Countries. This lightweight perfume smells incredible and uses the best ingredients in the industry. 

Print of Paris 

What better way to bring Paris into your home than a print of Paris. There are so many beautiful Paintings, watercolor prints, photographs of Paris that would be a perfect holiday gift. Imagine hanging a Paris print in your living room, bedroom, or even family room? Prints of Paris make a perfect Christmas gift for that Paris lover who can’t get enough of the city of lights. One year I got my Parents a painting of Paris and they love it. This is the ultimate Paris themed holiday gift. Take a look at the prints I found on Etsy before and my friend Emily (The Glittering Unknown ) recently launched her own prints of Paris that are incredible!

Tasty Parisian Treats 

Paris is known for its delicious treats. With the borders being closed you may think it’s impossible to get Parisian tasty treats to the USA. Well in fact, many famous Parisian macaron shops have opened their doors in America or internationally.  Experience the taste of Paris at your home. 

Unique Parisian Christmas Ornament 

Growing up, we always added unique and interesting ornaments to our Christmas trees. Many times the ornaments we added were either hand made by myself at a younger age, or they were symbolic of something that happened during the year. I remember the first year I moved to Paris, I went to Le Bon Marche to buy a unique Ornament of Paris. Since it’s hard to travel now there are several places online where you can order an Ornament of Paris. There are several nice ones of the Eiffel Tower, The Arc, the Notre Dame. 

A book stamped from the famous Shakespeare & Company 

Christmas time in Paris
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A book stamped from the famous Shakespeare and Company in Paris is another great holiday gift to pick up in Paris if you are able to visit the city. Imagine owning a book from the shop where some of the most famous writers in the world, including Hemingway, drew inspiration from? That is remarkable. With covid, I did read that you can order books now directly online. In case you are wondering, the books you order from the shop also come with the famous Shakespeare & Company stamp. 

Two bottles of wine 

This is another gift that is perfect for your friends and family if you are traveling to Paris. Did you know in your checked baggage you are allowed to bring 2 bottles of wine back duty free? The French have some of the best wine in the world, and the best part is it is not expensive. If you have someone who is a wine lover, then bringing back a bottle for them and maybe one for yourself is a great idea! However, I did find some French wine in the USA that would make for a great gift.

Limited edition Louis Vuitton wallets 

I love Louis Vuitton and luxury goods. I even wrote an entire article about if Louis Vuitton is cheaper in Paris, you can read here. A little secret about Louis Vuitton is that in Paris, they have limited edition LV wallets that are exclusive to Paris only. These wallets range in price from a few hundred to a thousand. However, this is a unique gift that you wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else besides Paris. This is one of the few gifts on the Paris themed holiday gifts that you actually have to buy in Paris. The great news, is they now offer these unique Paris Louis Vuitton bags preloved.

Fine French Jewelry 

If you are looking to splurge this Christmas season then I definitely recommend French Jewelry. Brands like Chaumet, Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels, or even Hermes fine jewelry come to mind. Parisians women are known for their understated style and dainty jewelry. These Parisian brands offer luxury jewelry and are sold world wide.  

Recap of 10 Best Paris Themed Christmas Gifts

Paris themed Christmas gift ideas
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In short the best 10 Paris themed holiday gifts include: My Stylish French Box Subscription · Resusable Paris Grocery Bags · Parisian Perfume · Prints of Paris · Tasty Parisian Treats · Paris Christmas Ornament · A Book from a famous French Bookstore · French Wine · LV Limited Edition Paris Bag / Wallet · Parisian Fine Jewelry

I'd love to hear in the comments, have you ever received a Paris Themed Holiday Gift or even a Parisian Themed Gift? I'd love to hear about it. I'm always looking for new ideas to add to my gift guides. Thank you for reading the best Paris themed Holiday Gifts for 2022.

Sincerely Petite in Paris,


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