Are pleated skirts in style in 2023?

Pleated skirts have been around a long time, and you may be wondering are pleated skirts in style in 2023 or even how to style a pleated skirt? The short answer is yes, pleated skirts are in style. The pleated skirt is a classic, timeless piece that you’ll wear over and over again.

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Diane is wearing a floral skirt, white cami and nude shoes

Why the pleated skirts are style in 2023? 

how to style a pleated skirt
Diane wearing a rose colored pink skirt © Are pleated skirts in style?

Yes, this year pleated skirts are in style! They are a timeless, classic piece that is easy to style and wear. I often find myself reaching for this staple piece for a quick outfit. My closet is full of pleated skirts of different lengths, colors, and even styles. I find that pleated skirts look great on all body types. I love wearing a pleated skirt year round, but especially during the summer in Paris. If you are looking for styling tips, keep reading!

Pleated skirts throughout history

how to style a beige pleated skirt fashion blogger
Beige Pleated Skirt Styled © Are pleated skirts in style?

The first real iconic photo of the pleated skirt that comes to mind is the one of Marilyn Monroe in 1954 in her infamous flying skirt photo. You know the one I'm talking about, with Marilyn wearing a white dress with a pleated skirt in the subway standing over a vent pushing her dress down. While this may not be the first document of the pleated skirt, it sure is iconic. 

The original pleated skirt dates back to 1909 which was patented by Mariano Fortuny and named “fortuny”. Fortuny was a Spanish designer who created pleated skirts for celebrities. Today, the pleated skirts are in style and more popular than ever. In the next section are 3 popular ways to style a pleated skirt.

How to style with a Sweater?

how to style a pleated skirt with a sweater
White pleated skirt and white sweater styled © Nordicstylereport

If you are going for a more casual / relaxed look, then I definitely recommend you pair your pleated skirt with a bulky sweater and don’t forget to slightly tuck it in on the front or add a belt. I call it the Parisian tuck. This look is great for the early spring crisp days, as well as the winter. Grab a pair of boots or even heels to complete this look.

How to style with a Blazer?

pink blazer and pink pleated skirt are pleated skirts in style
Pink Blazer & Pink Pleated Skirt

One of the more formal ways to style a pleated skirt is with a blazer. I saw this lady wearing the most gorgeous color combination walking the streets of Paris. She had on a light pink pleated skirt with a darker pink blazer and it was perfection!

I immediately thought, “yup, I must replicate that as soon as I get home”. I should have snapped a photo to show you guys what I am talking about, but I found one very similar online, I posted above. Plus, this would also make a great office look!

How to style with a body, cami, or basic top?

Black pleated skirt styled petite in paris
Black Pleated Skirt and Jean Jacket

The easiest way to style a pleated skirt is with a body suit, t-shirts or a thin cami. This creates timeless casual looks. During the summer, this is my favorite way to wear a pleated skirt. If you really want a stylish outfit, grab a pair of white walking sneakers!

This is such a timeless look, it never goes out of style. Don't forget to grab your favorite jean jacket for when the temperature goes down to stay warm. Such a great casual outfit! To complete the look, add a pair of heels, pumps, or ankle boots.

Where to buy pleated skirts?

how to style a white pleated skirt
Trench Coat, White Skirt

There are two types of pleated skirts you can buy, both long and short pleated skirts. The great news about pleated skirts, they are a Parisian girl staple piece, and sold at major stores, such as Nordstrom, Jcrew, and more!

I love a great neutral colored pleated skirt with a trench coat draped over the shoulders.

Final Thoughts

A pleated skirt is easy to style, when you are choosing a top to layer, think about silk options, a white blouse, a lace top, a turtleneck and a belt to highlight the waist! Also, grab your favorite designer sunglasses and sneakers!

If you are looking to add your first pleated skirt to your wardrobe, I recommend adding a minimalistic color first, such as black, white, or beige. These are 3 colors that are easy to match. I'd love to hear your thoughts or if you have any additional pleated skirt outfit ideas, please let me know!.

Sincerely Petite in Paris,


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